Vivat GGREN!

GGRENir: About the Internetography on Renaissance intellectual history

Responsible: Dr. Heinrich C. Kuhn
Document created: 1999-05-25
Last update: 2008-09-15

Due to limited manpower resources there have been no updates to this database since sometime back in 2003. And most probably there will be no such updates in the future. For more recent information on web items like the ones catalogued in GGRENir: see Web4Ren Forum (W4RF): Many sorts of information of potential relevance to those interested in Renaissance Intellectual History.

This internetography contains links to several hundred internet ressources that are of relevance to renaissance intellectual history. The database is browsable and searchable . There is a FAQ concerning the use of GGRENir, and there is Information about the current state of GGRENir.

The main focus is on history of philosophy (you'll notice this when using our "browsing according to subjects" ...), but history of science, history of art, history of literature, history of theology, political history, etc. etc. pp. are covered as well. (If you are interested in such "non-philosophical" topics: please consider to have a look at our Shortcuts concerning some non-philosophy areas of interest .) Our main interest is on the time from ca. 1348 to ca. 1648, but we included and include information about ressources from the pre 1348 and post 1648 eras in cases where they are about authors, institutions or phenomena that were of considerable influence on the Renaissance or that are considerably influenced by Renaissance authors, phenomena, or institutions.

We use a semi-intelligent automatos (run on average once a month) to determine which of the documents described in our database are persistently unreachable or have changed to such an extend that a human cataloguer should have a look at them in order to check whether the indexing applied to them should be changed.

At the moment the access to the database is free - and we hope to be able to keep it free. If you have suggestions as to how we might improve the database: Please let us know.

By the way: "GGRENir" is an acronym for "Geistesgeschichte der Renaissance: internet resourcen" (internet resources concerning Renaissance intellectual history).