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Troubleshooting (technical use of this forum) (Read 6595 times)

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Troubleshooting (technical use of this forum)
05.03.2007 at 13:44:40
I seem to login, but there is no option to log out afterwards, and I can't post anywere!
In order to permit the software used for this forum to attribute requests to the correct forum member you have to permit the use of cookies if you want to exercise any of your rights as a member. Sorry!
It is completely sufficient if you permit this use only to the originating server and only for a single session and if you delete the cookie after you have done what you wanted to do in W4RF that time.
If the answer permtting cookies doesn't solve your problem: please send an email to Code:

and I'll try to get back to you and will try to find out who to deal with this problem.  

I'm sure I did see something here, but I don't succeed finding it via the search function!
The item you are looking for may have been deleted. But this is extremely improbable.
It is more probable that your lack of success is due to some imperfection of the search function:
You should always check the period (last week etc.) and part of the forum you want to be searched.
And: The search function does truncate only if you select "search partial words", it doesn't do so in its default version: e.g.: Searching for "Ficin" may give you results you would not get searching for "Ficino" or "Ficinus", searching for "Ficino" will bring you no hits for postings just mentioning "Ficin" (or "Ficinus"), etc.. You should always search with all possible variants of the search term you want to use - unless you explicitely choose the option to search for parts of words in the search interface.

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