CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

Seventh International Milton Symposium

Source of Information: FICINO 2001-05-07
Date of Event: 2002-06-04 to 08
Location of event: Beaufort, USA
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2001-06-30

> Call for Proposals
> Seventh International Milton Symposium
> Beaufort, SC  USA
> 4-8 June 2002
> Featuring a Performance of Milton's Masque.
> Plenaries to be offered by Thomas Corns, John Hale, Victoria Kahn, Neil
> Keeble, David Norbrook, Annabel Patterson, Joseph Wittreich
> Proposals are invited for twenty-minute papers to be delivered at the
> Seventh International Milton Symposium, in Beaufort, South Carolina,
> USA, 4-8 June 2002.   The Symposium will feature new work
> in the field of Milton scholarship and seventeenth-century studies,
> inviting literary, religious, historical, and political approaches.
> Sessions might include the following topics:  The Dramatic and Lyric
> Milton; Milton's Sonnets; Milton and National Memory; Milton's
> Reformations; Religious Conflict in mid-century England; Milton and
> others; Women readers and Milton; Radicalism in early modern Britain;
> Milton and his printers; Milton and post-colonialism; 350 years of
> Milton's Blindness; Milton and the Visual Arts; The Early Modern
> Milton; The Commonwealth's Dutch Wars; Milton the European; Manuscript
> Milton; Milton after the New Historicism; Milton and the e-text; Milton
> and the Presbyterians; Milton and the Whig tradition; Milton and
> America; Milton and sexuality; Milton and education; Milton and
> Dissent; Milton and Heresy; Milton and Toleration; Milton and
> Textuality; Radical Readers; Milton's Bones.
> Proposals on topics other than those listed above are encouraged.
> Complete panel session proposals are also welcome.  Graduate student
> proposals are invited.
> Deadline for proposals:  30 June 2001. Proposals should take the form of
> an abstract no longer than a single-space page, about 500 words, in
> length.
> Please submit three (3) copies of abstracts in hard copy format (not 
> email) to: Sharon Achinstein,
> Department of English, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
> USA.

Sharon Achinstein
Associate Professor
Department of English
University of Maryland
College Park, MD  20742  USA
(301) 405-3809