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hck's twittering (Read 95548 times)

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hck's twittering
06.05.2009 at 09:20:15
I'm twittering about some items, events, etc. of less than secondary importance (although sometimes connected to Renaissance intellectual history) at http://twitter.com/hckGGREN .
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for contact information etc. concerning hck (Heinrich C. Kuhn): see http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/php/Kuhn/
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Re: hck's twittering
Reply #1 - 07.05.2009 at 14:33:57
Here's a list of some past tweets (stuff not previously posted on W4RF):

  • PM: Projekt: Politikberatung in der Frühen Neuzeit: Hofgeistlichkeit 16./17. Jhd: http://idw-online.de/pages/de/news314026
  • Job add: Vienna position (professorship) in byzantine studies: http://tinyurl.com/c2oofz
  • Seminar Wittenberg 1560: Melanchthon obituaries
  • post-graduate program "Cultural Encounters and the Discourses of Scholarship" : http://is.gd/xrAa
  • Mercurius Politicus on salpetre and power in 1630 England: http://is.gd/xra4
  • Tebbe on Sabean (et al., edd.): Kinship in Europe: Approaches to Long-term Development (1300-1900) (2007): http://is.gd/xqug
  • Dean on Spierenburg: A History of Murder: Personal Violence in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Present (2008): http://is.gd/xqiy
  • New book: Gender studies and more: Karen Newman: "Essaying Shakespeare" : http://is.gd/xq7l
  • "The Mental World of a Country House" ; more information at http://is.gd/xaG3
  • Villinger zu Pilgerfahrt in's Hl. Land (1603): http://is.gd/x9jt (1603 book on Jerusalem pilgrimage, German)
  • Bernardus <de Lutzenburgo>: Catalogus hereticorum (1525): http://bit.ly/Jlh0S
  • Stephen G. Burnett on Deeana Copeland Klepper on Nicolaus de Lyra : http://is.gd/x82O
  • Conf.: Henry VIII and the Tudor Court, 1509-2009 : See http://is.gd/wVON (found thanks to http://is.gd/wVP3 )
  • Mapping pre 1650 Ingolstadt philosophy publications: less impact of 30-years-war than I had assumed.
  • Hartmann Schedel's Torah etc. (BSB-Signatur Inc.c.a. 181 / BSB-Ink T-122 / GW 4200) digitised : http://is.gd/wQFX
  • Sarah Werner on books and plays and typography: http://tinyurl.com/dm9o38
  • New book on the reception of Milton in the HRE: http://tinyurl.com/c78t4j
  • GEMCS CFP: “Spenser’s Duplicity ...": http://tinyurl.com/cg6s89
  • Mercurius Politicus on sources "as traces of another person’s existence": http://is.gd/wytF ("On finding things you’re not looking for")
  • New book: C.J. Zuijderduijn on capital markets 1300-1550 : http://is.gd/wxEe
  • New book on transmission of Alfonsine Tables: J. Chabás & B. R. Goldstein: The Astronomical Tables of Giovanni Bianchini: http://is.gd/wxCM
  • The ‘Book’ of Travels: Genre, Ethnology, and Pilgrimage, 1250-1700 Edited by Palmira Brummett http://is.gd/wxhk
  • Gespenster 1591 : http://tinyurl.com/cnj2sj
  • #SEP: C.A.J. (Tony) Coady on dirty hands (and Machiavelli): http://is.gd/vxRx
  • 2009-07-14: Kathrin Schlierkamp: "Mind the gap - weibliche Denkerinnen im 17. Jahrhundert" : http://is.gd/v2ZT
  • Dank @charlesnodier fängt Twitter an renaissancegeistesgeschichtlich nützlich zu werden. [Smiley]
  • Lesend: Rez. von J. Thomas zu Th. S. Hoffmann: "Philosophie in Italien ... 20 Porträts" 2007). (Syntheseis philosophica 46.2 (2008))
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for contact information etc. concerning hck (Heinrich C. Kuhn): see http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/php/Kuhn/
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2009-05-07/08 collection of tweeds by hck
Reply #2 - 08.05.2009 at 15:05:59
(A selection of items which - though not directly concerned with renaissance philosophy sensu largo - might be of interest to some of the readers/members of W4RF)

(Source: http://twitter.com/hckGGREN )
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for contact information etc. concerning hck (Heinrich C. Kuhn): see http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/php/Kuhn/
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2009-05-08/15 collection of tweeds by hck
Reply #3 - 15.05.2009 at 16:11:52
This is the last such collection of tweets which I will post here (for reasons see my next posting in this thread).

  • Ren: Reading: Ratio studiorum S.J. 1591 (ed. Lukács, 1986)
  • Ren: Review: Kesselring on Wood: The 1549 Rebellions and the Making of Early Modern England (2007) http://is.gd/A5RN H-Albion (March, 2009)
  • Ren: Review: Phillips on Condren: Chaucer from Prentice to Poet (2008) http://is.gd/A5Qy (H-Albion (March, 2009))about 4 hours ago from web
  • Ren: Whaley on Silver: "Marketing Maximilian: the Visual Ideology of a Holy Roman Emperor" (2008) http://is.gd/A5Pe (H-German (March, 2009))
  • Ren:Review: Heal on Chapuis (ed.): Riemenschneider (2004!) http://is.gd/A5NC (H-German (March, 2009!))about 4 hours ago from web
  • Ren: Review: Reeves on Clemens & Graham: Introduction to Manuscript Studies (2007) http://is.gd/A5LJ (H-German (March, 2009))
  • Ren: (re-)Reading Montaigne I.20 for next Tuesday's seminar.
  • Ren: Burnett, Charles : Continuities and disruptions between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance arrived in BSB : http://tinyurl.com/o4wf5w10:31 AM May 14th from web
  • Ren: Madsen on pronounciation ("De literis libri duo" 1586, VD16 M 70) : http://is.gd/zKdD10:26 AM May 14th from web
  • Ren: doctoral studentships : Courts of Stuart queens: The Queen’s House at Greenwich : http://is.gd/zKaY10:23 AM May 14th from web
  • Ren: add to previous (Note: Twitter sorting (inverse): here in this posting in W4RF : next) item: Gaukroger and Wilson mentioned in http://is.gd/zK1g , rest of information: http://is.gd/zK3c #Aberdeen10:13 AM May 14th from web
  • Ren: Plans to build a philosophy institute w. 2-3 full time profs + 6 part time profs + PhD students http://is.gd/zK1g (Ren profs mentioned)
  • 10:04 AM May 14th from web
  • Ren: CfP: students' conference at Birkbeck: "Revolution and Evolution" : http://is.gd/zJu09:27 AM May 14th from web
  • Ren: Review: Johnson on White: "Henrietta Maria And the English Civil Wars" (2006) : http://is.gd/zJqd (H-War (May, 2009))
  • Ren: USF rare books and economic crisis: http://is.gd/zJ3E , http://is.gd/zJ3I , and my own comment at http://is.gd/zJ43 .8:46 AM May 14th from web
  • Ren: S.J. documents at http://bit.ly/fTNP1  (1615)
  • Ren: Pyrdum on Huffinton's timeline of media history: http://is.gd/zqDu / found thanks to http://is.gd/zqE1
  • Ren: Bibliographical Society of America : New Scholars Program : http://is.gd/zpKL #money
  • Ren: Veronesi "magna societas alemanorum ... Genua, 1400-1490" für Preis vorgeschlagen : http://is.gd/z6xh #HistoryOfEconomics10:55 AM May 12th from web
  • Ren: Conf.: The Renaissance and Early Modern Horse : http://is.gd/z6kz10:53 AM May 12th from web
  • Ren: Leipzig: new graduate school on religious nonconformism ("Religiöser Nonkonformismus und kulturelle Dynamik") : http://is.gd/z6vf
  • Rez./Review: Th. Frank zu/on A. Esch: "Economia, cultura materiale ed arte nella Roma del Rinascimento" (2007) : http://is.gd/yOJ9
  • TOC "Renaissance Studies" 23.3 (June 2009): http://is.gd/yNKi
  • Leiter poll:Most important philosophers of all times: http://is.gd/yNI5 : as of now Aristotle leads.11:56 AM May 11th from web
  • Results of Leiter's pre-modern poll: http://is.gd/yNz5 (Plato wins over Aristotle, and you don't have to write anything to come in as #3).
  • 600-Jahres-Jubiläumsfeier Uni-Leipzig (PM) : http://idw-online.de/pages/de/news314406
  • Gaydukova on Sanok on female saints' biographies (texts) (2007) : http://is.gd/yN29 (H-Women (May, 2009))10:41 AM May 11th from web
  • Cohen on Storey: "Carnal Commerce in Counter-Reformation Rome" (2008) : http://is.gd/yMVR (H-Italy, 05 '09: on prostitution (& pornography))10:34 AM May 11th from web
  • Review: Carlsmith on Liebreich on 17th cent. Piarists in Rome (2004) : http://is.gd/yMUo (H-Italy, 2009-05)10:28 AM May 11th from web
  • David Field on cell phone use in 1599 France : http://is.gd/yLSm
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for contact information etc. concerning hck (Heinrich C. Kuhn): see http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/php/Kuhn/
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Re: hck's twittering
Reply #4 - 15.05.2009 at 16:24:03
O.k.: you can find my tweets over at http://twitter.com/hckGGREN .
And you do not have to be on twitter to follow them, let alone to "follow" me on twitter; it is completely sufficient to point your reader for RSS feeds to http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/28076637.rss .
And if you want to get alerted only to those of the items there which are related in some way to renaissance topics: restrict/filter the content of that feed: rinascimental items all start with hckGGREN: Ren:, whereas the other items start with hckGGREN: nR:.
As I do not believe very much in duplicating information, and as I do believe in trying to keep focus and distinguishing, etc.: I will continue to post items of (potentially major) relevance to renaissance intellectual history here in Web4Ren Forum (W4RF), and other renaissance related items over at http://twitter.com/hckGGREN with the entry tag "Ren:", and items related to Harry Potter at Theoria magiae non est magia mere theoretica (ut probatur), and items of miscellaneous content at http://twitter.com/hckGGREN with the entry tag "nR:", and I'll try to avoid unwarranted duplication.
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for contact information etc. concerning hck (Heinrich C. Kuhn): see http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/php/Kuhn/
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Posts: 5646
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99 tweets
Reply #5 - 04.06.2009 at 10:32:02
Although on the one hand I do not believe in the duplication of information, on the other hand I am using W4RF as something like a storage area for links to and information about www information somehow linked to renaissance intellectual history and of potetial relevance to me, and W4RF is easier to reach than the archives of my RSS reader, and as long as there are that few postings to W4RF which are not by me I cannot gauge where the limits between what is of interest to me only and what is of interest to others too, and as this is just one posting amongst many, and in the off topic area of this forum anyway:
Here are 99 postings which I made via http://twitter.com/hckGGREN during the last few weeks, and which I kept in an intermediary archive of my RSS reader:

Ren: Burnett, Charles : Continuities and disruptions between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance arrived in BSB : http://tinyurl.com/o4wf5w  
Ren: (re-)Reading Montaigne I.20 for next Tuesday's seminar.  
Ren: Review: Reeves on Clemens &amp; Graham: Introduction to Manuscript Studies (2007) http://is.gd/A5LJ  (H-German (March, 2009))  
Ren:Review: Heal on Chapuis (ed.): Riemenschneider (2004!) http://is.gd/A5NC (H-German (March, 2009!))  
