CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

Magic and the Occult in the Renaissance

Source of Information: CFP 2004-03-02/04
Date of Event: 2004-11-04 to 07
Location of event: St. Louis (Missouri), USA
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2004-04-15

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Subject:   CFP: Magic and the Occult in the Renaissance (4/15/04; MMLA, 11/4/04-11/7/04)
Date sent:   Tue, 02 Mar 2004 19:25:49 -0800

Call for Papers for 46th Annual M/MLA Convention in St. Louis, Missouri
(November 4-7, 2004)

Special Topic Session:
"Magicians, Jugglers, Swindlers: Representations of Magic, Natural
Philosophy, and the Occult in Renaissance Literature"

Proposals are invited dealing with all aspects of representations of the
occult in Renaissance literature and/or philosophy. Submissions discussing
the relationship between religion, science, medicine, and the performing
arts are all welcome. Questions to keep in mind include: Who's doing the
magic? To what purpose? And who's the audience? What kind of magic is being
practiced/performed? How would you define magic in this context?

Please send abstracts (ca. 250-300 words) to or Be sure to include the name of the conference (M/MLA)
in your subject heading. Attachments are fine (Word only, please), but
copying and pasting the abstract into the body of your E-mail is generally
preferred. The deadline for submissions of paper proposals is 15 April,

Thank you very much. Hope to see you in St. Louis.

Verena Theile
Washington State University

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