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Aquinas as Authority?

Source of Information: H-IDEAS 2000-01-06
Date of Event: 2000-12-14 to 16
Location of event: Utrecht, Netherlands
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2000-07-01

Call for Papers

Aquinas as Authority?
Seven Centuries of Problems and Perspectives

In December 2000 the Thomas Instituut at Utrecht will hold an
international conference on the reception of the thought of Thomas

The Thomas Instituut is an institute of the Catholic Theological
University at Utrecht. Its members are theologians, philosophers and
historians from several universities and institutes in the
Netherlands. Its main aim is to promote both individual and collective
research into Thomas Aquinas, especially in the Dutch-speaking
regions. One of the ways by which the Institute tries to achieve this
is by organizing an international conference every five years. For the
year 2000 the theme will be the scholarly reception of Thomas Aquinas
from 1300 till the present. Further information about the Thomas
Instituut can be found on our website:

'Thomism' is a notoriously ambiguous term. At the 2000-conference we
want to explore the rich variety of theological and philosophical
positions that claim to be inspired by the thought of Thomas
Aquinas. In which ways have later theologians and philosophers
interpreted Aquinas and how did they (re-)construct his thought? Which
aims did they have in mind and how does an appeal to Aquinas function
in their attempts to reach these aims? To which extent has their
adoption of ideas and approaches of Aquinas been successful and
unsuccessful in answering new questions and in meeting the problems of
their times? And, finally, what can we learn from these divergent
forms of 'Thomism'? In short: what perspectives are opened up by these
different ways of thinking ad mentem Thomae and what problems do they

The conference will be held from Thursday December 14, until Saturday,
December 16, 2000, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Main speakers will be
Prof. Thomas O'Meara OP (University of Notre Dame), and Prof. Fergus
Kerr OP (Oxford University).

Aquinas as authority? Congress 2000 of the Thomas Instituut at
Utrecht: Call for papers

* send in a proposal before July 1, 2000 (either by mail, email or
fax). The Conference committee will inform you before August 1, 2000
if your proposal has been accepted.

* The proposal has to be written in English, French or German and
should take approximately 20 minutes.

* The Conference committee will select a number of papers for
publication in the Proceedings. If you think your contribution
qualifies for publication, please have a full version (approximately
15 pages) ready by December 2000.

* For more information you may contact the Conference committee:
Thomas Instituut, c/o Harm Goris, PO Box 80101, NL-3508 TC Utrecht,
The Netherlands. Or visit our website: