CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

Medieval Cartography, Crusades, Travel Writing

Source of Information: CFP 2000-01-20
Date of Event: n.a. (volume of papers); deadline for contributions: 2000-06-01
Location of event: n.a. (volume of papers)
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2000-02-28

Call for Papers: Medieval Cartography, Crusades, Travel Writing  
(2/28, 6/1, collection)

Call for Papers

   A new interdisciplinary collection on Medieval Travel Writing has been
slated for publication in 2001; the intention of this collection will be
to offer an introduction to the various perspectives on, and concepts of
'Travel' that are represented in literary form, or in other forms of
written culture, between the start of the first Crusade and the discovery
of the New World. Potential contributors to this book should to take into
account the pedagogical perspective that will be used throughout, and the
fact that this book is to be used both at an undergraduate level and as a
tool for researchers.

  Some of the subjects that will be discussed in the book (the length of 
the chapters will be of 8.000, 10.000 or 12.000 words, depending on the 
subject) are the following:


-Maps, Geographies and the Structure of the World

-The Sense of Cultural Distance and the Perception of the Other: Beauvais,
Ramon Llull, etc.

-The Representation of the Crusades : Political Expansion and Cultural

-Military and Strategic Travel

-Pedagogical Perspectives (1): Medieval Travel and Literary Structures.

-Pedagogical Perspectives (2): Teaching Medieval Travel in the Post-modern

  Please send a brief cv and a brief abstract (400-500 words) indicating 
then area you would like to write on, and the aspects you would include in 
your chapter, to Dr. Joan Curbet (Universitat AutÚnoma de Barcelona) as an 
email attachment (address: ). The deadline for the
abstract is February the 28th.

Once you are accepted as a contributor, you will be sent the detailed
guidelines for the chapter, which will then have to be completed by June 
the 1st.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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