CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

Text and Image

England 1500-1750

Source of Information: historia-matematica 2002-02-07
Date of Event: 2002-07-10 to 12
Location of event: Reading, UK
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2002-02-28

Text and Image : England 1500-1750
The Fifth International Literature and History Conference at the University
of Reading

10 - 12 July 2002

Scientific Text and Image : England 1500-1750

Abstracts of up to 500 words are invited from all interested scholars for
papers that address issues relating to the relationship between image and
text in any scientific context between 1500 and 1750.

The conference themes seek to examine the relationships (complementary,
antagonistic, etc.) between text and image in general in England 1500-1750.
This session proposes to interrogate that relationship within the context
of scientific disciplines. It is envisaged that papers related to such
areas as chemistry, alchemy, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, natural
philosophy, biology, botany, metallurgy and potentially also certain areas
of applied science such as mining or milling will also be accommodated.

Historins and philosophers of science, art historians, semioticians,
linguists, literary scholars and any other interested scholars are asked
to submit abstracts via e-mail to the session organiser before March 1st,

Session Organiser: Julie Wardman (

Conference organisers:
Adam Smith (
Ralph Houlbrooke (

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