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Bertheau: Sir Thomas More ... Munday (2002) (Read 1369 times)

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Bertheau: Sir Thomas More ... Munday (2002)
13.03.2007 at 14:51:04
Gilles Bertheau: 'Sir Thomas' More de Anthony Munday et alii (1593): l'obéissance paradoxale d'un homme libre
From: Études Epistémè 2 (2002)

Probably written in 1593, The Book of Sir Thomas More, known as Sir Thomas More, has long been inscribed in the Shakespeare canon. It is, in fact, a collaborative work by Munday, Dekker, Chettle, Heywood and Shakespeare. Sixty years or so after the Chancellor's execution, Munday, a radical protestant, offered a very sharp portrait, not of a Catholic, not of a rebel, but of a free man who chose to obey his conscience rather than the royal decrees of Henry VIII, absent from the play. The parallel between More and Erasmus, his taste for joking and theatre, his true humanist outlook on life make him, in Munday's mind, a genuine model for those attached to freedom of conscience.
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