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Message started by hck on 17.12.2007 at 14:57:15

Title: Student originality, sort of ... .
Post by hck on 17.12.2007 at 14:57:15

At http://fporpentine.blogspot.com/2007/12/well-that-was-original.html you can find Fretful Porpentine's blog entry Well, that was ... original?.

IMO it is worthwhile not only to read the main blog entry, but (i.a.) also Renaissance Girl's December 16th comment on it. It made my screen listen to my laughter ... . :)

Title: Re: Student originality, sort of ... .
Post by hck on 17.03.2009 at 11:24:04

A comment by Simon Keller to http://leiterreports.typepad.com/blog/2009/03/remarkable-story-on-essay-mills.html has i.a. the following observation:
I wonder whether the internet has just changed the ways in which students cheat, and made the stupid ones easier to catch.

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