CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

Labor and Leisure, 1440 - 1840

Source of Information: GEMCS-L 1999-03-15
Date of Event: 1999-10-07 to 10
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 1999-04-15

                              CALL FOR PAPERS


                 Coral Gables, Florida  October 7-10, 1999


The Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies invites submissions for its
seventh annual conference, to be held in Coral Gables, Florida, October
7-10. GEMCS provides a forum for innovative and experimental inquiries
into all aspects of early modern culture and society. The rubric of
cultural studies enables us to encompass a variety of disciplinary fields
and theoretical approaches, among them anthropology, art, history, law,
literature, and music. Approaches include, but are not limited to,
feminist, materialist, multiculturalist, gay and lesbian, historicist,
disability-related, psychoanalytic, postcolonial, and ethnological
analyses of European, American, Native American, African, Near Eastern,
and Asian cultures. 

This year's theme is "Labor and Leisure, 1440 - 1840," and we seek
proposals dealing with the social, economic, aesthetic, sexual, gendered,
artistic, political, racial, and philosophic aspects of either or both of
these spheres. We solicit works that investigate, discuss, challenge, or
undermine the definitions and cultural manifestations of labor and leisure. 

We are particularly interested in proposals that address the following

* Working-Class Authorship 
* Saturnalia
* Duelling 
* Hunting
* Merchant and Industrial 
* Able-bodied workers/Disabled Non-workers
* Capitalism 
* Factory Life
* Freak Shows, Oddities, and Other Forms of Bodily Entertainments
* Literature and/as Work 
* Literature and/as Leisure
* Revisiting Marxist Theories of Labor
* Rethinking Foucauldian Notions of Pleasure
* Conspicuous Consumption 
* Crafts and Hobbies
* Sex Work(ers) 
* Commerce and Trade
* Leisure and Landscape 
* The Art of Leisure
* The Invention of Leisure/Leisure Activities
* Pornography and the Family 
* Games
* Labor Relations 
* The Divisions(s) of Labor
* The Psychology of Leisure 
* The Ethic of Work
* Literature and Landscape 

In order to allow the greatest possible amount discussion, presentations
will be limited to ten minutes. GEMCS actively seeks alternative format
panels -- workshops, large panels, discussion groups, informal
presentations. Workshops and seminars on innovative pedagogy and
institutional politics are especially welcome. Once again, the conference
will feature a series of critical debates on selected topics drawn from
the conference theme as well as from contemporary academic concerns. Group
leaders will facilitate discussions on topics to be announced shortly
before the conference. 

One-page abstracts for individual papers must include NAME, AFFILIATION,
E-MAIL and POSTAL address; proposals for panels must include one-page
abstracts for each presenter, as well as the names, affiliations, postal
addresses and e-mail addresses of ALL participants. Panels of 4-6
participants will be given preference. Participants will be notified of
their acceptance to the conference by e-mail. 

Address all postal submissions by April 15, 1999 to:

Lisa Blansett 
Department of English 
DM 461 A
Florida International University
Miami, FL 33199

Send all e-mail submissions by April 15, 1999 to:

Pat Gill --

****** Send only ONE abstract. Submit abstracts and proposals EITHER by
post OR by e-mail. Do NOT use both means of delivery ******

Check the GEMCS website for conference info and updates. 

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