Vivat GGREN!

Internetography on Renaissance intellectual history

Version 3.1b

Responsible: Dr. Heinrich C. Kuhn
Document created: 1999-02-23
Last update: 2007-03-08
---> Information about the current state of GGRENir

The GGRENir database, useful as it may be, has not been updated since sometime in 2003 — as making new entries there and periodically updating existing entries takes more time than I have (and will have in the foreseeable future). Thus — unless someone or some institution provides us with considerable financial or other support for this — there will be no updates to GGRENir. Links to and information about resources found since October 2003 can be found at the Web4Ren Forum (W4RF): with less metadata etc. than used for the items in GGRENir, but: better to have something less good than an updated GGRENir than to have nothing up to date at all ….