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Title: Venice 2016-09-26: The Sophistic Renaissance
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Information received via the FICINO email distribution list, and also posted at https://plus.google.com/+HeinrichCKuhn/posts/cNYodcC1HMx.

Conference Venice (Ca' Foscari 2016-09-26) : The Sophistic Renaissance

Morning session
Teodoro Katinis / Luigi Perissinotto
Ca’ Foscari University Venice
Opening Remarks / Welcome
and Introduction
Eric MacPhail
Indiana University Bloomington
Peri Theon: The Renaissance
Confronts the Gods
Lodi Nauta
University of Groningen
Humanists on Sophistic Arguments
10:30 - Coffee break
Leo Catana
University of Copenhagen
Marsilio Ficino’s Commentary
on Plato’s Gorgias
Marco Munarini
University of Padua
Rhetoric’s Demiurgy: from Synesius of Cyrene
to Marsilio Ficino and Pico della Mirandola
Discussion session
13:00 - Lunch break
Afternoon session
Marc van der Poel
Radboud University
The Greek Sophistical Tradition in Rudolph
Agricola’s De Inventione Dialectica and beyond
Stefano Gulizia
Independent Scholar
Atticismus and Antagonism: Greek
Antiquarianism, Scholarly Networks, and
the Career of the Sophist Alcidamas in
Renaissance Italy
16:30 - Coffee break
Jorge Ledo
University of Basel
From Wit to Shit. Notes for a (Emotional)
Lexicon of Sophistry in the Renaissance
Teodoro Katinis
Ca’ Foscari University Venice
Closing Remarks: Enhancing Research on the
Sophistic Traditions in the Renaissance
Discussion session
Eugene Afonasin (Novosibirsk University),
Christopher Celenza (Johns Hopkins
University), Glenn Most (SNS Pisa), Carlo
Natali (Ca’ Foscari University Venice), Luigi
Perissinotto (Ca’ Foscari University Venice)

September Monday 26th, 2016
Department of Philosophy
and Cultural Heritage
Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Aula Baratto
Dorsoduro 3246, Venezia
Organized by Teodoro Katinis[ch65279]

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