CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

John Stow (1525-1605): author, editor & reader

Source of Information: FICINO 2000-06-13
Date of Event: 2001-03-30 to 2001-04-01
Location of event: Oxford, UK
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2000-09-30

John Stow (1525-1605): author, editor & reader

30 March - 1 April 2001
Corpus Christi College, Oxford, UK

John Stow, antiquarian, chronicler and a collector of books and
manuscripts, is an undeniably significant figure in the historical and
literary landscape of Elizabethan England. As an editor of  Lydgate and
Chaucer, as a chronicler of English history, and as a "surveyor" of London,
he has proved a crucial source for modern literary and historical scholars.

This three-day conference proposes to explore Stow's literary and scholarly
role in early modern England through a variety of perspectives, by bringing
together literary critics and historians.

Papers that address the following themes will be particularly welcome:

        Stow and the book trade
        Stow as a collector of manuscripts and printed books
        Stow as editor
        Stow as reader
        Stow and literature
        Stow as historian
        Stow as antiquary
        Stow's patrons
        Stow's legacy and influence

Proposals of 300 words for papers of 20 minutes in length should reach the
organisers (by post or e-mail) by 30 September 2000.

Dr Ian Gadd             Alexandra Gillespie
Darwin College          Corpus Christi College
Cambridge CB3 9EU               Oxford OX1 4JF

Full details of the programme will be available by November 2000.