Ren: Whaley on Silver: "Marketing Maximilian: the Visual Ideology of a Holy Roman Emperor" (2008) http://is.gd/A5Pe (H-German (March, 2009))  
Ren: Review: Phillips on Condren: Chaucer from Prentice to Poet (2008) http://is.gd/A5Qy (H-Albion (March, 2009))  
Ren: Review: Kesselring on Wood: The 1549 Rebellions and the Making of Early Modern England (2007) http://is.gd/A5RN H-Albion (March, 2009)  
Ren: RT @britishlibrary podcast: David Starkey lecture on young Henry VIII, spin doctors, celebs, footballers 60min http://bit.ly/henry8pod  
Ren: Reading: Ratio studiorum S.J. 1591 (ed. Lukács, 1986)  
Ren: I learned today that the FICINO email distribution list ( http://is.gd/AVQi ) has 768 subscribers. Would've guessed more. #GreatList  
Ren: TOC of Reformation 13 (2008) available at http://is.gd/AVSl  
nR: Leiter blog: http://is.gd/AFOh : Am I right to suspect that some people try to get a monopoly on deciding who's a philosopher? #fail  
nR: De Bellis: Bibliometrics and Citation Analysis (2009): introduction/monograph : http://is.gd/AW9i  
Ren: CfPs: I seem to notice a tendency towards broad and rather unfocussed (disciplinary and termporarily) calls : http://is.gd/AWGf  
Ren: book: Merkel, Gerhard : Stipendienstiftungen und Stipendiaten (2008) : Heidelberg 1497-1621 : http://tinyurl.com/oesld4  
Ren: risa b: Days of wine and roses : fading out renascense editions : http://is.gd/AWL7 #revolutionforgetsitsparents  
Ren: Ars moriendi (Blockbuch, ca. 1465, BSB-Signatur Xylogr. 16 ) : http://is.gd/AYfb  
Ren: Friedrich von Weech: Pfälzische Regesten und Urkunden (publ. 1869/71, texts: ca. 1316-ca. 1570) : http://is.gd/AYii  
nR: RT @wynkenhimself is out of u's. will anyone notice if i turn my n's upside down? #:-)  
Ren: Clm 14118: i.a. Aegidius de regimine, (Ps-)Seneca de remediis, Nicolaus de Jauer de superstitionibus : http://is.gd/Bgyj  
Ren: Clm 14118: 19th cent. catalogue entry: http://is.gd/BgyT  
nR: BBC: "Student complaints rise sharply "..."fee-paying students wanting more value for money" : http://is.gd/BgNy  
nR: BBC cont: "a clear reluctance to give timely feedback to underperforming postgraduate students"."is something that could be avoided."  
Ren: Tschopp on Hildegard Elisabeth Keller's edition (+X) of Jakob Ruf : http://is.gd/Bhel (16th cent. Zürich medic and theater author)  
Ren: book: Singh, J. G.: A companion to the global Renaissance : English literature and culture in the era of expansion : http://is.gd/Bhli  
Ren: Górnicki, Łukasz (1527-1603): Pisma (1828): 1: http://is.gd/BhnF / 2: http://is.gd/BhnX / 3: http://is.gd/Bhod  
Ren: CfP: Bad Behaviour in Medieval and Early Modern Europe : http://is.gd/BhsI  
Ren: Grotius: Liber De Antiquitate Et Statu Reipublicae Batavicae (1633) : http://is.gd/BhN6  
nR: H-Net jobs: http://is.gd/BhQX : I can't remember to have evber seen an as meagre list there: ca. 5 jobs #academicjobmarket #crisis  
nR: Europäische Geschichte Online (EGO) : nächster Versuch zur Konstruktion einer historischen Eierlegenden Wollmilchsau?  
nR: Europäische Geschichte Online (EGO) : Links: http://is.gd/BhVE , http://is.gd/BhWd , http://is.gd/BhWr  
Ren: Mercurius Politicus on Cromwell as a 2009 paradigm (and sources) : http://is.gd/Bi6I  
nR: dochn event: Troj/JSRedir-I (inzw. disinfiziert) #Viren  
nR: Leiter on magicians for philosophers : http://is.gd/BlTV (in the old times there would have been no need for such an outsider) #:-)  
Ren: Unplugging Cremonini, re-networking Campanella #IT  
nR: RT @Wondergirl Philosophie-Weblogs: http://consc.net/weblogs.html #Philosophy2.0  
Ren: Stoeber on Hamburger &amp; Marti (edd.): Female  
Ren: Ninness on Heal on the Virgin Mary in protestant and catholic Germany 1500-1648 (2007) : http://is.gd/BB7C (H-German (May, 2009))  
Ren: Zwierlein on Nolde &amp; Opitz (edd.): Grenzüberschreitende
Ren: RT @britishlibrary podcast: Henry VIII's Psalter, with pics of Henry as King David and revealing margin notes http://tinyurl.com/ctf3wo  
Ren: book: Petrarca und die Herausbildung des modernen Subjekts : http://tinyurl.com/o2ukjp : #Ach! #Burckhardt  
Ren: Hartlieb, Johannes: Chiromantie, [Blockbuch], Augsburg, [ca. 1485/95?] : BSB-Signatur Xylogr. 35 : http://is.gd/BD1L  
Ren: Heidt: Fata Collegii Heidelbergensis Societatis Jesu 1622-1712 (1712) : http://is.gd/BD58 #SJ  
@sleuthwood research blog cohort(s) : any publication and/or blog posting to be expected on this subject?  
Ren: Reading Black's review (Reformation 13) on Grendler's 2007 "Renaissance eductation": don't read the book without reading this review!  
Ren: Griffiths on Ryrie: "The Sorcerer's Tale : Faith and Fraud in Tudor England" (2008) : http://is.gd/CiAx H-Albion 2009-03 #GregoryWisdom  
Ren: Plummer on Ruttgardt. Klosteraustritte in d. früh. Reformation: Flugschriften der Jahre 1522 - 1524 (2009) http://is.gd/CiEL #Nimbschen  
Ren: Amy Nelson Burnett on Bucer: Dt. Schriften 9/2 &amp; 12 (2007) : http://is.gd/CiSf : H-German 2009-04 #1540  
Ren: Fissel on Gunn, Grummitt, &amp; Cools: War, State, and Society in England and the Netherlands, 1477-1559 : http://is.gd/CiTK /H-HRE 2009-04  
Ren: PY 2006 too late for W4RF 2009: Kitzes on Gowland: ... Robert Burton in Context / http://is.gd/Cj2l / H-Albion 2009-04 // #Melancholy  
Ren: Welsh on Swanson on indulgences (2006) / http://is.gd/CjdS  / H-German 2009-04  
nR: SEP entry: Kristin Gjesdal on Novalis as a philosopher : http://is.gd/Cjh9  
Ren: Cgm 193 : Walther, Marx: Turnierbuch und Familienchronik, Augsburg 1506-1511 : http://is.gd/CjQW  
Ren: Cod. Pal. germ. 658 : Cyprian Leowitz: Astrologische Nativitätsstellung #Cpg658  
Ren: RT @sleuthwood Article: we don't "get" Shakespeare in original (a la Chaucer). http://tr.im/m5Y4 Rebuttal?  
Ren: PS to RT @RT @sleuthwood we don't "get" Shakespeare in original http://tr.im/m5Y4 etc.: Bach on the fortepiano: sometimes o.k.  
Ren: PPS to RT @sleuthwood we don't "get" Shakespeare: Bach rarley o.k., Scarlatti IMO never ever.  
Ren: PPPS to RT @sleuthwood : With Bach ans Shakespeare: let the audiences decide; with Scarlatti and Chaucer the harpsichordists.  
Ren: ("Ren" because of context)  // this is my 500th update: Yes, I am a harpsichord player! [:-)]  
Ren: Paul Kerrigan: "The Genre of the Monstrous" : http://is.gd/D7yh  
Ren: Review: Bendlage on Storey: "Carnal Commerce in Counter-Reformation Rome" (2008) / http://is.gd/D82w / H-Soz-u-Kult / 2009-05  
Ren: "Making Publics 1500-1700" : http://makingpublics.mcgill.ca/ sive http://is.gd/D98Y  
nR: Drunkards' Utopia: on Mel Johnson's Boozetown : http://is.gd/CJG9 (item found thanks to H-Utopia)  
nR: Raubspinne schlich sich eben an Computermaus an. Dann erschreckt geflohen (Spinne, nicht Maus).  
Ren: RT @wynkenhimself If gatherings of sheets are quires, what are gatherings of tweets? // #:-)  
nR: tihis week there is exactly 1 (one!) posting in the new h-net job guide. #AcademicJobMarket #crisis http://is.gd/ELy8 http://is.gd/ELzO  
nR: RT @sleuthwood a brief report on English research blog group on the TLISI blog. http://tr.im/mv07  
Ren: RT @bibliothekarin Burg Kreuzenstein: Kunstschatz gestohlen - so genannte Nürnberger Chronik von 1493 vermisst: http://is.gd/GwgO  
nR: Verordnung: LMU-Kanzler wird durch 1 Vizepräsidenten ersetzt: http://is.gd/GxRo  
Ren: Petition: Vertreibung begann 1933 : http://bit.ly/MTf8k
Ren: Book: Yona Pinson: "The fools' journey: a myth of obsession in Northern Renaissance art" (2008) : http://is.gd/GzDR  
nR: LMU: Streit mit Hochschulleitung über Studiengebührenverwendung: http://is.gd/GBPW  
Ren: Review: William Monter on Robin Briggs "The Witches of Lorraine" (2007) : http://is.gd/HYGS : H-HRE, 2009-05  
Ren: Lorraine Witchcraft Trials : A collection of documents and information made by Robin Briggs : http://is.gd/HYPp  
Ren: Amos Tubb on David Randall: "Credibility in Elizabethan and Early Stuart Military News" (2008) : http://is.gd/HZc3 : H-Albion 2009-04  
Ren: ms Alba Julia / Karlsburg, Bibl. Bátthyáneum, Cod. Var. 280 = SuUB Frankfurat a.M. Ms. germ. qu. 103 : http://is.gd/HZWE  
Ren: On the now Frankfurt a. M., Stadt- und Universitätsbibl., Ms. germ. qu. 103 see also http://is.gd/HZZr   /   &lt;- http://is.gd/HZWE  
Ren: article: Markus Friedrich: Government and Information-Management... Society of Jesus (1540-1773) : http://is.gd/I9NY (JEMH 12.2, 2008)  
Ren: Johann Hartliebs Übersetzung des Dialogus miraculorum von Caesarius von Heisterbach (ed. Karl Drescher 1929) : http://is.gd/I9VB  
nR: will I ever use HTML5? (It still lacks features for structural equivalents to marginal notes) http://is.gd/IPBj #:-(  
nR: almost Ren: RT @mmeckel media evolution goes backwards - twitter on paper: http://top.sampottsinc.com/  
Ren: Julie Tanaka on Konrad Eisenbichler, &amp; Nicholas Terpstra (edd.): Essays in Honour of Paul F. Grendler (2008) : http://is.gd/IQdl H-HRE  
Ren: Jeremy Webster on Sarah Toulalan: Imagining Sex: Pornography in 17th cent. England (2007) : http://is.gd/IQnT : H-Albion 2009-04  
Ren: Jennifer Spinks on Peter Burke &amp; Ronnie Po-chia Hsia (edd.): Cultural Translation in Early Modern Europe (2007) : http://is.gd/IQuc  
Ren: Ruth von Bernuth on Max Reinhart (ed.): Early Modern German Literature, 1350-1700 (2007) : http://is.gd/IQJe : H-German 2009-04  
Ren: (well, somewhat "Ren"): Correll on Russell: ... Aby Warburg &amp;  Public Purposes of Art in Hamburg, 1896-1918 (2007) : http://is.gd/IQQY  
nR: Book: Michael Thelwall: Introduction to Webometrics: Quantitative Web Research for the Social Sciences (2009) : http://is.gd/IRJz  
Ren: RT @davidwacks Honors thesis defense on (16th c. Spanish Muslim) tale of the birth of Jesús. On aljamiado lit: http://www.hurl.ws/2wzv  
Ren: RT @davidwacks Bernard Vincent in Seville on 400th anniversary of expulsion of Moriscos from Spain : http://is.gd/KJnt  
Ren: here's  the direct link: "Czech medieval sources online" (they include i.a. Hus :-) ) : http://is.gd/KJAf  
Ren: Book: Maartje van Gelder: Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice (2009) : http://is.gd/M2zL  
Ren: Book: I. Keul: Ethnic Diversity, Denominational Plurality, Corporative Politics in Transylvania (1526-1691)  : http://is.gd/M2F9  
Ren: RT @BlogusOperandi Le site de l'Institut d'histoire du livre http://bit.ly/OzdvH A découvrir  
Ren: Reading the Landshut exhibition catalogue. How about a (temporary?) ban on the words "humanist", "humanism", "humanistic"?  
nR:RT @charlesnodier Rdg: “Artificial Owl” (on abandoned man-made creations ) at http://www.artificialowl.net/  
nR: Bologna-Apokalyptik mit LMU-Schwerpunkt bei jetzt.de: http://is.gd/NaeG  
nR: u.a. zu Edith Stein Gesamtausgabe: http://is.gd/Ndhy  
nR: RT @katrinagulliver RT @historywoman Not safe for work: like Moses, but for Twitter - Carr lays down 10 Commandments http://bit.ly/6LN9F  
nR: Enthüllungen im Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza: "Venedig ist die internationale Sichtbarkeit" : http://is.gd/NQb4 #CTSV  

No, this is just a selection of my tweets at http://twitter.com/hckGGREN , and there were tweets tagged with "Ren:" for "Renaissnace" which don't show up here.
