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Title: Velcurio in Physicam (1547)
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Velcurio, Johannes:
Commentarii in universam Physicam Aristotelis, distincti libris IV ; cum rerum et verborum indice
Tubingae : Ulricus Morhardus 1547 (http://mdz10.bib-bvb.de/~db/0001/bsb00015287/images/)

BSB shelfmark: A.gr.b. 774

Printed Bavarian duke electors' library ex libris.

VD16 B 2028

Title: Re: Velcurio in Physicam (1547)
Post by hck on 16.07.2008 at 10:16:32

No idea how this edition is related to the 1544 edition (http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/W4RF/YaBB.pl?num=1214925339).

Title: Re: Velcurio in Physicam (1547)
Post by John P. McCaskey on 16.07.2008 at 18:25:16

I've done a little work on this text. It's not really a commentary on Aristotle's Physics, as the title suggests. It's an intermediate level textbook on many aspects of natural philosophy.

Because it's an intermediate textbook, it's an intriguing source for historians. Elementary textbooks are usually too conventional to tell us much of the state of the art and treatises are too specific to the author. Here is a book that tells us what more advanced scholars thought was the state of the art in many areas of natural philosophy.

I'd love to see an on-line English translation. I have arranged for one grad student to start work on such and would be interested in communicating with anyone else who might be interested in the project. I might be able to arrange a little funding for any student or scholar in a position to contribute to a translation. Currently we expect to host the translation on Wikisource. Please post a reply or send me a message if you might be interested.

Title: Re: Velcurio in Physicam (1547)
Post by Pekka on 29.07.2008 at 12:53:04

The Tübingen prints are probably reprints of an edition prepared by Sebald Hawenreuther, who had been Velcurio's (Johann Bernhardi of Feldkirch, d. 1534) pupil in Wittenberg. Sachiko Kusukawa writes on the publication history of the work in her "The Transformation of Natural Philosophy" (Cambridge 1995, pp. 110-114).

Velcurio's work is an interesting textbook, since the author was a close colleague of Luther and Melanchthon in Wittenberg, but the posthumously published book was read in Tübingen and elsewhere (like in Britain) for decades through many reprints. It written before Melanchthon published his influentia De anima, and Melanchthon actually recommends it in his preface of the first edition. Velcurio's style seems to be a bit more scholastic than Melanchthon's and reminds of Jodocus Trutfetter's natural philosophy Summa in totam physicen (1514), which Melanchthon also mentions in the same context.

So it seems, although nobody has yet studied Velcurio in detail, that his work is something between the late medieval compendiums and humanist textbooks. Melanchthon's De anima has been partially translated into English, but I'm sure there are no modern translations of the this text, since hardly anyone has read it since the sixteenth or seventeeth centuries.

Title: Velcurio in Physicam (1539)
Post by hck on 24.01.2014 at 11:20:52

Johannes Velcurio (= Ioannes Velcurius = Johannes Veltkirchius):
Commentarii In uniuersam Physicam Aristotelis libri quattuor : Cum rerum et verborum memorabilum copiosiusimo indice
Tubingae : Apud Ulrichum Morhardum 1539 (http://daten.digitale-sammlungen.de/~db/0008/bsb00086822/images/?nav=1&viewmode=1)

BSB-Signatur L.impr.c.n.mss. 1098

VD16 B 2024

Provenance: Gaspar Bruissini (?) -> S.J. Neuburg a.d.D 1638 -> Bibliothek Neuburg -> BRM/BSB

Alterantive URL: http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:bvb:12-bsb00086822-6

For a copy of a Tübingen 1544 edition cf. http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/W4RF/YaBB.pl?num=1214925339/0#0

Title: Velcurio in Physicam (1566 (& 1553))
Post by hck on 17.06.2016 at 13:07:06

Ioannes Velcurio (= Johannes Bernhardi = Ioanes Velcurius &c):
Commentarii in Universam Physicam Aristotelis : distincti libris IIII iam recens accuratissime recogniti : cum rerum & verborum memorabilium copiosissimo indice
Tubingae : Ex Officina Typographica Viduae Ulrici Morhardi, anno 1566 (http://www.e-rara.ch/zuz/content/titleinfo/13137135)

Alternative URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.3931/e-rara-47237

Copy: Zentralbibliothek Zürich, NP 2451,2

Seen thanks to H. J. Neuahaus on G+ (https://plus.google.com/b/111440998814490691210/+HJNeuhaus/posts/92HFm3yeiVd)

cf. &m.: the copy Zentralbibliothek Zürich, NP 2454 of the ed. Tubingae : Ulricus Morhardus 1553 (http://www.e-rara.ch/zuz/content/titleinfo/12938538)  (http://dx.doi.org/10.3931/e-rara-46325)

GND 120707225 (http://d-nb.info/gnd/120707225):

Person      Velcurio, Johannes
Andere Namen      Bernhardi, Johannes, aus Feldkirch (VD-16)
Veltkirch, Joannes
Veltkirch, Ioannes
Veltkirch, Johann
Veltkirchen, Joannes
Veltkirchius, Joannes
Veltkirchius, Johannes
Veldkirch, Johann
Feldkirch, Johann
Velcurio, Joannes
Velcurio, Johann
Velcurion, Johannes
Welcurio, ...
Bernhardi, Johann
Velcurius, Johannes
Feldkirchius, Johannes
Walser zum Roten Brunnen, Hans (Pseudonym)
Walser, Hans zum Roten Brunnen (Pseudonym)
Veltcurio, Johannes
Bernhardi, Johannes aus Feldkirch ((VD-16))
Veltkirchius, Johannes aus Feldkirch
Veltkirchius, M.
Velcurio, Ioannes
Veltkirch, Johannes
Veldkirch, Johannes
Feldkirch, Johannes
Velcurionus, Johannes
Bernhardi, Johannes
Welcurio, Johannes
Veltkirchius, Ioannes
Feldkirch, Johann(es)
Walser zum Roten Brunnen, Hans [Pseud.]
Walser zum Roten Brunnen, Hans
Bernhardi, Johannes, aus Feldkirch

GGRENir: Thesaurus: item: SE00173
Nature in general
(Physica generalis)
((Natur im allgemeinen))

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