CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

As Wretches in a Storm Expecting Day

Reformation & Renaissance Reflections

Source of Information: CFP 2001-11-26
Date of Event: 2002-10-31 to 11-02
Location of event: Austin, USA
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2002-11-05


South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA)
59th Annual Meeting
Austin, Texas
31 October - 2 November 2002

SCMLA Proposed Special Session*
"As Wretches in a Storm Expecting Day:  Reformation & Renaissance Reflections"

In a world of persistent plague, war, and religious conflict at home and
"discovery" and plunder abroad, writers like Dekker, Cervantes, Quevedo,
Montaigne, and others uncovered societies beset with internal conflict
manifesting in external ways. Though often revealing the contradictions
among their societies' political, religious, and social structures, the
writers also exposed shared human concerns of a secular and spiritual
nature.  This session will explore texts (literary, historical, spiritual,
political, etc.), written from 1550 to 1640, from the British Isles and the
European Continent as reflections on and revelations of a world in transition.

Please send 500-word abstracts or completed papers (no more than 15-20
minutes presentation time) to:

Dr. Julie Chappell
Department of English
Humanities 306
Tarleton State University
Stephenville, Texas  76402

no later than 5 January 2002.

*Selected Special Sessions will be announced on 1 March 2002.  E-mail
submissions of abstracts are encouraged as e-mail messages but not as
attachments to e-mail messages.

Queries may be sent to:

Dr. Julie Chappell
Department of English & Languages
Humanities 306
Tarleton State University
Stephenville, Texas  76402 USA
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"In time there was a day that extinguished the last eyes to see Christ; the
battle of Junin and the love of Helen died with the death of a man.  What
will die with me when I die, what pathetic or fragile form will the world
         -Jorge Luis Borges


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