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for contact information etc. concerning hck (Heinrich C. Kuhn): see http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/php/Kuhn/
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Posts: 5646
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179 tweets 2009-06-04/-07-10
Reply #6 - 10.07.2009 at 14:00:09
Quote from hck on 04.06.2009 at 10:32:02:
Although on the one hand I do not believe in the duplication of information, on the other hand I am using W4RF as something like a storage area for links to and information about www information somehow linked to renaissance intellectual history and of potential relevance to me, and W4RF is easier to reach than the archives of my RSS reader, and as long as there are that few postings to W4RF which are not by me I cannot gauge where the limits between what is of interest to me only and what is of interest to others too, and as this is just one posting amongst many, and in the off topic area of this forum anyway:

Here are 179 postings (a selection from those I made on twitter) which I made via http://twitter.com/hckGGREN during the "period" 2009-06-04 through 2009-07-10, and which I kept in an intermediary archive of my RSS reader:

  • Ren: Matthias Lehmann on Matt Goldish: Jewish Questions: Responsa on Sephardic Life in the Early Modern Period (2008) : http://is.gd/O96w
  • Ren: Girolamo Ruscelli (trans. J.J. Wecker): De secretis, Basilea 1563 / VD16: R 3837 / BSB: M.med. 25 / http://is.gd/Oam1
  • nR: "Magic" on the "Trending Topics" list, but without any topics related to Renaissance magic within the first hits seen by me.
  • Ren: (Ps-)Michelangelo crucifix for EUR 3.2 Mio: Italian court of financial audits to investigate : http://is.gd/OYK0 #1495=1890?
  • nR: David Ripley: Contradictions at the borders : http://is.gd/P0h7 : Experimental Philosophy : http://is.gd/P0jw
  • Ren: book: Roger Teyssou: "Dictionnaire des médecins, chirurgiens et anatomistes de la Renaissance" (2009) / http://tinyurl.com/mytzwm
  • Ren: book: Yvonne Ivory: "The homosexual revival of Renaissance style, 1850-1930" (2009) / ISBN: 978-0-230-21997-7 / http://is.gd/P0Zs
  • nR: Munich talk: David Nirenberg  on iudaizare: "The Problem of Judaizing in Medieval Politics and Aesthetics" : http://is.gd/P1tM
  • nR: Kongres Stuttgart: "Geschichte schreiben nach der Postmoderne - oder Historiographie im internationalen Vergleich" http://is.gd/P4sw
  • Just started a Twibe. Visit http://twibes.com/RIH to join.
  • Ren: Mercurius Politicus on horse thefts in England: http://is.gd/SMee
  • Ren: (well: partially "Ren"): "Conv. Jornadas de Estudios Indígenas y Coloniales (Jujuy, Argentina)" : http://is.gd/Ufb2
  • nR: Use of chocolate to demonstrate that ethics scholars don't act ethically : http://is.gd/UhqY (found thanks to http://is.gd/Uhsr )
  • nR: Michael Pritchard: revised SEP entry: "Philosophy for Children" : http://is.gd/UitP
  • Ren: TOC Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft 4.1 (Summer 2009) available at http://is.gd/UlIU / H-HRE
  • Ren: SZ on Renaissance Italian women : http://is.gd/Uv4M / #Berlusconi #Biennale #Venezia
  • Ren:google squqred thinks Francis Bacon was born in in 1909 in Dublin, BTW)  (though they accept that he died in 1626). : http://is.gd/UBEn
  • Ren: Luther: "Dr. M. Luther's kleiner Katechismus" (ed. Magdeburg 1852) : http://is.gd/UN1Z
  • nR: asking Wolfram Alpha for the number of celestial speheres doesn't return 56 (or ca. 56), but sky chart for Augsburg : http://is.gd/UPAH
  • Ren: Regesta imperatoris Friderici III: e.g.: 24 hits for "universität" : http://is.gd/WJC2 / Thanks to @Archivalia_kg on facebook.
  • Ren: J. Palmitessa on Joachim Bahlcke (ed.) "Die Oberlausitz im frühneuzeitlichen Mitteleuropa" (2007) : http://is.gd/WMBM / #Upper_Lusatia
  • Ren: Review: R. Head on the 2nd (2006) edition of Thomas Maissen's book on Switzerland ("Die Geburt der Republic") : http://is.gd/WNfA / #CH
  • Ren: 2 items added to the Fundstücke list in the facebbook group "RES: Rinascimentalium Epistolarum studii" (Erasmus & Ep. obscuro4 viror4)
  • Ren: Frank Keim claims that Jupiter's moons were discovered already ca. 1505 : http://tinyurl.com/kw3w65 / #Giorgione #ISBN978-3-631-59175-8
  • Ren: Henric Bagerius: Mandom och mödom: Sexualitet, homosocialitet och aristokratisk identitet på det senmedeltida Island  http://is.gd/ZBqn
  • Ren: press release on Swedish PhD thesis on Iceland by Henric Bagerius: "Sexuality in the late Middle Ages" : http://is.gd/ZBmy
  • nR: RT @TheHistoryWoman RT @BBCHistoryMag History is for historians? http://bit.ly/uDS6L
  • Ren: Sheffield 2009-07-16: conference "Spiritual and Material Renaissances" : see http://is.gd/ZEqi
  • Ren: RT @EHPS The Theatre of Nature of Ulisse Aldrovandi http://tinyurl.com/lafboh // now also pointed to at W4RF: http://is.gd/ZGqN
  • Ren: RT @EHPS Parnassus Scientiarium http://tinyurl.com/lpssza // mainly (but not exclusively) post-rinascimental / orig.: http://is.gd/ZGxQ
  • Ren: RT @davidwacks New novel about expulsion of Moriscos from Spain (in Spanish) http://tinyurl.com/npz39k
  • Ren: RT @HistoryTODAY Wolfson History Prize 2008 winners ...: McGowan's Dance in the Renaissance http://tinyurl.com/l78eqm
  • Ren: (?) / Reading 2009-11-12: Neil MacGregor: "Collecting the Objects of History: past historic, future imperfect?" : http://is.gd/ZSwB
  • nR: Facebook-URL: http://www.facebook.com/hckuhn
  • Ren: RT @ Archivalia_kg Kritik an Google-Scans http://is.gd/12gwY / Camera: Annali delle Due Sicilie
  • Ren: CFP: Netzwerk Reformationsgeschichte - Halbjahrestreffen 2009-09 : http://is.gd/12jfu
  • Ren: Talk, London: John Morrill: "The British Revolution in the English Provinces, 1640-9" : http://is.gd/12jsa <- http://is.gd/12jsJ
  • nR: tool for rumours and/or revolution: twitter on #iranelection: http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23iranelection sive http://is.gd/12kZS
  • Ren: prob.ly known to most followers, but just in case: RT @EHPS CAMENA - Latin Texts of Early Modern Europe http://tinyurl.com/nlj23e
  • Ren: Diss. iur. 16th-18th cent. coll. prb.ly known &c., but &c: RT @EHPS Digitale Bibliothek - MPI f. Rechtsgesch. http://tinyurl.com/n3zpve
  • Ren: Who determines which historiographers decide how to write history?  #Iranelection #twitter #Machiavelli #Thukidides
  • Ren: if events like the the Pazzi conspiracy would have been twittered: would it have had any effect on historiography?  #Iranelection
  • Ren: RT @persiankiwi ADVICE - carry photos of imam khomeini. they cannot shoot at us with these. #Iranelection / De talismanibus
  • Ren: Monique Samuel-Scheyder on Peter Fabisch: Iulius exclusus e coelis (2008) http://is.gd/12vuI / #Erasmus #Gallicanismus #Iulius_II_papa
  • Ren: David Scott Gehring on Carrie Euler. Couriers of the Gospel: England and Zurich, 1531-1558 (2006!) http://is.gd/12zD1 H-German 2009-06
  • Ren: Marci Zuerii Boxhornii Theatrum Sive Hollandiæ Comitatus Et Urbium Nova Descriptio, Amstelodami 1632 : http://is.gd/12AaC / #Boxhorn
  • Ren: RT @HistoryTODAY This week's selection of latest books: ..., Cardinal Wolsey, Shah Abbas ...  http://tinyurl.com/lbslv2
  • Ren: job: Shakespeare scholar sought as deputy head of LMU's Shakespeare research library : http://is.gd/13ePa
  • Ren: RT @HistoryTODAY When Renaissance Europe mastered paper making, it presented Muslims with theological conundrums: http://is.gd/13i42
  • Ren: of potential interest: Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH) : http://www.dariah.eu/
  • Ren: Augsburg items owned by the Fugger family (et al.?) to be on display in Moscow: http://is.gd/13tz7
  • nR: (or "Ren"?): RT @davidwacks "Profs sh.d...devise ch.s on topics that matter to them, publish ...online" (Godin) http://www.hurl.ws/3a08
  • Ren: jobs: LMU-Stellen (33%): Leiter/innen Essaykurse Philosophie BA WiSe 2009/2010(sqq?) : http://is.gd/14g9B
  • nR: LMU hat jetzt eine "Ehrungsordnung": http://is.gd/14gij
  • Ren: @zeitonline Die Behauptung http://is.gd/14iSw Staatschulden zu Friedenszeiten = post-Keynes Phänomen problematisch: e.g. #Ottheinrich
  • Ren: New book (by David Fallows)  on Josquin Desprez : http://is.gd/14qm1
  • Ren: London 17th and 18th July: "Early modern Women and Poetry" : see http://is.gd/14si0
  • Ren: a review which I'm to stupid to understand: Toepfer on Keller "Frühe Neuzeit. Das rhetorische Zeitalter" (2008) : http://is.gd/158CC
  • Ren: Mecurius Politicus on 1640s newsbooks 'I like the idea of a seditious "care package" ' : http://is.gd/1596W
  • Ren: Justus Lipsius: Animadversiones In Tragoedias Qvae L. Annaeo Senecae tribuuntur (1588) http://is.gd/159FU
  • Ren: Schore, Antonius van: De ratione discendae docendaeque linguae latinae et graecae, Argentorati, 1571 [VD16 S 3945] http://is.gd/159CT
  • Ren: job: project on the Aviognese (Anti-)Pope Benedictus XIII (Pedro Martínez de Luna): http://is.gd/15cKc
  • Ren: RT @BSB_OEA Gutenberg-Bibel, Türkenkalender, Schedel'sche Weltchronik und mehr. Ausstellung ab 19.8.09: http://is.gd/15hBs
  • Ren: (well, potrentially "Ren"): RT @cndls Twitter now full-fledged widget within apparatus o academe acc. InsideHigherEd: http://tr.im/oUZW
  • Ren: Tractatus de virtutibus et vitiis sibi invicem impugnantibus, [Speyer], [ca. 1471] [BSB-Ink C-494 - GW M50763] http://is.gd/15kVu
  • Ren: RT @librarymistress Studie der Freud-Uni über krankhaftes Lesen: schockierende Ergebnisse http://tr.im/oY4d / #Ficino DeVita_I
  • Ren: Thomas Whitfield Baldwin's "William Shakespere's Small Latine & Less Greeke" (1944) is available at http://is.gd/163oW / #Bard #Latin
  • Ren: rather recently I started to follow: @history_geek , @tenshingoso , @BSB_OEA , @HistoryTODAY , @TheHistoryWoman , @cndls/ #FollowFriday
  • Ren: _Druckostenzuschuss_ für Quelle als Aspekt nur im letzten Abbsatz der Pressemitteilung der Bayerischen Regierung: http://is.gd/167C5
  • Ren: Book: Schwob, Ute Monika: Spuren der Femgerichtsbarkeit im spätmittelalterlichen Tirol (2009) on 1427 to 1488 : http://is.gd/168iy
  • Ren: Brucaeus: De motu primo, libri tres, Rostochii, 1573 [VD16 B 8438] : http://is.gd/168Jm / Astronomia , Bibliotheca Ducum Electorum
  • Ren: Permalink Short-URL for Schwob's book on Femegerichtsbarkeit is http://is.gd/169ZL / Thanks go to @Archivalia_kg !
