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The Fall of Troy in the Renaissance Imagination

Source of Information: RENAIS-L 2001-08-21
Date of Event: 2002-10-04 to 05
Location of event: Toronto, Canada
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2001-09-30


"The Fall of Troy in the Renaissance Imagination"

An international conference hosted by the Centre for Reformation and
Renaissance Studies, Victoria University in the University of Toronto
(Toronto, Canada)

4-5 October 2002

The topic of this two-day interdisciplinary conference will be Renaissance
visions and revisions of Troy: a city whose siege and destruction were
reconceived in art, in history, and in imperial myths of origin throughout
Renaissance Europe. The focus will be on the varying manifestations of the
Troy myth, as it was revisited by Continental and English Renaissance
artists, historians, poets, dramatists, musicians, translators, printers,
humanists, et al.

Proposals for presentations are invited. Interdisciplinary subjects and
approaches are particularly welcome. Presentations may focus (but need
not) on the following subjects: literary/epic/dramatic adaptations;
translatio imperi and historiography (myth and history); Troy
and antiquarianism; artistic renderings of the fall; Troy and siege warfare
(or Renaissance cities, more generally); the influence of Medieval Troy and
of classical translations; and Troy in print.

Proposals for presentations should include:
1) the title of the paper and a 150-words abstract
2) a one-page curriculum vitae of the speaker

Please submit your proposal electronically to Konrad Eisenbichler at:

Or by mail to:

Renaissance Troy Conference
Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1K7