Vivat GGREN!

Innovation durch Rezeption

Philosophie in der Renaissance

(lecture series in winter 2002/2003)

In winter 2002/2003 we have the honour and the pleasure to organise the lecture series of the Munich university philosophy department. The lectures will deal with "Innovation by Reception: Renaissance Philosophy". You are cordially invited to all of these lectures!

The following persons kindly agreed to give a talk:

You can attend these lectures in lecture hall 209 in the Munich university main building (Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1)

As you'll note: we invited only "external" persons as speakers in this series of lectures. We intended it to serve as an additional enrichment of our normal "menue" of lectures, seminars and other courses on renaissance philosophy (a menue already rather rich by itself). You can find information on how our "regular" teachers think about reanisance thought by having a look at what they write about our "regular" courses.

We (Prof. Dr. Eckhard Keßler, Dr. Heinrich C. Kuhn, Mrs Helga Pirner-Pareschi)'ll try to answer an questions you might have …..

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Document created: 2002-03-18
Last update: 2003-01-21