  • Ren: book: new edition and translation (into French) by Sylvain Bluntz of (Ps-)Erasmus's "Iulius exclusus" : http://is.gd/16aJZ
  • Ren: Was there anything like the events re #Iranelection in the Renaissance: Revolutions/uprisings w public announcements o future actions?
  • Ren: classical use of medical terminology: RT @persiankiwi situation is now CRITICAL -nation heartbroken -suppression iminent  #Iranelection
  • Ren: RT @Wondergirl Dozent (1/2Tocotronic, 1/2 Augsbgr Puppenk.) findet um mir ggüber Recht zu behalten Auslöschung d Azteken moralisch okay
  • Ren: For me it is not possible ro read Andreae's "Christianopolis" (etc.) the way I read it before #IranElection .
  • Ren: #IranElection is an example of a revolution/uprising in an "Ideal commonwealth". Contradictio in adiecto?
  • Ren: #IranElection poses the question: how much support does an Utopian commonwealth need to survive? AFAIK a question not asked in our txts
  • Ren: CFP: Sarasota: history, literature, art, and religion from the fourth to the seventeenth centuries : http://is.gd/191Mc
  • Ren: book: Fletcher, Stella: "Cardinal Wolsey : a life in Renaissance Europe" (2009) http://is.gd/192Us
  • Ren: can't open the digitised version of Cesare Ripa's "Iconologia" (1613) at http://is.gd/193gA viz. the PDF linked to from there.
  • Ren: Student told me today: Balduinus is not fascinating but important. My opnion is reciprocal to to this. #surprises
  • Ren: RT @davidwacks Entrevista a Rodrigo de Zayas, autor de Los moriscos y el racismo de Estado http://is.gd/19U8h
  • Ren: Nominations sought for TEI board and council: http://is.gd/1a01p / Text Encoding Initiative #DigitalHumanities
  • Ren: review: Achim Landwehr on Elizabeth Horodowich's Language and Statecraft in Early Modern Venice (2008) : http://is.gd/1a2r3 #Bestemmia
  • nR: Tool to analse followers population etc.: http://twitteranalyzer.com/
  • Ren: London 2009-06-24: Peter Burke: The Rhetoric of Autobiography in 17th-Century Europe : http://is.gd/1a3Uo
  • Ren: CfP: York: Society for Renaissance Studies National Conference 2010 : http://is.gd/1a3M7
  • Ren: CfP (for books): Religion and History (Davies Group Publishing) : http://is.gd/1a3HN
  • Ren: RT @digitalhumanist 2 approaches: tf-idf http://bit.ly/3xe9Cd, & latent semantic indexing http://bit.ly/14SWVt #dh09
  • Ren: Project & jobs @ Cambridge Univ.: "Generation to Reproduction"  : "reassessing the history of reproduction" : http://is.gd/1ahSp
  • Ren: Craig Hendricks on Brian S. Bauer: Ancient Cuzco: Heartland of the Inca (2004!) : http://is.gd/1bzU7 (H-Urban (June 2009!!!))
  • Ren: I just joined the renaissance Twitter Group http://tgr.me/g/renaissance so stop by and see us. #renaissance
  • Ren: Nicolaus Leonicus Thomaeus: De morbo gallico (1535) : http://is.gd/1bDm5 / Materia medica
  • Ren:  Parti prese nell’eccellentissimo conseglio di pregadi : in materia di pompe (1562) : http://is.gd/1bDfY / #Venezia
  • Ren: Graminaeus: Exhortatio de exequenda calendarii correctione (1583) : http://is.gd/1bDcF
  • Ren: Early Modern Intelligencer on Peter Burke today talk on "The Rhetoric of Autobiography in 17th-Century Europe" : http://is.gd/1bDTs
  • Ren: book: Arcangeli, Letizia : Donne di potere nel Rinascimento (2008) : http://is.gd/1bSW3
  • Ren: Jamel Ostwald on Dennis Showalter & William J. Astore: Soldiers' Lives through History: Early Modern World (2007) : http://is.gd/1bWdD
  • Ren: I'm using "nR" for "non-Renaissance" and "Ren" for Renaissance to permit filtering for people acccessing my tweets via the RSS feed.
  • Ren: conference: "Memoria macht den Herrscher / Rule by Memory" : http://is.gd/1cQsD (Wolfenbüttel HAB 2009-09-15/16)
  • Ren: book: Sylvio De Franceschi: "Raison d'État et raison d'Église
  • Ren: book: Ana Luengo: "Aranjuez, utopía y realidad : la construcción de un paisaje" (2008) ca.1400-2000 : http://is.gd/1cRmw
  • Ren: Almut Breitenbach: review on books by Leuzinger & Mersch on Cistercian monasteries Fraubrunnen, Vallis Dei http://is.gd/1cUNi #OCistFem
  • Ren: J. Durrant on Michael Ströhmer: "Von Hexen, Ratsherren und Juristen: ... Lemgo 1583-1621" (2003!) http://is.gd/1d460 H-German 2009!!-06
  • Ren: RT @history_geek So I'm not the only person on this planet who loves 17th century ice-skating owls. http://bit.ly/1aLYr5
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman "What is t city bt its people?" London tube drivers 2 rd Shakespeare-mind t knowledge gap http://tinyurl.com/lydy3v
  • Ren: Cons. X:        Parte presa in materia di quelli che commetteno homicidii  (1563) : http://is.gd/1ediz / #Venezia
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Christian Kummer on Pierre de Lancres' 1612 text (2009)  http://tinyurl.com/l9nxt4
  • Ren: Bamberg conference on book bindings (=AEB 14) : http://is.gd/1hMAR
  • Ren: (at least partially "Ren"): RT @EHPSD ans Easy - Historical Datasets http://tinyurl.com/l5h8r8
  • Ren: book(conference acts) on Epigraphy (2009) : http://is.gd/1hR09 , TOC at http://is.gd/1hR1K  // my 1000th update on twitter
  • Ren: spreading faulty information in a revolutionary situation is nothing confinde to #iranelection see http://is.gd/1hRT6 on England 1381
  • Ren: info on June 2009 Roehampton Renaissance horses conference: http://is.gd/1hS2n and http://is.gd/1hS65
  • Ren: CfP: 2009-11-14 Oxford conf.: Taking sides: the printed broadside from 1450 to 1830 : http://is.gd/1iZoZ
  • Ren: Marie Couton: Pouvoirs de l'image ... : 2009 : http://is.gd/1iZkB
  • Ren: book: Marie Couton: Pouvoirs de l'image aux XVe-XVIIe siècles: pour un nouvel éclairage sur la pratique des Lettres à la Renaissance
  • Ren: (?): RT @macinearla Religious history surpasses cultural history at AHA http://tiny.cc/QkdSJ
  • Ren: just added twitterfeed for W4RF: let's see how it works - and if you like it or want me to delete it again.
  • Ren: Yanick Maes, Jan Papy & Wim Verbaal (edd.): Latinitas Perennis. Vol. 2: Appropriation and Latin Literature (2009) : http://is.gd/1jLY8
  • Ren: Ingram: Conversos and Moriscos in Late Medieval Spain and Beyond, Volume 1 Volume One: Departures and Change (2009) http://is.gd/1jLSf
  • Ren: Vasco da Gama (ed. & trans. Glenn J. Ames, 2009) (Em nome de Deus: Jrnl o th 1st Voyage of VdG to India 1497-1499 ): http://is.gd/1jLIl
  • Ren: Len Scales on Bernhard Diestelkamp (ed.): Das Reichskammergericht: ... (1451-1527) (2004!) (H-German, 2009!-06) : http://is.gd/1jMiq
  • Ren: Joachim Whaley on Sabine Ullmann "Die Kommissionen des Reichshofrats... (1564-1576)" (2006) (H-German 2009-06) : http://is.gd/1jMtz
  • Ren: Just ordered vollumes 1-3 of C.J. Sanson's Shardlake series (as I've almost finished vol 4) : http://is.gd/1jSdF
  • Ren: Did Melanchthon's 1536 oration on philosophy really run for only 20 minutes, or was there time or interruptions, questions, discussion?
  • nR: Bamberg: Faculty of catholic theology joins Faculty of arts : http://is.gd/1jZDD / classical Padua model of university organisation
  • Ren:  Aitzing, Michael von: Historica Relationis 9tinuatio : D.i. Ein Histor. Beschreibung d vornembsten Händeln (1595) http://is.gd/1k4Ov
  • Ren: RT @EHPS De correspondentie van Willem van Oranje, 1549-1584 http://tinyurl.com/l5mwcz
  • Ren: RT @bckaemper @hckGGREN Warum 1651? Weil da erst jmd (Riccioli) auf d Idee kam, Krater n Wiss. u Philos. z benennen http://is.gd/1kaG4
  • Ren: RT @EHPS Letters of Philip II, King of Spain, 1592-1597 http://tinyurl.com/nfpgwv
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman Did Leonardo da Vinci fake the Turin Shroud? http://tinyurl.com/kv7kq6 // #:-)
  • Ren: @Archivalia_kg points me to http://is.gd/1ledp (items concerning the history of Rostock university). Thanks!
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman RT @_international Read about Hartlib - the ancient Mr. Google: http://bit.ly/14s25N #openaccess
  • Ren: A. Denzler on F. Brendle & A. Schindling (edd.): Religionskriege im Alten Reich und in Alteuropa (2006!) http://is.gd/1lv1T (2009!-06)
  • Ren: book: Just, Jiří: 9.7.1609 - Rudolfův Majestát : světla a stíny náboženské svobody (2009) http://is.gd/1lvkI
  • Ren: B. Ann Tlusty on Pamela Kalning: "Kriegslehren in deutschsprachigen Texten um 1400" (2006!) : http://is.gd/1mazN (H-German 2009!-07)
  • Ren: Erasmus: De recta Latini Graecique sermonis pronuntiatione (1528) : http://is.gd/1meyF 7m 9ti3: R. Agricolae oratio in laudem Richili
  • Ren: Ioannes Ravisius Textor: Officina (1532) : http://is.gd/1mks5 (Tixier, Jean: Officina partim historiis, partim poeticis ...disciplinis)
  • Ren: Jena: 15th cent. giant ms broadside (some historia mundi) presented to the public: http://is.gd/1mmww
  • Ren: RT @Wondergirl Diese Woche ist Calvins 500. Geburtstag, ein geeigneter Anlass für protestantischen Arbeitseifer statt Prokrastination
  • Ren:      Roma nel Rinascimento: (i.a. biographic) databases: http://is.gd/1oAvb
  • Ren: RT @intute Roma nel Rinascimento:  ["Rome during the Renaissance"], http://tinyurl.com/p4o3w6 / website: http://is.gd/1oAsx
  • Ren: RT @history_geek Skull Cathedral, Otranto Italy.  http://tinyurl.com/nqvn8f
  • Ren: RT @charlesnodier Rdg: “Completed libraries” (libraries of famous people from the past) at #LibraryThing http://bit.ly/CTLtT
  • Ren: Ch. Smith on Th. Kaufmann: "Türckenbüchlein": Zur christl. Wahrnehmung "türkischer Religion" in SpätMA & Ref. (2008) http://is.gd/1oRf7
  • Ren: Kersten Horn on Adam S. Francisco: Martin Luther and Islam: A Study in Sixteenth-Century Polemics and Apologetics http://is.gd/1oRZz
  • Ren: an other map of #Padua: Padoa, Venetiis 1599 : http://is.gd/1oWKI / #Padova
  • Ren: Valegio, Francesco: Padoa, S.l. [vermutl. Venedig], s.a. [ca. 1595] http://is.gd/1oWHc / #Padua #Padova
  • Ren: Die eidgenössischen Abschiede aus dem Zeitraume von 1556 bis 1586 / bearb. von Karl Kruetli (1861) : http://is.gd/1oWs0
  • Ren: conf.: London 2009-09-19: The Early Modern English Town : http://is.gd/1oWh1
  • Ren: And an other map of Venice: Vinegia, Vinegia 1528 : http://is.gd/1oWRF / #Venezia
  • Ren: and a map of Venice: Venetia, S.l.  s.a. [ca. 1595] : http://is.gd/1oWP6 / #Venezia
  • Ren: RT @macinearla Patron Saint of Lawyers, Sir Thomas More (martyr or stubborn fandamentalist?) was beheaded 7 July 1535 via @mhsteger
  • Ren: (and non-Ren): CfP: The Author-Translator in the European Literary Tradition (Swansea 2010) : http://is.gd/1pHB7
  • Ren: Wonders & Marvels tries to start a discussion on "Was There a Scientific Revolution?" : http://is.gd/1pJC0
  • Ren: G.F. Pico: Hymni heroici tres (Argentorati 1511) : http://is.gd/1pJTX
  • Ren: Ioannes de Hese: Itinerarius per div. partes mundi & Ioannes Presbyter: de ritu et moribus Indorum (Köln ca. 1500) : http://is.gd/1pKaG
  • Ren: RT @jorgeledo Why the Vatican's Latest Attempt to Absolve Galileo Is Bound 2 Fail http://is.gd/1pN2T //Thx 2 you I put this also o W4RF
  • nR: J. Ardanuy, C. Urbano & Ll. Quintana: Evolution of research on Catalan lit. thru prod. of PhD theses  http://is.gd/1pRG4 #Bibliometria
  • Ren: RT @unmodern The Canterbury Tales in a tweet: Riding southeast with some peeps. Tales: sad, funny, ironic? Are we there yet?
