CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

Interiority in Early Modern England 1500-1700

Source of Information: CFP 2003-10-11 / 2003-10-19
Date of Event: 2004-10-15 &: 16
Location of event: Halifax, Canada
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2004-02-15



15-16 October 2004, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada

The subject of this multi-university and interdisciplinary conference is
the ways in which early modern Engish men and women experienced and
expressed interiority in response to dramatic political, religious,
economic, social and cultural change. During a period that witnessed
religious reformation and confessional strife, civil war, republican
experiment, the execution of one king and the forced exile of another,
as well as commercial and imperial expansionism, many individuals sought
stability by turning inwards. But how successful were these attempts to
comprehend the self, and how fruitful were these quests for stability?
In recent decades scholars have scrutinized the complex political,
ideological and other currents (such as humanism and Protestantism) that
helped forge and shape English identity, and English subjectivity,
during the early modern period. Yet within literary studies, for
example, Cultural Materialists and New Historicists have revealed much
about the public self, sometimes at the expense of other dimensions of
self that this conference hopes to explore.

Possible topics may include but are not limited to: intimacy, emotions,
introspection, corporeal anatomy, conscience, individualism, midwifery,
witchcraft, domestic space and architecture, devotional practices,
autobiography, travel, and sexuality.

Plenary speakers: Jonathan Sawday (The University of Strathclyde,
Glasgow) and Elizabeth Hanson (Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario)

The main conference venue will be Saint Mary's University, and social
functions will be held at Dalhousie University and the University of
King's College.

Send 500-word abstracts, complete mailing address, including phone and
fax numbers, and e-mail, to Goran V. Stanivukovic, Department of
English, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3H 3C3;
phone: (902) 420-5706; fax: (902) 420-5110; e-mail:

Deadline for abstracts: 15 February 2004. Selected papers will be
published as essays in a special issue of The Dalhousie Review.

Conference organizers:

Goran V. Stanivukovic (Saint Mary's University)
Simon Kow (University of King's College)
Ronald Huebert (Dalhousie University)

Goran V. Stanivukovic
Associate Professor
Department of English
Saint Mary's University
Halifax, NS
B3H 3C3

Phone: 902.420.5706
Fax: 902.420.5110

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