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Review R20041007

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Document created: 2004-10-07
Last update: 2004-10-08

Item reviewed:

Reuchlin, Johannes
Weh, Adalbert (trans.)
Fuhrmann, Manfred (ed.)

Band 2
Stuttgart-Bad Cannstadt [Frommann-Holzboog] 2004
314 pp. ISBN: 3-7728-2016-6
Series: Briefwechsel. - Leseausgabe in deutscher Übersetzung

Price: € 28.00

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This title was reviewed by: Manuela Kahle of "Seminar für Geistesgeschichte und Philosophie der Renaissance"

Item arrived at GGREN on: 2004-09-06
Review was finished on: 2004-10-07

The Review

  • The translation of Adalbert Weh is a very accurate translation. Although remaining close to the Latin text, the German translation is very elegant.

    The commentaries provide the most necessary information in a comprehensive form. On the one hand they refer to the content of the book and on the other hand they describe the origin of the references.

    This translation is useful for laymen and laywomen interested in Johannes Reuchlin or German humanism or philology and Jewish life in the 16th century.

    Furthermore it is important to have a good German translation of the work of one of the most influential German humanists of 16th century.

  • Biblographic data formatted for downloading

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