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Concerning H-NET reviews (Read 4760 times)

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Concerning H-NET reviews
08.03.2007 at 08:18:27
  • As there are more H-NET reviews of potential relevance to those interested in renaissance intellectual history studies in the H-Net reviews database which are coded in a way that leads to them (partially) being displayed with garbled Umlauts etc. (at least in my browser) than I had assumed before,
  • and as posting such reviews here in/as full quote would make part of this forum too similar to a partial mirror of the H-NET reviews collection (a mirror for reviews on material in mainly middle european languages and/or reviews written in such languages),
  • and as short postings in many cases are easier to read than long postings:  

in future I will not post the full text of any H-NET review which I succeeded in finding in their database here - however garbled it may display in my browser. I'll try to provide correctly coded bibliographical data here and will link to the review.
Full quotes will be given (at least by me) only for reviews which I don't find in their database.
At least that's my view and intention as of now. If you should think a different approach should be taken: please let me know via a reply to this thread here or via PM or via eMail. Thanks in advance!
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