Vivant oratores, vivant auditores, vivat Petrarca, vivat GGREN!

Petrarca 2004!

List of known scholarly activities and events celebrating his 700th birthday

I'm certain that I don't know about all of the scholarly activities and events celebrating Petrarch's jubilee. And I'm certain that I never will. But: Any indications and hints concerning relevant items yet absent from the list(s) you find here are welcome. Please let me know if you know about something suitable to add. Thanks in advance. And: Lots of thanks to all who already contributed information for this list!

And, a second disclaimer: At least in some cases I'll have assigned an event to a certain category although it might have fitted better to a different category; that's just due to my incompetence … ; sorry.

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Document created: 2004-03-08
Last update:2004-09-28