CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

"The fruitfull distances of time and place:" Treatments of History in Renaissance Drama

Source of Information: CFP 2000-03-16
Date of Event: 2000-11-16 to 19
Location of event: New Orleans, USA
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2000-04-10

CFP:  "The fruitfull distances of time and place: " Treatments of History in Renaissance Drama (4/10, GEMCS)

During the 1580s and 1590s in England, plays based on chronicle histories were clearly a well-established sub-genre:  ten of Shakespeare's earliest plays (if one counts Edward III) were Histories.  The early modern fascination with history did not end, however, when the chronicle history play fell out of fashion.  This panel seeks to explore the various ways history is treated in Renaissance plays that are NOT (or at least, not primarily) English chronicle histories. 

Possible authors/topics might include:
-----plays that treat the relationship between Renaissance England and ancient Rome (in plays by authors such as Shakespeare, Jonson, Fletcher, etc.);
-----plays on contemporary European history (for example, Fletcher and Massinger's Barnavelt, Chapman's Bussy D'Ambrois or the Byron plays, Massinger's Believe as You List);
-----the process of historicizing contemporary English events (The Witches of Edmonton, etc.);
-----the concept of history in plays that are not actually "historical" (Pericles or Cymbeline, for instance, or Two Noble Kinsmen);
-----or the trend toward nostalgia/elegiac views of history in late Jacobean/Caroline drama. 

Work on playwrights other than Shakespeare will be warmly welcomed.  Please, no submissions centered primarily on Shakespeare's early history plays.

Abstracts by 10 April to Meg Livingston at (email preferred), or mail to:
University of California, Los Angeles
Department of English
Box 90095-1530
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Fax (310) 206-5093.  Please fax only if absolutely necessary.  Faxed proposals MUST have cover sheet addressed to Meg Powers Livingston and be marked "GEMCS session proposal."

Meg Powers Livingston
UCLA Dept. of English
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