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On speed and history: Review by Stephen Byers (Read 2662 times)

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On speed and history: Review by Stephen Byers
06.05.2009 at 08:24:59
No renaissance focus, but some interesting aspect(s) concerning on the speed of today's (i.a. scholarly)  communication and history:  
Stephen Byers on:
Mark Tremayne (ed.): Blogging, Citizenship, and the Future of Media. London : Routledge 2007 / ISBN 978-0-415-97940-5
The Blogging Revolution

The review was originally published by Jhistory  in February 2009, and it contains i.a. this passage:
As a practical matter, that means the book’s information is old--at least in new media terms. For example, chapter 3 reports excellent scholarship by D. Travers Scott analyzing political winds in the 2004 U.S. presidential election. As a historical study, it’s fine, and I loved reading it (although I teach journalism, my Ph.D. is in urban studies with a history emphasis, so, by training, I am a historian and inclined to love this sort of “slice of time” study). But, as a student of journalism, I notice that as I write this review another presidential election is well underway, and it may well have concluded before the finished review is published. Thus, this chapter works fine for historians, but does not offer a timely critique of blogging today.
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