CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

Renaissance Humanism: Decolonizing Extra-Western Europe

Source of Information: CFP 2004-05-08/11
Date of Event: 2005-07-05 to 08
Location of event: Groningen, Netherlands
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2004-09-01

Netherlands, 5-8 July 2005


Scholars have recently begun to recognize that Renaissance humanism, long
considered a hallmark of Western social and intellectual development, must
be reevaluated in terms of its complicity with Western European
colonization not only of physical spaces but cultural and linguistic
domains.  Among humanism's contributions still very much with us is the
definition of what constitutes the center of Europe and what is considered
its margins.  The consequences of this definition include our perception
of a Europe split on an East/West axis, and the fact that what we now call
"Eastern Europe" has almost completely dropped out of our recognition of
Europe and European humanism during the Renaissance.  As a result, we
seldom hear much regarding humanism in places outside of Western Europe:
Eastern Europe--where Cracow and Prague, for example, were important
centers of humanist learning-- or the Islamic world, or Asia, Russia, and
Africa. Yet, we know that scholarly and commercial interchange spread many
of the central ideas of humanism beyond its Western European origins. What
were those pathways of exchange? What influence did humanism have beyond
the borders of Western Europe, and how may it have been affected, as a
movement and a philosophy, by its contacts beyond the center? This panel
seeks to consider Renaissance humanism within a context of decolonization,
as we examine its developments and effects outside its Western European
home turf.

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