  • Ren: RT @unmodern I bet these 140-char. books resemble 1st drafts of the originals. I can just c Chaucer erasing "some peeps" & elaborating.
  • Ren: conf. George Washington University 2009-09-17: Messianic Time and the Untimely : http://is.gd/1q19m
  • Ren: book: Rolf Schulte: Man as Witch. Male Witches in Central Europe (2009) : http://is.gd/1qQ1G
  • Ren: Nate Probasco on Linda Porter: 'The First Queen of England: The Myth of "Bloody Mary"' (2008) http://is.gd/1qRcm H-Albion (July, 2009)
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg 23 Zimelien der Atheneumsbibl in Deventer online http://is.gd/1qYnz --> http://is.gd/1qYon
  • Ren: TOC: Archive for Reformation History 100(2009) : http://is.gd/1r7Dp (H-HRE)
  • Ren: CFP: Liverpool 2010-04: Women Readers/Educational Texts 1500-1800 : http://is.gd/1r9Lk
  • Ren: Teofilo F. Ruiz on James Casey: Family and Community in Early Modern Spain: ... Granada, 1570-1739 (2007) http://is.gd/1r9zE
  • Ren: Lorenzo Valla: De falso credita & ementita Constantini ... donatione (1620) : http://is.gd/1rae9
  • Ren: RT @mercpol Sometimes Wikipedia just awes me - feature article today is http://bit.ly/aB1oG
  • Ren: book: M. Pelletier: De Ptolémée à La Guillotière: (XVe - XVIe siècles) des cartes pour la France, pourquoi, comment? http://is.gd/1rZbc
  • Ren: De causa Coloniensi. Brevis Et Perspicva Commentatio Recens Edita. [S.l.]: 1588 : http://is.gd/1rZIb
  • Ren: according to backtweets.com I'm the only twitterer linking to items on my institute's server: http://is.gd/1s5w4 / #circularity #fail ?
  • Ren: Martin Kohlrausch on Bernhard Jussen. Die Macht des Königs: Herrschaft i Eur. v FrühMA b i d Neuzeit (2005!) http://is.gd/1thMw
  • Ren: book: Fichtner, Paula Sutter: Terror and toleration: the Habsburg Empire confronts Islam 1526 - 1850 (2008) http://is.gd/1tkOX
  • nR: Traité des trois imposteurs : http://is.gd/1tmta / De tribus impostoribus
  • Ren: not posted to W4RF due to poor scan quality: Capivaccius: De differentiis doctrinarum (1562) : http://is.gd/1toF2 / #gallicafail

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I'm twittering about some items, events, etc. of less than secondary importance (although sometimes connected to Renaissance intellectual history) at http://twitter.com/hckGGREN .

The above was written back in (rather early) May. By now I do no longer strive to restrict the subjects of my tweets to items of "less than secondary importance". And I have written on what I tweet and what I post here,  and some other aspects of my twittering at http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/php/Kuhn/hcktw.htm . (abstract: the renaissance intellectual history stuff goes to W4RF, fringe and off fringe items go to twitter  Smiley )
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for contact information etc. concerning hck (Heinrich C. Kuhn): see http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/php/Kuhn/
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Once again: a selection of some rather recent tweets by me (-> http://twitter.com/hckGGREN):

  • Ren:  Luthers kl Katechismus: n d Bedürfn uns. Zeit z Gebr bey d öffentl & Privatunterr. bearb v J G Göntgen (1791) : http://is.gd/1tykk
  • nR: Druckkostenzuschuss für Q-Katalog fließt: http://is.gd/1tzQG / Wieviele Monographien, Kongressaktenbände, etc. sind das umgerechnet?
  • Ren: conf. Munich 2009-07-16/18: Humankinds: The Renaissance and Its Anthropologies : http://is.gd/1tC15
  • Ren: RT @intute Istituto ellenico di studi bizantini e postbizantini di Venezia: http://tinyurl.com/lqr89m
  • Ren: RT @legalhistory A plea for proper cites to archival records http://bit.ly/66cpl // IMO: valid for any other type of cites too. (hck)
  • Ren: acts of a 2001 conference: Pittion, Jean-Paul (ed.): Droit et justice dans l'Europe de la Renaissance (2009) http://is.gd/1wZW3
  • Ren: Oxford: Gascoigne Seminar 2009: http://is.gd/1x0vE
  • Ren: RT @bckaemper Hilarious! Did the Vatican suppress hidden 'Galileo Cryptogram'? (read last part) http://is.gd/1x31E #Galilei #Neptun Wink
  • nR: ritorno della medicina umorale? : "Un orgasmo al giorno toglie il medico di torno" : http://is.gd/1x3TI
  • Ren: Iacobus Pontanus: Progymnasmatum Latinitatis, Sive Dialogorum Volumen I: De Rebus Literariis (1589) : http://is.gd/1x5wU
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg De lamiis http://bit.ly/TVOMP (Molitoris ca. 1498, GW M25159)
  • Ren: gallica: corpus : Cinquième centenaire de la naissance de Jean Calvin (1509-1564) : http://is.gd/1yeY1
  • Ren: Helmut Engelhart on Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (ed.): Die Ottheinrich-Bibel (exhib. catal., 2008) : http://is.gd/1yedl
  • Ren: posted new item in Fundstücke2 in the facebook group "RES: Rinascimentalium Epistolarum studii" http://is.gd/1yfrG
  • nR: RT @macinearla Schama's Revolution http://bit.ly/yvZts
  • Ren: Megiser: Warhafftige so wol Historische alß Chorographische Beschreibung der weitberhümbten Insul Madagascar (1609) http://is.gd/1yxCo
  • Ren: John <Mandeville>: Itinerarius, [Köln], [ca. 1485] [BSB-Ink M-104 - GW M20401]  : http://is.gd/1yAgl / Mandeville's Travels
  • Ren: RT @v_i_o_l_a  Rauch (2007): "Originalschriftliche Katalogisierung von Arabica. Chancen http://snipurl.com/n9hyu / p13s Rinascimentalia
  • Ren: book: Jonathan A. Reid: King's Sister - Queen of Dissent: Marguerite of Navarre &  her Evangelical Network (2009) http://is.gd/1zpXp
  • Ren: in said book ( http://is.gd/1zpHh ) : Luis M. Girón-Negrón:  ‘If There Were God’: The Problem of Unbelief in the Vision deleytable
  • Ren: book: K. Ingram (ed): Conversos and Moriscos in Late Medieval Spain and Beyond, Vol. 1: Departures and Change (2009) http://is.gd/1zpHh
  • Ren: book: Louis Schwartz: Milton and Maternal Mortality : http://is.gd/1zs2K
  • nR: Lützelschwab on Schabel (ed.): Theological Quodlibeta in the Middle Ages: The 14th Century (2007) http://is.gd/1zyhB / 1330 end of QQ
  • Ren: E. Tingle: Purgatory & Counter-Reformation: Perpetual Chantries  1480–1720 : in: Jrnl.Eccles.Hist 60.3 http://is.gd/1zCo2 #Nantes
  • Ren: Mixson  on Escher & Kühne (edd.): Die Wilsnackfahrt (2006!) http://is.gd/1zKSX / #pilgrimage 1383-1552 / conf. Wilsnack 2005-06
  • Ren: RT @HistoryTODAY RT @alicenorthover: tendency among historians to slide into historical fiction http://ow.ly/hicq / Lisa Jardine
  • Ren: Menzel on Kaufhold: Die Rhythmen politischer Reform ... 1198-1400 : http://is.gd/1AIrj
  • Ren: RT @ParrotKnight http://bit.ly/BMCUj  C-Factor of 47% live my life in a lighter way than Calvinists / hck:36% Catholicism suits better
  • Ren: book: Lowry, Heath W.: The Islamization & Turkification of the city of Trabzon (Trebizond), 1461-1583 (2009) : http://is.gd/1B1Nj
  • Ren: Hieronymus Megiser: Chronologia Veneta Venedigische Chronick ... seit .. erbawung biß auff gegenwertiges 1610. Jahr http://is.gd/1B2zf
  • Ren: J. Carolus: Evidens Designatio Receptissimarum Consuetudinum ornamenta quaedam & insignia continens (1608) http://is.gd/1B2ol
  • Ren: book: Coornhert (ed. &trans. Volkertszoon): Synod on the freedom of conscience ...  gathering held in the year 1582  http://is.gd/1B20a
  • Ren: Baptista Mantuanus (comm. Sebastian Murrho, 1502, VD16 S 7216): De calamitatibus temporum http://is.gd/1B2K2
  • Ren: (--> Petrarca: De remediis)  (ps-)Seneca: De remediis fortuitorum, Leipzig, 1500 [BSB-Ink S-257 - GW M41406] : http://is.gd/1B9bK
  • Ren: Sabine Arend on Friederike Neumann: Öffentliche Sünder in der Kirche des späten Mittelalters (2008) http://is.gd/1BTTN (c1420-1580s)
  • Ren: German PM on a Bibl. Hertziana project on works of art as diplomatic gifts in the contect of Ph. II of Spain: http://is.gd/1BUA7
  • nR: CfP: Desire in Dante and the Middle Ages (Oxford 2010) : http://is.gd/1BWW4
  • Ren: Poggio: de morte Hieronymi Prag. (1483): 9tains Boccaccio: De amore Guiscardi & Sigismundae (lat) http://is.gd/1BYye http://is.gd/1BYz1
  • Ren: Why & whence the sudden surge of interest in Augustinus Niphus's Facebook page ( http://is.gd/1C0a9 : 20 hits early this week)?
  • Ren: Peter Schmidt on André Schnyder & Ursula Rautenberg (edd.): Thüring von Ringoltingen. Melusine (2006) : http://is.gd/1C0W2 Great Review
  • Ren: Ebrardus, Ulricus: Modus latinitatis; De orthographia, Regulae de arte dicendi und de accentu (1489) : http://is.gd/1Cciq #Rhetorica
  • nR: RT @legalhistory Mary L. Dudziak "A festschrift can be like a witness protection program for scholarship" http://bit.ly/a8r9d sol.:  OA
  • Ren: Resources for studies concerning Renaissance Latin in Denmark available at http://middelalderogrenaessance.dk/ viz. http://is.gd/1EXIk
  • Ren: @kattebel pointed me to Musée national de la Renaissance - Château d'Ecouen : http://is.gd/1EY4H , cf. http://ow.ly/15I8ck // Thanks!
