CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

Art and Letters in Renaissance Florence

Source of Information: FICINO 2001-06-25
Date of Event: 2001-10-18 to 22
Location of event: Montreal, Canada
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2001-07-09

Call for Papers

Universities Art Association of Canada Meeting
Montreal, Quebec October 18-21, 2001

Art and Letters in Renaissance Florence

During the rule of Duke Cosimo I de' Medici of Florence
(1537-1574) a number of historical, poetical, and theoretical works
important to the study of Renaissance art were written. To mention only a
few, Vasari's Lives, Bandinelli's Memoriale, Varchi's and Borghini's
letters and tracts, Bronzino's poems, and Cellini's treatises and
autobiography all date to the three decades in question--a period of
Florentine history which saw as well the foundation of the Accademia del
Disegno and the heated paragone debate waged around Michelangelo's funeral
in 1564. Practicing artists penned many of the key works and certain of
them seemed to turn during these decades from the practice of painting,
sculpture, and architecture to the literary arts. Is this phenomenon to be
explained generally by artists' evolving social ambitions and the superior
status of the man of letters? Or did the particular politics of Cosmean
Florence foster this movement in ways peculiar to the Florentine context?
Could the emulation of Michelangelo as an artist-poet be a determining
influence, or is Michelangelo's reputation as a poet in part dependent on
a more general migration toward the printed word? Can any of the answers
to these questions be seen to reside in the seemingly mute painting and
sculpture produced for the ducal court by artists such as Bronzino and
Cellini? In other words, to what extent is the paragone battle waged as
intensely in the plastic as in the literary arts? These are just a few of
the questions raised by the not always peaceful coexistence of the arts in
sixteenth-century Florence.

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