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Document created: 2003-01-15
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Item reviewed:

Andreae, Johann Valentin
Matlová, Jana (ed.)
Beneš, Jiří (coed.)
Oehler, Friedrich (trans.)
Böhling, Frank (trans.)

[Theophilus <latin, german>]
Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt [Frommann-Holzboog] 2002
469 pp. ISBN: 3-7728-2202-9
Series:Johann Valentin Andreae: Gesammelte Schriften ; 16

Price: EUR 108 (89 for subscribers)

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This title was reviewed by: Martin Schmeisser of "Seminar für Geistesgeschichte und Philosophie der Renaissance (LMU München)"

Item arrived at GGREN on:2002-12-06
Review was finished on:2002-12-23

The Review

Biblographic data formatted for downloading

Author1:               Andreae, Johann Valentin
Author2:               Matlová, Jana ((Haupt-)Herausgeber/in)
Author3:               Beneš, Jiří (coed.)
Author4:               Oehler, Friedrich (trans.)
Author5:               Böhling, Frank (Übersetzer/in)
main Title:            Theolphilus
edition:               Theophilus <latin, german>
series:                Johann Valentin Andreae: Gesammelte Schriften ; 16
place of publ.:        Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt
publisher:             Frommann-Holzboog
year:                  2002
no of pages etc.:      469 pp.
ISBN:                  3-7728-2202-9
currency:              EUR
price:                 108