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Hofbibliothek Amorbach verscherbelt http://is.gd/1EZ8a  // #Leiningen
  • Ren: @MercPol on Information and Politics in the 1640s : http://is.gd/1F259
  • Ren: CfP: Music, Literature, Illustration: Collaboration and networks in English manuscript culture, c1500 – c1700 http://is.gd/1F2v5
  • Ren: new blog: Early Modern Underground : http://is.gd/1F2NH / Found thanks to a comment to http://is.gd/1F2Ot
  • Ren: Database on English military 1369-1453: http://medievalsoldier.org/ viz. http://is.gd/1G492 / Found thx 2 an fb-note by @Archivalia_kg
  • Ren: Philosophers complaining about the loss of a monopoly they never had - and Philip Sidney's response: http://is.gd/1GaWf   #Philosophia
  • nR: lack of social mobility in the academic field(s) seems to be not only a German, but also an UK problem: see http://is.gd/1GbDg #Academia
  • Ren: Christina Braune on Edgar Bierende, Sven Bretfeld & Klaus Oschema (edd.): Riten, Gesten, Zeremonien (2008) : http://is.gd/1GcgK
  • Ren: book: Carey, Daniel: Continental travel and journeys beyond Europe in the early modern period (2009) http://is.gd/1Gd2x
  • Ren: blogpost and comment on  dating the "Vinland map" : http://is.gd/1GhgU
  • Ren: more on the "Vinland map": http://is.gd/1Ghph & http://is.gd/1Ghqw & http://is.gd/1Ghry
  • nR: (almost Ren?): RT @FranziskaHeine UK übernimmt Turks & Caicos Inseln wegen Korruption???? http://bit.ly/2drPF und http://bit.ly/uHFS8
  • Ren: Hufschmidt on Dierkes: Streitbar und ehrenfest. Zur Konfliktführung im münsterländischen Adel  d 16. u 17. Jhd.s : http://is.gd/1Hvdv  
  • Ren: Schuh on Sheffler: Schools and Schooling in Late Medieval Germany Regensburg, 1250-1500 (2008) : http://is.gd/1HuUC
  • Ren: Petrarca/Boccaccio: Historia Griseldis (ca. 1469 / BSB-Ink P-267 / GW M31565 / BSB-Signatur 4 Inc.s.a. 1432) : http://is.gd/1HxjS
  • Ren: CfP: Society for Renaissance Studies National Conference, York, 16-18th July 2010 : http://is.gd/1HwW9
  • Ren: Boaistuau: Le théâtre du monde ... : 1593 edition: http://is.gd/1Hyxn
  • Ren: Boaistuau: Le théâtre du monde : où il est faict un ample discours des misères (1580) : http://is.gd/1Hytt
  • Ren: Boaistuau: Le théâtre du monde : où il est faict un ample discours des misères (1596) : http://is.gd/1Hyn1
  • Ren: Hanenberg on Roodenburg (ed.): Forging European Identities, 1400-1700 (2007) : http://is.gd/1HCdz (also on Molho & al., edd., 2007)
  • nR: Roy on Sahai: Politics of Patronage and Protest: State, Society, and Artisans in EM Rajasthan (2006!) http://is.gd/1HC4e #18th_cent
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for contact information etc. concerning hck (Heinrich C. Kuhn): see http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/php/Kuhn/
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153 tweets, 2009-07-23 to 2009-08-26
Reply #9 - 26.08.2009 at 14:22:29
Here, once again, are selected tweets from http://twitter.com/hckGGREN :

  • Ren: bk: Head & Benthien (edd.): Orthodoxies & heterodoxies in EM German culture: order & creativity 1500 - 1750 (2007) : http://is.gd/1IApa
  • Ren: bk: Zonta,M: "Hebrew scholasticism in the fifteenth century : a history and source book" : http://is.gd/1IAeI TOC at http://is.gd/1IAc8
  • Ren: book: Saleh, Walid A. (e.d.) : Biqāī, Ibrāhīm ibn Umar: In defense of the Bible (2008) : http://is.gd/1IA0z
  • nR: nR: MEARCSTAPA Kalamazoo 2010 CfP: http://is.gd/1IDIM
  • nR: MEARCSTAPA blog: http://is.gd/1IDF6
  • nR: MEARCSTAPA (Monsters: The Experimental Association for the Research of Cryptozoology through Scholarly Theory and Practical Application)
  • Ren: Sarah Werner (= @wynkenhimself ): "looking at Boethius" : http://is.gd/1K5TL / Great example of commentary layout (print & ms)!
  • Ren: Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini/Piccolomineus: Historia de duobus amantibus Euryalo & Lucretia (1489/95, GW M33494) http://is.gd/1K87i #ESP
  • Ren: Theatrum Diabolorum .. Beschreibung/| Allerley grewlicher/ schrecklicher vnd abschewlicher Laster (1575) http://is.gd/1K8zY Melancholia
  • Ren: Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini/Piccolomineus: Historia de duobus amantibus Euryalo & Lucretia (1481, GW M33484) http://is.gd/1KgBt #ESP
  • Ren: google sent me an alert: google has found Augustinus Niphus on facebook ( http://is.gd/1OwvQ ). // About time #Smiley
  • Ren: gallica has a 1481 print of a commentary by Petrus Niger on Aristotle's logic at http://is.gd/1Oy4F - unfit for human readers, alas!
  • Ren: Conf. Paris: "Manuscript and Printed Books of Hours : Rupture and Continuity" (1485 - 1575) : http://is.gd/1OCdW
  • Ren: University of Minnesota : Center for Early Modern History (CEMH) is at http://is.gd/1OCVB / Found thanks to http://is.gd/1OCWm
  • Ren: Enea Silvio Piccolomini:  Historia de duobus amantibus Euryalo et Lucretia (ca. 1570, GW M33491): http://is.gd/1ODjG / #ESP
  • Ren: conf. Wilmington 2009-11-20: New Sweden and Native America : http://is.gd/1OD87
  • nR: RT @v_i_o_l_a interessante twitter-nutzung: http://bit.ly/pFtHr
  • Ren: RT @jorgeledo From blog "A Commonplace Book": The Passo Honroso 1434 http://is.gd/1OO4E
  • Ren: CfP: Material Cultures 3: Technology, Textuality, and Transmission : http://is.gd/1Q5PN / Sorry re duplication with W4RF:aspects change
  • Ren: bk: Jankrift: Henker, Huren, Handelsherren (2008) : http://is.gd/1Q5ig / #Augsburg 1350-1518  / TOC at http://is.gd/1Q5jH / popular hst
  • Ren: 2 postDoc felowships: Protestants, print and Gaelic culture in Ireland, 1567-1722 : http://is.gd/1Q6Ee
  • Ren: call for students: Hull: MA in Early Modern History : http://is.gd/1Q7Ve
  • Ren: RT @halbion : EM Architectural Taste : Hunneyball on Howard: The Building of Elizabethan and Jacobean England http://tinyurl.com/lqyesb
  • nR: no age discrimination on the witchcraft job market: http://is.gd/1SgSx // Found thanks to http://is.gd/1SgUh
  • Ren: Friedrich Spee: Cautio Criminalis, Seu De Processibus Contra Sagas Liber (1631) is at http://is.gd/1SgHe Found thx 2 http://is.gd/1SgIr
  • Ren: Allyson Creasman on Mark Häberlein: "Die Fugger: Geschichte einer Augsburger Familie (1367-1650)" (2006)  : http://is.gd/1SiaT
  • Ren: David Green on James Bothwell: "Falling from Grace: Reversal of Fortune and the English Nobility, 1075-1455" (2008) http://is.gd/1ShZs
  • Ren: British Printed Images to 1700 : http://is.gd/1SpBX / Found thanks to http://is.gd/1SpD0
  • Ren: bk: Haberland (ed.): Buch- und Wissenstransfer in Ostmittel- und Südosteuropa in der Frühen Neuzeit (2007) http://is.gd/1SptK
  • Ren: Martin Luther: Luther: Ein unterricht der beychtkiuder<!>: ubir die vorpotten bucher, (1521) <VD16 L 6862> : http://is.gd/1Sqe7
  • nR: the apex of elite education: ἰχνεύειν καὶ τοξεύειν καὶ ἀληθίζεσθαι ( http://is.gd/1SreP ) : are there renaissance discussions of this?
  • Ren: Nicolas Rügge on Barbara Groß: "Hexerei in Minden ...  (1584-1684)" (2009) : http://is.gd/1Ss4s
  • Ren: Christopher Thompson on a review by Peter Marshall of new literature on Mary Tudor (aka Bloddy Mary) : http://is.gd/1SAbV
  • Ren: Christopher Thompson on a review by Peter Marshall of new literature on Mary Tudor (aka Bloody Mary) : http://is.gd/1SAbV
  • Ren: Jeffrey Jaynes on Margret Schuchard (ed.): "Bernhard Varenius (1622-1650)" (2007) : http://is.gd/1SH1E / #Geographia
  • Ren: Dwight E.R. Ten Huisen on Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks. Early Modern Europe, 1450-1789. <The Cambridge History> (2006) : http://is.gd/1SHHR
  • Ren: Johannes <de Paltz>: questio determinata in quodlibeto studii Erfordensis Anno 1486 contra triplicem errorem : http://is.gd/1SJqZ
  • Ren: infant Oliver Cromwell carried onto a roof by a monkey - like Ludovicus Bavarus imp. : http://is.gd/1U3lp / @mercpol
  • Ren: bk: Bromhead: reign of truth & faith: epistemic expressions 16th&17th cent English (2009): http://is.gd/1U2UJ ,TOC http://is.gd/1U2T7
  • Ren: UB Hd: Cod. Pal. lat. 1969: Guillaume de Deguileville: Le Pèlerinage de Vie Humaine (ca. 1375, illuminated) : http://is.gd/1U3zk
  • nR: RT @nthmost "WORDS MEAN THINGS — even the words meant to draw attention to other words." http://bit.ly/VcYHW // #Philosophia
  • nR: RT @macinearla How professors matter: http://is.gd/1Ufoa // It might be even worthwhile to have a look at the comments there too ... .
  • nR: RT @macinearla Outside the paradigms: http://tiny.cc/pPGiw // #Philosophia
  • Ren: RT @gerryos The Lost Treasures of Timbuktu: http://is.gd/1V6T2
  • Ren: RT @tyger2000uk Oliver Cromwell Ladybird style: http://bit.ly/2jvNXY // #monkey, #baby, #roof --> Ludovicus Bavarus, imp.
  • Ren: HAB Wolfenbüttel praises HAB Wolfenbüttel and summer in a press release at http://is.gd/1VEFm
  • Ren: R. DuPlessis on A. de la Fuente: "Havana and the Atlantic" & P. O'Flanagan: "Port Cities of Atlantic Iberia" (2008) http://is.gd/1VIWq
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman Just found out I shall be going exciting conference on medieval and early modern authorship http://bit.ly/6hE6k
  • Ren: @Archivalia_kg 's posting http://is.gd/1VKdZ 9tains  i.a. a link 2 the Bavarian goverment's report on preservation http://is.gd/1VKgH
  • Ren: Thompson on Worden on Skinner on Hobbes : http://is.gd/1VPM0 / #liberty #Philosophia
  • nR and/or Ren: RT @HistoryTODAY Anthony Blunt memoir available in British Library http://bit.ly/2Tikk
  • Ren: Johann Virdung: Iudicium Lipsense, (Nürnberg, ca. 1492/93), BSB-Ink V-231,  GW M50732 : http://is.gd/1VQSW / #Astrologia (9a)
  • Ren: RT @unmodern The story of thorn. Or, why "ye olde" is a misspelling. http://tr.im/t2xe
  • Ren: conf Weingarten 2009-09: Kunst-Gebrauch - Gebrauchs-Kunst? Relig. Wissen & soz Repräsentanz i Bildern d MA & d Neuzt http://is.gd/1VX3a
  • Ren: bk relaunch: A.R. Hall: Ballistics in the 17th cent.: A Study in the Relations of Science and War (1952/2009) : http://is.gd/20mzB
  • Ren: RT @gerryos Knightley's insightful essay on British Library's opening of art historian/spy Anthony Blunt's memoirs: http://is.gd/1Y9ZZ
  • Ren: several Renaissance related items in the TOC of "Sudhoffs Archiv" 93.1 (2009) at http://is.gd/20ofU
  • Ren: Gotha: Herzog-Ernst-Scholarship : http://is.gd/20o7O
  • nR: RT @intute How to Twitter – the UK government 20 page guide!: http://bit.ly/EdbF8 : Guide at http://is.gd/20sWu
  • nR: Aegidius Romanus: De regimine principum (Augsburg 1473, GW 7217) : http://is.gd/20v6h
  • nR: RT @TheHistoryWoman, @HistoryTODAY, @rogueclassicist Historical memory a strange thing...full circle http://bit.ly/MmyUR / #Arminius
  • Ren: Fertful Porpentine's Bingo: http://is.gd/20wV4 // #Smiley / "assessment" / #academia
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Turnierwesen http://is.gd/20x3N // bibliography of digitised primary and secondary literature on #tournaments
  • Ren: Society for Court Studies seminars October-December 2009 : http://is.gd/20GRV
  • Ren: 1525 print claiming 2 have Poliziano's translation of Herodot's Histories: http://is.gd/20GZS // I see only Greek: where is the Latin??
