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Copia: Renaissance Studies: Word/Image/Body

Source of Information: CFP 2003-10-17 / 2003-10-25
Date of Event: 2004-04-17
Location of event: Princeton, USA
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2004-01-15

Call for Papers
2004 Copia Renaissance Studies Graduate Student Conference
Saturday, April 17, 2004 at Princeton University

The first Copia conference was held last year to offer graduate students in
the region an opportunity to share ideas and collaborate on research
projects related to Renaissance Studies across the disciplines. In this
spirit of collaboration and intellectual exchange, Princeton University will
be hosting this year's Copia conference, "Word/Image/Body."

This one-day symposium aims to present a cross-section of current research
on the English and Continental Renaissance, and to explore paths for future
study. The meeting of different media in the Renaissance and Early Modern
period is our starting point for reexamining the nature of interdisciplinary
research in the field. How have the interactions and exchanges between media
shaped the understanding of our respective disciplines and where they might
intersect or diverge? How did the Renaissance imagine transactions between
words, images, and bodies? What do the limits of "technology" signify,
culturally, historically, and poetically speaking? What can the study of
Renaissance media tell us about our own material and methodological

In keeping with our theme, we encourage proposals for papers that cross
disciplinary boundaries, or that speak to the opportunities and challenges
of Renaissance studies across the disciplines. Individual papers need not
draw on more than one of the standard disciplines, but they should address a
diverse audience, and panels will be structured as conversations among
students working in different fields. Possible topics include (but are by no
means limited to) the following:

- 'Ut pictura poesis' and the 'paragone' tradition
- Early Modern magic
- science and medicine
- history of the book
- collecting
- artistic influence and imitation across genres and media
- questions of style
- practices of reading
- Renaissance clothing and material culture
- neo-Platonism and its influence
- the Renaissance and antiquity
- architecture and early modern conceptions of space

Proposals are encouraged from students of History of Art, English
Literature, Comparative Literature, Music, Intellectual and Cultural
History, Italian, Spanish, French, and German Studies, and other relevant
fields. Presentations will be between fifteen and twenty minutes in length.

300- to 400-word abstracts should be sent by January 15, 2004.  Please
include your university affiliation, mailing address, telephone number and
email address. Send abstracts to:

Copia Conference : Word/Image/Body
c/o Gerard Passannante
Department of English
Princeton University
22 McCosh Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544

Alternatively, abstracts may be sent via email to

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