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Document created: 2005-06-09
Last update: 2005-06-09

Item reviewed:

Jeck, Udo Reinhold

Platonica Orientalia
Aufdeckung einer philosophischen Tradition
Frankfurt a.M. [Vittorio Klostermann] 2004
687 p., [1] f. ISBN: 3-465-03361-2

Price: EUR 98.00

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This title was reviewed by: Martin Mulsow of "Seminar für Geistesgeschichte und Philosophie der Renaissance"

Item arrived at GGREN on: 2005-05-13
Review was finished on: 2005-07-08

The Review

Biblographic data formatted for downloading

Author1:               Jeck, Udo Reinhold
main Title:            Platonica Orientalia
subtitle:              Aufdeckung einer philosophischen Tradition
place of publ.:        Frankfurt a.M.
publisher:             Vittorio Klostermann
year:                  2004
no of pages etc.:      687 p., [1] f.
ISBN:                  3-465-03361-2
currency:              EUR
price:                 98.00