  • Ren: bk: Harald Heppner & Zsuzsa  Barbarics-Hermanik (edd.): Türkenangst und Festungsbau : Wirklichkeit & Mythos (2009) : http://is.gd/21WIN
  • nR: bk: Robert, Olivier (ed.): Les archives dans l'université (2009) : http://is.gd/21Wxv , TOC at http://is.gd/21Wy9
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman, @britishlibrary 'Everyone interested in English history should go': Paul Lay: Henry VIII exhib. http://is.gd/21WIW
  • Ren: (well, partially "Ren): More on Bavarian pubs etc. w elevated historical status: http://is.gd/21Xrf / Living gastronomy 4 historians
  • Ren: (Ren??): Bavaria: government initiative: restaurants and pubs as historic monuments: http://is.gd/21Xj3 / Tag des offenen Wirtshauses
  • Ren: Epistola Constantinopoli scripta de ... statu Turcici imperii, Witeberga, 1582 <VD16 B 5478>  : http://is.gd/22bp9
  • Ren: Tractatus quidam de Turcis, <Nürnberg>, <ca. 1477> <BSB-Ink T-436 - GW M48128>  : http://is.gd/22h3e
  • Ren: @Archivalia_kg on how to find digitised items in BSB's online catalogue: http://is.gd/23gmu
  • nR: Is it now to late to start a collection of my miss-spellings of Aristotle's name (in whatever language)? And: to whom shd I apologise?
  • nR: Ethnology in Heidelberg: in favour of keeping small and focussed library :  http://is.gd/23xfZ http://is.gd/23xgy http://is.gd/23xhs &c.
  • Ren: Commentarior4 Aeneae Sylvii Piccolominei, De Concilio Basileae celebrato libri duo (c1523) (VD16 P 3111) http://is.gd/23y0h  / #ESP
  • Ren: RT @bckaemper http://twitpic.com/cuh68 - Der Verfasser des #Voynich Mss. kannte Google schon! Hier der Beweis.
  • Ren: Franciscus de Victoria: Summa Sacramentorum Ecclesiae, ex doctrinae Fratris Francisci à Victoria (1574) : http://is.gd/23CY5
  • Ren: fnd thx 2 @Archivalia_kg (fb): S.Rabeler & al. edd.: letters from Sidonia von Sachsen (1449–1510) to her son http://is.gd/24jGn // #RES
  • Ren: RT @misciel Michelangelo's Very First Painting on View in the U.S. http://bit.ly/1j84Dc // #adolescence 1488
  • Ren: Heiko Droste on Anthony Grafton: "What was History? The Art of History in Early Modern Europe" (2007) : http://is.gd/24MUW
  • Ren: conf. Brescia 2009-09: "Forzare le anime " (relgious conversions, 15th-17th cent) : http://is.gd/24MAJ sive http://is.gd/24MDK
  • Ren: bk: Cox, Virginia : The rhetoric of Cicero in its Medieval and early Renaissance commentary tradition (2006) : http://is.gd/24Rea
  • nR: "hckGGREN's twitterrank is: 0.4 hckGGREN probably has a life. Unlike some Twitter users... wtf?" : http://is.gd/24Sbi Thx to  @gerryos
  • nR: Georg Calixt: De Statu Animarum Separatarum (1653) : http://is.gd/24RRG // #d'aia de immortatlitate animae, de cultu sanctorum
  • nR: Gary Malinas & John Bigelow: Simpson's Paradox (revised version): IMO: a great SEP entry! : http://is.gd/267J7 / #Philosophia #Maths
  • Ren: @mercpol : "And God made great whales" : http://is.gd/268uC : great illustrations!
  • Ren: Artis humanitatis praeludium (ca. 1495, BSB-Signatur 4 Inc.s.a. 1504 d) : http://is.gd/269f7
  • Ren: RT @halbion Gender and Loss: Experiencing Widowhood in Britain and Continental Europe, c.1400–1900 http://bit.ly/19E2M2
  • Ren: RT @halbion European Reformation Research Group: Date:  2 September 2009 – 4 September 2009 http://bit.ly/11c0qO
  • Ren: RT @halbion The Fifteenth Century Conference 2009: Date:  3 September 2009 – 5 September 2009 The an.. http://bit.ly/1LYL82
  • Ren: Christopher Thompson on Andrew Hadfield on Glenn Burgess's book "British Political Thought 1500-1660": http://is.gd/2aiZH / #metareview
  • Ren: Peter Frieß on Martin Greschat: "Martin Bucer. Ein Reformator und seine Zeit (1491-1551)" (2009) : http://is.gd/2aizq
  • Ren: press release on 15th century rainwater power-plants: http://is.gd/2ajs2 & http://is.gd/2ajtJ
  • Ren: bk: Goldberg, Jonathan: "The seeds of things: sexuality & materiality in Renaissance representations" (2009) : http://is.gd/2alap
  • Ren: RT @HistoryTODAY Any comments of these latest history book releases? Jewish pirates, history of Venice, ... http://bit.ly/EU7wb
  • Ren: RT @davidwacks Réquiem por nuestros moriscos http://www.hurl.ws/4ekn
  • Ren: jobs: PostDocs Erfurt: "Religioese Individualisierung in historischer Perspektive" : http://is.gd/2bpTD
  • Ren: Excerpts from Louis Schwartz's "Milton and Maternal Mortality" (2009) are now available at http://is.gd/2bpg6
  • nR: on the criminalisation of being poor: http://is.gd/2br5C / found thanks to http://is.gd/2br6q
  • nR: conf. Berlin: "Digitale Medien und Infrastrukturen für die Geschichtswissenschaften" 2009-09 : http://is.gd/2brKL
  • Ren: there seems 2 B a new literary genre: "historischer Tatsachenroman" : http://is.gd/2bsEs Glötzner:Aretino oder die nackte Kunst /  Smiley
  • Ren: RT @halbion Query: Tudor liveries and peace commissions http://bit.ly/15FokU
  • Ren: Jahrestagung "Historische Kulturlandschaft und Denkmalpflege" 2009: http://is.gd/2bQyy // Pfälzer Land wie schön bist Du! / Wachtenburg
  • Ren: forthcoming: bk: Skepticism in the Modern Age: Building on the Work of Richard Popkin (edd.: Maia Neto &al.) http://is.gd/2mtOP
  • Ren: Conf.: Leuven: The Jesuits of the Low Countries: Identity and Impact (1540 – 1773) : http://is.gd/2mE2P
  • Ren: CfP: Cambridge: Bad Behaviour in Medieval & Early Modern Europe : http://is.gd/2mDRM
  • Ren: Tolbert, Jane: Ambiguity and Conversion in the Correspondence of Peiresc & D'Arcos, 1630-1637 http://is.gd/2mDf4 (JEMH 13.1, abstract)
  • Ren: major Lutheran Archive found in Swidnica (Poland) : http://is.gd/2mWOV (via http://is.gd/2mWPR
  • ReN: off to the opening of http://is.gd/2mZGt
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg REN: Pal Latini Kat v Metzger i HD onl http://bit.ly/13S5LH : citavi gratias agans etiam http://is.gd/2nXyF
  • Ren: RT @misciel Fulltext guidebook to the characteristic chimneys in Venice available on Google Books! http://bit.ly/Gy2Mx
  • ren: bk: Jennings, Ronald C.: Village life in Cyprus at the time of the Ottoman conquest (2009) Based on Defter-i mufassal-i livâ-i Kibrus
  • Ren: job: Ohio Wesleyan University - Assistant Professor, Medieval and Early Modern European (Continental) history : http://is.gd/2o0yi
  • Ren: Erclerung der Lanndsfreyheit in Bayrn, <München>, <1516> <VD16 B 980> BSB-Signatur 2 L.impr.membr. 50 http://is.gd/2okNp
  • Ren: Udalrici Zasii lucubrationes ... in legem secundam ff. de ori. iur. (Basileae, 1518 <VD16 Z 128>)  :  http://is.gd/2oltf
  • Ren: RT @davidwacks La expulsión de los moriscos http://is.gd/2pCYg
  • Ren: RT @charlesnodier Rdg: “Santorio Santorio” at the Galileo Project http://is.gd/2pFjT  — see also http://snurl.com/qekt9 — #histsci
  • Ren: Judaken  on Mendelsohn & Shain: The Jews in South Africa (2008) : http://is.gd/2pHoW / Abraham ben Samuel Zacuto
  • Ren: bk: Ḥaǧǧī, Abd-ar-Raḥmān A. al-: al- Kutub wa-'l-maktabāt fi 'l-Andalus (2007) : http://is.gd/2pJA7
  • Ren: bk: Bink, T: Als die Teufel fliegen lernten: Z Genese des Hexenglaubens bis z Fr. Neuzeit : http://is.gd/2pJQt TOC @ http://is.gd/2pJSS
  • Ren: Aiin soin fraun buichlein (Basel 1602)  <VD17 12:655771Z> : http://is.gd/2pLIj
  • Ren: Ṣâriṭ, Moše: Das lid sl merr Mose Zarit (Prag 1603) : http://is.gd/2pLv2 (BSB-Signatur Rar. 110#Beibd.4)
  • Ren: Some sort of Dietrichslied in Yiddish (printed Cracow  1597) : http://is.gd/2pNqA
  • nR: I sh'd not write any sort of intellectually interesting texts: @ the present temperatures evrything is "sweat of the brow" work / ip law
  • Ren: RT @history_geek Cyriacus, Renaissance Man - http://bit.ly/LJDEd // Ciriaco d’Ancona / Kyriacus Anconitanus de Picenicollibus
  • nR: MPIWG publication series: "Wissen im Entwurf"/"Knowledge in the Making" : http://is.gd/2rAb1 , http://is.gd/2rAby
  • Ren: Bildarchiv Marburg plans to make available information on & scans of printed #portraits from the last 4 centuries: http://is.gd/2rzZy
  • nR: BVerfG (German supreme court):  De amicitia : http://is.gd/2rAWu
  • Ren: bk: Deligne:  Voisinages,coexistences,appropriations: groupes sociaux & territoires urbains http://is.gd/2rCFB TOC: http://is.gd/2rCHQ
  • Ren: bk: Haemers: For the common good : state power and urban revolts in the reign of Mary of Burgundy (1477-1482) (2009) http://is.gd/2rPvr
  • Ren: bk: Weber, Andreas Otto (ed.): Städtische Normen - genormte Städte (2009) : http://is.gd/2rQPm TOC: http://is.gd/2rQNn
  • Ren: RT @BSB_OEA Web-Auftritt der Bayerischen Landesbibliothek Online in neuem Gewand: http://bit.ly/qL9XO / Renaissance: http://is.gd/2w8od
  • Ren: Michelle White on Erin Griffey (ed.) "Henrietta Maria: Piety, Politics, and Patronage" (2008) : http://is.gd/2waAd
  • Ren: Elizabeth Mellyn on David Gentilcore's "Medical Charlatanism in Early Modern Italy" (2006) : http://is.gd/2watd
  • Ren: Kathleen Holscher on Stanley M. Hordes "To the End of the Earth: A History of the Crypto-Jews of New Mexico" (2008): http://is.gd/2waW6
  • Ren: Late review of a good bk: Chapman on Tracy & al.(edd.) Religion & the EM State: China, Russia, & the West (2003) : http://is.gd/2waKF
  • Ren: new article: Cummings, Brian: Conscience and the law in Thomas More : http://is.gd/2wdSw
  • Ren: Renaissance Studies 23.4 (2009): special issue on "conscience": TOC &c. at http://is.gd/2we27
  • nR: RT @macinearla RT @adfig RT @plevy: Ontology is Overrated: Categories, Links, and Tags http://bit.ly/149lu4 by @cshirky / #philosophia
  • nR: Alexander Lee: Roman Law and Human Liberty: Marsilius of Padua on Property Rights (JHI 70.1 (2009)) : http://is.gd/2xHS0
  • Ren: TOC for The Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies 9.1 (200) is at http://is.gd/2xJ2C / i.a.: Jennifer Mylander on "How-To" Books
  • Ren: bk: :  Hornback, Robert: The English clown tradition from the Middle Ages to Shakespeare (2009) : http://is.gd/2xITC
