CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

Early modern kinship: sexualities, materialities, localities

Source of Information: CFP 2000-10-24
Date of Event: 2001-03-23 to 24
Location of event: London, UK
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2000-12-20

Early modern kinship: 
sexualities, materialities, localities 

A two day conference to be held at King's College, London
23-24th March, 2001  

We are an endless mine to one another; 
We are one another's wife, ever begetting 
New births of love; we are father, friends, aquaintance, 
We are, in one another, families 

John Fletcher and William Shakespeare, The Two Noble Kinsmen 
The aim of this conference is to investigate various aspects of early 
modern kinship in text and history.  For our purposes, 'kinship' is 
defined broadly as the sharing of characteristics or origins 
including, but not limited to, blood relationships.  By using this 
broad definition we hope that participants will not be limited to 
talking about familial structures, and will feel free to discuss 
various relationships which might constitute kinship.

The conference will include free entrance to a production of the 
rarely performed Love's Cure, or, The Martial Maid, by John Fletcher, 
Francis Beaumont, and Philip Massinger, directed by Martha Crossley.

Proposals for papers are welcome (max. 300 words, deadline 20
December 2000); any papers which draw on Love's Cure will be especially 
welcome.  Topics for papers might include: 

kinship and gender representation
kinship and the nuclear family
kinship and homosocial bonds
sexuality and kinship
kinship and the politics of fashion
writing kinship on the body
kinship and local identity
kinship and inheritance
kinship, names, and honour
kinship and roleplay

Propsals are welcome by email to or by post to 

Lucy Munro (Early Modern Kinship) 
Department of English 
King's College, London 
The Strand 
London  WC2R 2LS

Conference organisers: Martha Crossley, Eva Griffith, Lucy Munro and 
Lucie Sutherland
Conference website:

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