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Fast Reviews of Books in Renaissance Intellectual History:

About this project and product

Contact: Dr. Heinrich C. Kuhn (
Document created: 1999-07-19
Last update:1999-07-19

The Munich University Institution for Renaissance Intellectual History (Seminar für Geistesgeschichte und Philosophie der Renaissance) began in late autumn 1998 to establish a database of reviews of new books in renaissance intellectual history. These reviews were, are and probably will be produced primarily by members and affiliates of our institution; guest reviewers are very wellcome indeed nevertheless.

There was, is and will be free access to the reviews via the WWW.

Under normal circumstances the reviews will be published within four weeks after the reception of the item to review (this holds true for items in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch or Latin, items in Slavonic and Nordic languages will take a bit longer to review ...). The reviews themselves are in English. They do in each case contain at least:

Our primary focus is on books (and other media) in:

Probably one of the main advantages of our reviews is the minimal time lag between their publication and the publication of the books reviewed. We expect, that our reviews will be primarily used by libraries and scholars in renaissance intellectual history.

A number of publishers have been contated about this project at the 1998 Frankfurt bookfair, but we are of course willing to review publications from any publisher.

If you know about a title that has been published sometime within the last 6 month and think that we should review this title: Please contact us.

Note to prospective guest reviewers: If you know about a title on renaissance intellectual history that has been published sometime within the last 6 month and you wish to review this title for Fast Reviews of Books in Renaissance Intellectual History and you are willing to comply with the framework of our project (· sending us the review within four weeks after reception of the item, · writing the review according to the structure set for these reviews, · consenting to the "eternal" publication of the review via our server and/or one of its successors, · not expecting any sort of fee for the review): in this case you are very wellcome to join our team as a guest reviewer: Please contact us. Thanks a lot in advance!

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