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GGRENir: Internetography on Renaissance intellectual history:

Notes concerning the access to GGRENir via browsing

Please note:

  1. There are several "windows" to this internetography; all the items in the internetography have been made visible from at least two of these windows, but no item has been made visible from all of these windows.
  2. The part of the Thesaurus that deals with indexing according to subjects has been buildt mainly for history of philosophy purposes. Therefore some non-philosophy subjects are "buried" rather deep in the thesaurus and at places that may be considered (at least prima facie) as "strange". There are however a number of " shortcuts " that facilitate browsing concerning such subjects.
  3. It might be unwise to bookmark the pages corresponding to single parts of the Thesaurus: these file-names may change without any further notice.
  4. If you don't find what you are looking for: you might consider to search via using the search-interface to our database of internet resources.

Author: Heinrich C. Kuhn
Document created: 1999-03-24
Last update: 2000-03-23