CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

Representations of Alterity in the French Renaissance

Source of Information: FICINO 2001-02-15
Date of Event: 2001-10-25 to 28
Location of event: Denver, USA
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2001-03-10

Call for Papers - Sixteenth Century Studies Conference,
25-28 October, 2001

Call for papers for a panel on:

"Representations of Alterity in the French Renaissance."

This panel seeks to explore the diverse representations of alterity in
the French Renaissance.
Alterity can be conceptualized in a number of ways:
alterity as otherness, the feminine other (historicized difference),
the cultural other (national identity),
the religious other (ideological differences),
the radical other (metaphysical difference),
the marginal other (law and logic of exclusion, etc.),
as literary difference (the assimilation of foreign texts, textual
difference and the
  digestive metaphor).

More specifically, papers should discuss the relationship between the
literary genre and the specific representations of alterity.

Please email, or send three copies of your abstract (1 page) in French
or English, by March 10, to:
Gabriella Scarlatta Eschrich
Humanities Department
The University of Michigan-Dearborn
Dearborn, MI  48128
(313) 593-4958