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Message started by hck on 20.06.2016 at 13:34:11

Title: Spinoza price for Lodi Nauta
Post by hck on 20.06.2016 at 13:34:11

Good News:
Lodi Nauta has won a Spinoza price.

The laudatio is at http://www.nwo.nl/en/research-and-results/programmes/spinoza+prize/spinoza+laureates/overview+in+alphabetical+order/lodi+nauta, and the news is at http://dailynous.com/2016/06/20/lodi-nauta-wins-2-5-million-euro-spinoza-prize/, and I read it thanks to Catarina Dutilh Novaes on twitter at https://twitter.com/cdutilhnovaes/status/744853276869308417[ch65279] (https://twitter.com/cdutilhnovaes/status/744853276869308417).

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