CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

Re-Versing Petrarch in Elizabethan England

Source of Information: FICINO 2000-10-29
Date of Event: 2001-04-06 to 08
Location of event: Stanford, USA
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2000-11-18


Among Elizabethan poets, Petrarchism was the dominant poetic subject for
imitation and revision. While the sonnet was the most visible example, the
Petrarchan influence was not restricted to this specific genre. From
official propaganda to street literature, from epic to drama, Elizabethan
writers' vision and revision of Petrarch provides a fertile ground for
studies. I am proposing a panel, to be presented at the Pacific Coast
Conference on British Studies, on the imitation and revision of Petrarch
outside the sonnet in Elizabethan England. My paper will discuss an episode
in Sir Philip Sidney's New Arcadia, and I welcome papers that deal with the
same subject in Spenser, Shakespeare, and other writers of the period.
Please send one-page abstract (plain text or Microsoft Word file) via email
to Bi-qi Beatrice Lei at by November 18. Official
conference call is pasted below.
Bi-qi Beatrice Lei
New York University
2001 Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies
Location: California, United States Conference
Date: 2000-12-01
The Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies (PCCBS) will hold its
twenty-eighth annual meeting at Stanford University, Stanford, CA April 6-8,
2001. Prospective participants are encouraged to submit proposals for panels
or papers on any aspect of British history, literature, politics or culture
by December 1, 2000 to Professor Peter Stansky at the address listed below.
All proposals should include a brief proposal of the paper, a short
curriculum vitae, and current contact information, i.e. address, telephone
number and email address. Contact information: Professor Peter Stansky PCCBS
Program Chair Director, Stanford Humanities Center Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-8630 Fax: 650-723-1895 Phone: 650-725-0897 Email: