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Inhabiting the Body / Inhabiting the World

An Early Modern Cultural Studies Conference

Source of Information: CFP 2003-04-25
Date of Event: 2004-03-19 to 20
Location of event: Chapel Hill, USA
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2003-11-01

Nota bene: On 2003-10-02 we received a 2003-09-22 Update for this CFP via CFP. According to this update the deadline is 2003-11-15.

Call for Papers
Inhabiting the Body / Inhabiting the World:
An Early Modern Cultural Studies Conference
March 19-20, 2004
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

This conference will focus on selfhood, embodiment and environment in the
early modern world.  Most broadly, the conference will consider what
notions of selfhood are provoked by approaching a range of cultural texts
from an "ecological" perspective - one in which the microcosmic "body" is
seen as continuous with and permeated by the macrocosmic "environment."  
Papers from a range of disciplines, regional specializations and
theoretical positions are invited.  Topics might include: how the
depiction of various "environments"is linked to the depiction of
subjectivity; how representations of activity, repose, drinking, air, or
emotion often emphasize (with and without anxiety) the malleable subject's
openness to external agents; how the humoral emphasis on both bodily
permeability and the fully somatic nature of cognition affect the way in
which we understand mind-body relations; how the representation of early
modern subjectivity is linked not only to notions of "inwardness," but to
those of "outwardness" or liminality; and how both travel, within and
across national boundaries, and cross-cultural encounters posed problems
for conceptions of the subject predicated upon its environmental and
cultural situatedness.  Plenary speakers will include Lorraine Daston
(Director, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science), Shigehisa
Kuriyama (International Research Center for Japanese Studies), Steven
Mullaney (University of Michigan) and Gail Kern Paster (Director, The
Folger Shakespeare Library).  Abstracts (maximum of 600 words) should be
submitted by Nov. 1, 2003 to:

Mary Floyd-Wilson <>
Garrett Sullivan <>

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