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Gastvortrag Diana Stanciu am 6. Juni 2007:

Rational Religion and Toleration as Defined by Ralph Cudworth

Das Seminar für Geistesgeschichte und Philosophie der Renaissance beehrt sich, zu folgendem Vortrag mit anschließender Diskussion einzuladen:

Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2007, 18h c.t.
Ludwigstr. 31/I, Raum E06
Dr. Diana Stanciu, Associate professor an der Universitatea din Bucureşti
Rational Religion and Toleration as Defined by Ralph Cudworth
Der Vortrag wird voraussichtlich in Englischer Sprache stattfinden, für Diskussionsbeiträge sind sowohl Englisch als auch Deutsch möglich.
Erläuterung von Frau Stanciu zum Vortrag:
The concept of universal religion, used by Ficino to defend a view opposed to the irreligious modes of thought in the philosophy of his time, became quite influential on Cudworth’s defense of a religious view of life as well. Furthermore, Ficino’s insistence on proving that religion is founded on natural reason was also taken over by Cudworth. Nevertheless, in his constantly eclectic style, Cudworth also adopted, in pure Augustinian tradition, the concept of knowledge as illumination and the idea of the regeneration of human reason by divine grace. Additionally, when he criticized Descartes and Hobbes for their voluntarism, he considered that intellect and will worked together against sin or fell together into the state of ignorance that conduced to it. And with that he seems to be indebted to Aquinas and his concept of synderesis (Summa theologiae, Ia q.79, Ia-IIae q.94, IIa IIae q.47). The purpose of my lecture is therefore to see how these very diverse tendencies are combined by Cudworth in his defense of rational religion and toleration as the only ways to resist Hobbes’s moral relativism and what he saw as the consequent disintegration of the traditional bases of moral thought.
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