CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

Germania Latina - Latinitas teutonica

Source of Information: Seminar für Geistesgeschichte und Philosophie der Renaissance 1999-11-26
Date of Event: 2001-09-11 to 2001-09-13
Location of event: Munich, Germany
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2000-06-05

First Call for Papers (please forward):

Latin Germany - German Latinity

Politics, Science, Humanist Culture from the Late Middle Ages to 
the Present

(Munich, 2001-09-10 to 2001-09-13,
Deadline for proposals: 2000-06-05)

A conference of Seminar für Geistesgeschichte und Philosophie der 
Renaissance (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet, Munich)

   You are invited to submit proposals for papers for a conference 
about "Latin Germany - German latinity": The histories, 
versions, variants, contexts, peculiarities, uses, significance, 
momentus of Latin in "German" regions and territories.

   Like the language viz. languages called "English" nowadays 
for the whole world, Latin once was the "global" language of 
western culture. With the end of antiquity it ceased to be a national 
language spoken by native speakers and became an international 
language used by natives from various regions for various 
purposes. It was used not as a foreign language, but served as the 
proper language for various purposes and contexts. Use for such 
services brought about transformations and adaptations of Latin 
according to functional and regional contexts. Latin became an 
international language with regional instances. This conference 
will be about Latin in "Germany" from the late middle ages to the 
present. Because of the historical foci of the conference, papers 
accepted for the conference can deal with phenomena from anywhere 
in the "Sacrum Imperium" in its pre-Pax-Westphalica-borders.

   We are planning for a conference with five semi-parallel sections 
(each with one plenary lecture and 9 papers for a more specialised 
audience). These sections will be about:

-   The classical humanist tradition in Germany and its aftermath 
    (14th to 18th cent.)
-   Peculiarities of the German use of Latin (14th to 18th cent.)
-   Latin and the formation of German history (education, politics, 
    learning, sciences; 14th to 18th cent.)
-   Latin in Germany in the 19th and 20th centuries
-   Transversal aspects (regions, functions, transformations; 14th 
    to 20th cent.)

   For further information about these sections and other aspects of 
the conference: see: 

  Please send English abstracts/proposals of 250 to 500 words for 
papers in either English, German, Italian, French or Latin to:

      Prof. Dr. Eckhard Keßler and/or Dr. Heinrich C. Kuhn 
      (eMail:  )
      Seminar für Geistesgeschichte und Philosophie der Renaissance
      der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
      Ludwigstraße 31/IV
      D-80539 München
      (Bundesrepublik Deutschland / Federal Republic of Germany)

   The time allotted for each paper will be 25 to 30 minutes for 
reading the paper plus 15 minutes for discussion.

   It is intended to publish the proceedings of the conference (both 
on paper and in electronic form).

   Thanks to the generous support by *Fondazione Cassamarca di 
Treviso* speakers will receive:
-    reimbursement for travel expenses and costs of accommodation at 
-    a honorarium of DEM 500 (ca. EUR 250): 50% after arrival for the 
     conference, 50% after arrival of the text of the paper for 

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