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Tycho Brahe and Prague. - Crossroads of European Science

Source of Information: EMA 2001-04-12
Date of Event: 2001-10-22 to 25
Location of event: Praha, Czech Republic
Deadline for abstracts etc.: unknown

Conference announcement: Tycho Brahe and Prague 

(Aus: Electronic Newsletter for the History of Astronomy, No. 45,
April 11, 2001, Item 5)

                       Tycho Brahe and Prague:
                    Crossroads of European Science

An International Symposium on the History of Science in Rudolphine period
  organized on the occasion of 400th anniversary of Tycho Brahe's death
                         (Prague, 24 October 1601) 

                 First Announcement and Call for Papers 

The symposium will be organized by the Research Center for the History of
Sciences and Humanities (RCHSH, founded by Charles University and Academy
of Sciences of the Czech Republic) in Prague, 22-25 October 2001.

The symposium will deal with the following topics:
A) Tycho Brahe and 16th- and 17th-century astronomy
B) Rudolphine Prague as a center of scientific and intellectual life
C) Danish-Bohemian relations 1576 - 1648.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

O. Gingerich (Harvard Univ.) 
J. R. Christianson (Luther Coll., Iowa) 
J. Dobrzycki (Academy of Sciences, Warszaw)
A. Hadravova (Academy of Sciences, Prague, LOC) 
Z. Hojda (Charles Univ., Prague) 
L. Konecny (Academy of Sciences, Prague) 
J. Petran (RCHSH, Prague) 
A. Ph. Segonds (Observatoire de Paris) 
M. Solc (Charles Univ., Prague, LOC) 

Local Organizing Committee:

A. Kostlan (RCHSH, Prague) 
P. Hadrava (Academy of Sciences, Ondrejov) 
A. Hadravova (Academy of Sciences, Prague, SOC)
J. Parez (Strahov library, Prague) 
M. Solc (Charles Univ., Prague, SOC) 
M. Svatos (Charles Univ., Prague) 
V. Urbanek (Academy of Sciences, Prague) 

For further information or suggestions, please contact:

A. Kostlan
Research Center for the History of Sciences and Humanities
Legerova 61
120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic


Web site with pre-registration form: