CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

CFP: Encyclopedia of Sex, Love, and Culture: The Early Modern Period

Source of Information: Ficino 2005-10-09
Date of Event: n.a.: Volume to be publsished in 2007
Location of event: Toronto, Canada
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 2006-01-31



The six-volume Encyclopedia of Sex, Love, and Culture is scheduled to be
published by Greenwood Press in 2007. The editor of Volume Three: The
Early Modern Period is seeking writers for unassigned entries.

Volume Three will cover the time period between 1400 and 1600, and is both
interdisciplinary and global in scope. Writers are needed to write entries
on individuals, concepts, institutions, and customs from around the world
during this time period.

Candidates must be willing to write entries ranging from 400 to 3000 words
in length. Preference will be given to college professors, published
writers, and advanced graduate students, but others qualified to write on
this subject will also be considered. deadline for submissions is January
31, 2006. The deadline is firm, so please do not respond to this call
unless you are confident that you can complete one entry of 3000 words or
a group of entries totaling 5000 words by that date. Compensation for
accepted entries will be given, payable upon publication.

If you are interested in writing for this important reference, please send
a short biographical sketch describing your background, interests, and
your preferred email and postal address to:

Qualified candidates will be given a listing of available entries.
Prospective contributors will be given an assignment, contributors'
guidelines, and sample entries by email followed by a release form
postal mailed from publisher to be signed and returned.

Completed entries are subject to the normal editing process required for
quality publications and are accepted for publication at the discretion of
the editor and publisher.


Kristen Pederson-Chew
Independent Scholar
9 Fulton Avenue
Toronto ON M4K 1X6

Kristen Chew
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