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02.03.2007 at 10:47:10
Who's in charge?
Heinrich C. Kuhn and generally Seminar für Geistesgeschichte und Philosophie der Renaisance.

Do authors retain/maintain/keep their property in their postings?
Yes, of course. You grant us nothing but the non-exclusive right to distribute them.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of this forum? What can I do as I member which I cannot do as a guest?
As a member you can:
  • post your contributions to the forum
  • set the forum so that you receive an eMail alert every time somebody posted something to a board or topic or thread etc. you are interested in
  • send personal messages (PMs) to other members of this forum

Is it o.k. to post information about books and/or articles I have authored/edited/published?
Assuming that said literature is in some way or other connected to renaissance sudies: that's not only o.k.: that's welcome indeed.

Is it o.k. to post news about prizes or and/or other honours which I have won recently?
Assuming that there is some connection to renaissance sudies: go ahead: let's participate in the celebrations ...  Smiley ... .

Is it o.k. to post information about commercial products?
Yes, if these products are of potential use to Renaissance intellectual history studies.

Is it o.k. to post CFPs for conferences that require participants to pay a fee or that are restricted to a certain group of persons?

Is it o.k. to post information about events that require participants to pay a fee or that are restricted to a certain group of persons?

Is it o.k. to discuss controversial things here?
Yes, if there's an obvious connection to Renaissance studies, and if in the way of discussing them you don't infringe the laws and other legal rules in force here (Bavaria).

Why does this Forum use YaBB 2.1?
  • It works decently.
  • It makes no use of php.
  • It is open source.
  • Support is great.
  • It is configurable enough.

Who may post to this Forum?
Any registered member.

Are decisions by moderators "final"?
Yes and no. If you think a decision by a moderator is wrong: you are free to complain via PM or email to that moderator, and you might succeed to make him/her change his/her mind and to revoke a decision. If you don't succeed: you'll have to accept that decision.

Where should I post questions not answered by this FAQ?
In the most appropriate part of this forum. If in doubt: here (as a reply to this FAQ or as a new topic in this part of the forum.

Is it o.k. to complain in this forum about the way this forum is run?
Yes, of course it is. Please use the Semper reformandum-section of this forum for such complaints.

What languages can I use for my postings?
Generally speaking: any language read by any of the adminstrators/moderators (Latin, Ancient Greek, and most of the Germanic, Romance and Slavonic languages).
However: There are two aspects you should consider:
  • Your posting will have a wider readership if you go for one of the more popular languages (more popular amongst those interested in renaissance intellectual history), and posting in English will probably give you access to the widest audience.
  • Going for anything except English, Latin, German, French or Italian may result in missunderstandings and wrong reactions by a moderator if the moderator on service who first reads your posting should have problems to interpret it correctly at the time she or he is reading it.

(Sorry: I'm  completely out of practise reading Classical Arabic and Classicl Hebrew ...  Sad (hck))

When was this FAQ last changed?
2007-05-07, 17:12 GMT+2

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