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The Cultural Processes of Appropriation (Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies. - Volume 32 / Number 1 / Winter 2002)

Source of Information: CFP 2000-11-20
Date of Event: Issue of a journal to appear in winter 2002
Location of event: n.a. (issue of a journal)
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2001-01-01


Call for articles for the upcoming special issue:

"The Cultural Processes of Appropriation"

Edited by Kathleen Ashley and Veronique Plesch 

Volume 32 / Number 1 / Winter 2002

Virtually every object, space, text, or practice studied by scholars of 
early culture incorporates and modifies materials, subject matters, and 
themes from earlier periods or from other texts and social practices 
through processes such as assimilation, citation, revision, transferral, 
translation, hybridization, and bricolage, as well as through comic or 
subversive modes such as parody or "poaching." Traditional scholarship in 
some fields has tended to privilege the source or original. In this view, 
appropriation implies adoption of a meaning inherent in the source, 
usually because it was considered authoritative or prestigious. 
Contemporary theories of various kinds have challenged this view of how 
new values are constructed, arguing instead for the complex creation of 
meaning in the process of reception. 
This issue will focus on the problem of interpreting medieval and 
early modern practices of appropriation by going beyond the disciplinary 
boundaries that have largely circumscribed discussion up to now. Essays 
should foster interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary consideration 
informed by current theorizing on the topic of cultural appropriation.

Submission deadline (essays, not abstracts): 1 January 2001

Send two copies of the manuscript double-spaced, including endnotes, 
following the style guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style (14th ed., 
esp. chap. 15 on documentation). Papers accepted for publication will 
need to be formatted more specifically, in hardcopy and diskcopy, 
according to journal style. Any illustrations accompanying a manuscript 
must be camera-ready, glossy prints and must be provided with permissions 
for their reproduction no later than the submission deadline. For return 
of manuscripts, please include an SASE. We do not consider articles that 
have been published elsewhere or are under simultaneous consideration 
with another publisher. Send to:

Michael Cornett, Managing Editor
Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Duke University
Box 90656
Durham, NC 27708

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