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Title: Munich 2013-09: EM philosophy & Renaissance legacy
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At http://www.en.cas.uni-muenchen.de/events/conferences/tag_muratori_paganini/index.html you can find information on the Munich 2013-09-19/20 conference Early Modern Philosophers and the Renaissance Legacy organised by Cecilia Muratori and Gianni Paganini.

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Programme for this conference:

Thursday,, 19.. 9.. 13
9::00--9::30 Welcome Address
9::30--10::00 Introduction
10::00--10::45 Stephen Clucas (London)
Italian Renaissance Love Theory Revisited
in the Seventeenth Century: Marsilio Ficino
and Leone Ebreo in Robert Burtonís
Anatomy of Melancholy
10::45--11::30 Sarah Hutton (Aberystwyth)
Cambridge Platonism and the Italian
11::30--12::00 Tea&Coffee
12::00--12::45 Silvia Manzo (La Plata)
Some Remarks on Francis Bacon and
Girolamo Cardano
12::45--13::30 Guido Giglioni (London)
Whatís Wrong with Doing History of
Renaissance Philosophy? The Case of
Francis Bacon
13::30--14::30 Lunch
14::30--15::15 Emmanuel Faye (Rouen)
Descartes, the Humanists and the Perfection
of Man
Cartesians Against Campanella: A Fight
Without Winners
16::00--16::30 Tea&Coffee
16::30--17::15 Annalisa Ceron (Vercelli)
Between Past and Future: Ethics and Politics
in Baconís Essays
17::15--18::00 Gianni Paganini (Vercelli)
Hobbes Against Mediocrity and his
Renaissance Sources
18::00--18::30 Break
18::30--c.. 19::30 Evening Presentation
Campanella Renaissance
Testi e Studi
Germana Ernst (Rome)
19::30--21::00 Reception at CAS
Friiday,, 20.. 9.. 13
9::30--10::15 Daniel Garber (Princeton)
Telesio Among the Novatores: Telesioís
Reception in the Seventeenth-Century
10::15--11::00 Sabrina Ebbersmeyer (Munich)
Telesio and Leibniz: Metaphysics of the Living
11::00--11::30 Tea&Coffee
11::30--12::15 Paul Rateau (Paris)
On Free Will and Divine Justice: Is Leibniz a
Successor of Lorenzo Valla?
12::15--13::00 Lodi Nauta (Groningen)
The Critique of Language in Renaissance
Humanism and Early Modern Philosophy
13::00--14::30 Lunch
14::30--15::15 Natacha Fabbri (Florence)
The Rise of the Earth-like Moon in the
Renaissance and Its Importance in Kepler and
Galileo's Heliocentrism
15::15--16::00 John C. Laursen (Riverside)
John Upton from Political Liberty to Critical
Liberty: The Moral and Political Implications
of Ancient and Renaissance Studies in the
16::00--16::30 Tea&Coffee
16::30--17::15 Cecilia Muratori (Munich)
The (Happy) Place of Animals in the World: A
Renaissance Debate and Its Aftermath
17::15--c.. 18::00 Discussion and Conclusion[ch65279]

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