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Wizards in Western Culture

Source of Information: CFP 2004-04-01
Date of Event: n.a.: volume of collected papers
Location of event: n.a.: volume of collected papers
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2004-09-15

>> Call for Contributors <<

Deadline for Proposals:  September 15, 2004

In J. R. R. Tolkien's THE LORD OF THE RINGS, the Hobbits are warned, "Do not
meddle in the affairs of wizards"; yet, few readers today, in a time when
the wizard features so prominently in both popular culture and scholarship,
would choose to follow this admonition. Accepting this as a given, proposals
are now being accepted for an essay collection co-edited by Charlotte A. T.
Wulf and Michael A. Torregrossa and investigating the figure of the wizard
in Western culture.

This volume is intended to serve as a casebook for further academic research
on magic-using characters. We hope to cover a variety of periods and texts.
As in aid to potential contributors (and those interested in pursuing
further research on the wizard figure), a listing of potential topics and a
working bibliography devoted to studies on wizards can be found online at

Please address any questions or paper proposals to the editors at the
addresses listed below. At present, we are considering proposals of 500 to
1000 words or completed papers of no more than 25 double-spaced pages
exclusive of notes and works cited. All material sent electronically should
be in MS Word or RTF format.

We are particularly interested in contributions on the following topics:

The wizard in antiquity (Up to 500 AD)
The wizard in the Middle Ages (Apx. 500-1500 AD)
Druids in Irish and Welsh mythological texts
The wizard in the Early Modern Era (14th-16th centuries)
The wizard in the Modern Era (16th-21st centuries)
The iconography of wizards
Wizards in the visual arts
Wizards on film
Wizards in children's literature

Please submit proposals or papers to the editors at <>
by September 15, 2004.

Alternatively, send material via regular mail to:
Michael Torregrossa
34 Second Street
Smithfield, RI 02917-3627

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