CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

Milton an the mental faculties

Source of Information: FICINO 2003-10-18
Date of Event: 2004-03-11 to 13
Location of event: Pittsburgh, USA
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2003-11-05

Panel Proposal for International Milton Congress
March 11-13, 2004
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh PA 15282


This panel seeks to theorize and historicize the mental faculties in
Milton's poetry and prose. How are the mental faculties represented
in Milton? What work do they perform in his poetics, politics,
theodicy, and gender theory? Papers that situate Milton's mental
economy in relation to ancient, medieval, and early modern mind-body
theory (Platonic, Aristotelian, Galenic, Augustinian, Cartesian,
etc.), put early modern mind-body thought into dialogue with
contemporary theories (neuroscientific, psychoanalytic,
phenomenological, etc.), or combine either of the above approaches
with traditional literary-historical modes of analysis are
particularly welcome.

Please send 1-page single-spaced abstracts of 500 words or less as
attachments (preferably Microsoft Word) and pasted into the body of
an e-mail to by November 5, 2003. Or, send by mail

Zackariah Long
University of Virginia
Bryan Hall 219
P.O. Box 400121
Charlottesville, VA 22904

Please note: Final papers should not exceed a reading time of 20