  • Ren: RT @misciel Galileo’s Telescope Debuted 400 Years Ago #onthisday - http://bit.ly/16r5KT (RT @mashable)
  • nR: jubilee statistics: following 88, followed by 143, tweeted 2000 updates. // #meaninglessness #numbers
  • Ren: reading: bk: Robert Wardy: Aristotle in China: Language, Categories and Translation (2000) : Up to now I like it. <Smiley>
  • Ren: RT @BSB_OEA Größte digitale Handschriftenbibliothek Europas online via Datenbank-Infosystem der BSB oder www.manuscriptorium.com
  • Ren: RT @historytweeter #history Mexican history textbook omits Spanish conquest http://bit.ly/1nMRgn http://is.gd/2z481
  • Ren: Graf, Thumser, Dicker zu Bayrischer Chronistik (15. Jhd.) : http://is.gd/2z8of
  • Ren: bk: Hirsch, Volker (ed.): Das Haushaltsbuch des Basler Bischofs Johannes von Venningen ( 1458 - 1478) : http://is.gd/2zb5w
  • Ren: conference information (& CfP):  Yale 2010-02: The Past's Digital Presence : http://is.gd/2zez6
  • Ren: Grünenberg, Konrad ...: Wappenpuch, vollbracht ... do man zalt tusend vierhundert drü und achtzig jar ; 1 (1875) : http://is.gd/2znPM
  • Ren: Katrin Moeller on Barbara Groß: Hexerei in Minden. Zur sozialen Logik ... (1584-1684) (2009) : http://is.gd/2zx8z
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Hampshire 2010: networks in English ms culture
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313 tweets since 26th of August: part 1
Reply #11 - 24.11.2009 at 16:04:06
Once again: selected tweets from http://twitter.com/hckGGREN (this time: oldest first, most recent ones last, and this time in 2 installments):
Starting 2009-08-09:
part 1:
  • nR: Sandrat: Delineatio Vera Perfectissima4 Eminentissima4q; Statuarum: una cum artis huius nobilissimae Theoria (1680) : http://is.gd/2zyLd
  • Ren: Testamentum et pactiones initae inter Mohamedem et Christianae fidei cultores (1630) : http://is.gd/2zDAN
  • Ren: Davis on Neal: The Masculine Self in Late Medieval England (2008) : http://is.gd/3kU8L  
  • Ren: Goodale on Wegmann & Wimböck (edd.) Konfessionen im Kirchenraum: Dimensionen d Sakralraums i d Frühen Neuzeit : http://is.gd/3l1cX  
  • nR: two types of anti-platonism in German press releases: http://is.gd/3mUZX & http://is.gd/3mV1b
  • Ren: Conf. Erlangen 2009-09 : Was ein Poete kan! Paul Fleming (1609-1640) : http://is.gd/3mZso
  • Ren: Conf. Iphofen 2009-10: Amor sacro e profano : http://is.gd/3mYCN
  • Ren: RT @katrinagulliver, @lucyinglis Bestowed titles lost any meaning when Blair was created 'Right Honourable' / De nobilitate
  • Ren: libros de caballeria (incl. Amadis de Gaula) : http://is.gd/3n5u4 (found thanks to http://is.gd/3n5w0 ( @Archivalia_kg  )
  • Ren: RT @HistoryTODAY New paperbacks: history of terrorism, Roman toilets, the SOE and Giordano Bruno http://bit.ly/b0r6M
  • Ren: RT @macinearla, @HistoryatCamb Making sense o Tudor Ireland: review o Martial Power & Elizabethan Political Culture http://bit.ly/Y8c9M
  • Ren: Fruck, Ludwig: Rhetoric und Teutsch Formular in allen Gerichts Händeln, Franckfurt a. M., 1531 (VD16 F 3151) : http://is.gd/3nBtF
  • Ren: Baptista Mantuanus: Contra poetas impudice loquentes, Erfurt 1498 (BSB-Ink B-39 , GW 3310) : http://is.gd/3nBhw
  • Ren: ms UB Hd: Cpl 1735 : Georg Agricola Elegia gratulatoria ; Oratio de laude urbis Ambergae (ibid. 1559) : http://is.gd/3nDhn
  • Ren: Boccaccio, Giovanni / Bruni, Leonardo / Ricasoli, Galeotto: De amore Guiscardi et Sigismundae, 1470 (GW 5626) :  http://is.gd/3nCXy
  • Ren: A. Nelson Burnett on I. Dingel (ed.): Debatte um die Wittenberger Abendmahlslehre & Christologie (1570-1574)(2008) : http://is.gd/3oZqs
  • Ren: CfP: MLA 2011: The Afterlife of Raleigh  
  • Ren: H. Größler: Zwei Beiträge zur Kirchen- und Reformationsgeschichte der Graffschaft Mansfeld  (1883) : http://is.gd/3wGvL
  • Ren: Job: Calgary: Assistant Professor, Europe Since 1500 "focus on social/cultural History" "Ideas that Matter" : http://is.gd/3ylsY
  • Ren: RT @tyger2000uk Art and architecture at the EM Intelligencer: http://bit.ly/17GwiT
  • Ren: book: R. Villard: Du bien commun au mal nécessaire : tyrannies, assassinats politiques ...Italie 1470-1600 (2008) : http://is.gd/3yyth
  • Ren: CfP: "Globalisation" - from the stone age to the present : http://is.gd/3ywXv
  • Ren: RT @wynkenhimselfTimothy Barrett wins MacArthur genius grant for his work on paper: http://bit.ly/KIFWC Paper rocks! (and scissors too)
  • Ren: Gregory J. Miller on Arthur H. Williamson: "Apocalypse Then: Prophecy and the Making of the Modern World" (2008): http://is.gd/3AD8q
  • Ren: Woelki on Volkmar: Reform statt Reformation. Die Kirchenpolitik Herzog Georgs von Sachsen, 1488-1525 (2008) : http://is.gd/3AEL8
  • Ren: Martin Bauch on Gerald Schwedler: Herrschertreffen des Spätmittelalters. Formen - Rituale - Wirkungen (2008) : http://is.gd/3AEyA
  • nR: German historians, history departments, etc. against being ranked by non-historians : http://is.gd/3AF8w #academia #Germany #historians
  • Ren: Job: PostDoc (frankfurt) : "Kirchliche Rechtsgeschichte im frühneuzeitlichen Hispanoamerika" : http://is.gd/3AEUF
  • Ren: Christopher Thompson lists "Some recent University of Cambridge Ph.D.theses in Early Modern History" at http://is.gd/3AV87
  • Ren: Conradi Celtis Panegyris ad duces Bavarie (c1492) [BSB-Ink C-216 / GW 6466 / BSB:  4 Inc.c.a. 894]  : http://is.gd/3AVF9
  • Ren: Ioannes Nauclerus: Memorabilium omnis aetatis ... chronici commentarii (1516)  [VD16 N 167] : http://is.gd/3AVmf
  • Ren: Selling your soul brings a new body: "Dr. Faustus sold his soul to Lucifer, in exchange for his body and soul" : http://is.gd/3COaN
  • Ren: bk: Ghermani, Naïma: Le Prince et son portrait : incarner le pouvoir dans l'Allemagne du XVIe siècle (2009) : http://is.gd/3CNKc
  • Ren: Petrus Canisius: Catechismus (1687, German, with illustrations) : http://is.gd/3CTAt
  • Ren: Postles on Glennie & Thrift: Shaping the Day: A History of Timekeeping in England and Wales, 1300-1800 (2009) : http://is.gd/3EANL
  • Ren: bk: Tristan Vigliano: Humanisme et juste milieu au siècle de Rabelais. - Essai de critique illusoire : http://is.gd/3EIIx
  • Ren: Ioannes Aventinus: Grammatica (1515) : http://is.gd/3EPDf
  • Ren: De rerum usu et abusu, auctore Bernardo Furmero (1575) : http://is.gd/3EVKB
  • Ren: Ad expositionem disputationis de methodo, contra Thessalum Ossatum ...  responsio Iacobi Carpentarii : http://is.gd/3EWZ9
  • Ren: RT @mercpol , @xentahl: @sharon_howard has posted the latest carnivalesque (early modern edition) at http://bit.ly/MLYI7
  • Ren: RT @HistoryTODAY Why do we venerate the murderous Mexica culture? http://bit.ly/M0NSc // Because Hernán Cortés has no good press today?
  • Ren: Chadsche Schams al-Din Mohammad Hafes´e Schirazi: "Diwan": BSB Cod.pers. 68 : http://is.gd/3KcEd (beautiful ms) // #Hafiz #حافظ
  • Ren: NY univ.: Oct23: H-J. Voth: Lending to the Borrower From Hell: Debt and Default in the Age of Philip II, 1556-1598 : http://is.gd/3Kcj2
  • Ren: Yale University Economic History Workshop : Bankruptcy Statutes, fiscal Pol., Bond Markets, Interest Rates 1514sqq: http://is.gd/3KbNy
  • Ren: Scottish History Research Seminar (University of Edinburgh): forthcoming papers : http://is.gd/3KkAu
  • Ren: Oxford seminars on: Common weal and res publica, Tudor state, responses to Margaret Kempe, Irregular Medicines : http://is.gd/3Kz6V
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Teuerdank 1517 http://bit.ly/13num4   [VD16 M 1649]
  • Ren: Ioannes Fabri de Werdea: Tractatus de privilegiis pauperum [Leipzig], [ca. 1498/1500] [BSB-Ink F-37 - GW 9661]  : http://is.gd/3KBBr
  • Ren: RT @googlebooksThe common folk do not go to war of their own accord but are driven to it by the madness of kings. http://bit.ly/2DzKBx
  • Ren: Von der Susanna, wie dieselbe von zweyen alten, Ehebruchs halber, fälschlich beklaget . Tragica comoedia. 1593 : http://is.gd/3KGcK
  • Ren: RT @sharon_howard Next #historycarnival on 4/5 Oct at http://bit.ly/Y76hY Nominations to @katrinagulliver with hc tag #twitterstorians
  • Ren: Conf. Halle 2009-10: Von der Policey zur Polizei. Armut, Fürsorge, Ordnung in Preußen (16. - 20. Jh.) : http://is.gd/3McEt
  • nR: Philosophers’ Blog Carnival at Camels With Hammers : some gems there. http://is.gd/3Mf1d // Found thanks to http://is.gd/3Mf3d
  • nR: Johann Bernhard Basedow: "Versuch, wie fern die Philosophie zur Freygeisterey verführe?" (1753) : http://is.gd/3MfVF / #Philosophia
  • Ren: Bagatin, Pier Luigi: Mecenatismo in Polesine (2009) : http://is.gd/3Mi9z , http://is.gd/3MibS // Libreria Silvestriana
  • Ren: Christopher Thompson: Hilary Mantel, Eamon Duffy and the reign of Mary Tudor : http://is.gd/3MiX5 / Bloody Mary, Reginald Pole &c
  • Ren: Marliani, Bartolomeo: Topographia Antiquae Romae (1534) : http://is.gd/3MkEq
  • Ren: (& nR): RT @HistoryTODAY New on the books blog: reader review of The English Book of Magic http://bit.ly/15Q0Dk
  • Ren: RT @nthmost , @funscience: The evolution of the past tense - how verbs change over time http://bit.ly/3hpqaT / #Chaucer #HarryPotter
  • Ren: RT @tyger2000uk BBK Early Modern Society events 09/10: http://bit.ly/djM6q
  • Ren: RT @katrinagulliver, @BBCHistoryMag Cartoon history of Cambridge university : http://is.gd/3OuUm
  • Ren: J. Schwarz on Rotthoff-Kraus, Claudia: Regesten zur burgundisch-niederländischen Geschichte 1477-1493 (2008) : http://is.gd/3OzaU
  • Ren: (well, at least I hope so): mainz: talk by Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht: "Stil, Geste, Stimmung" : http://is.gd/3OBMC
  • Ren: RT @xentahl Birkbeck Early Modern Society provisional programme of academic events 09-10, http://bit.ly/4opbDn
  • Ren: H. Eutycus: Libellus facetus gestas res viginti quattuor parasitum iocundissime pertractans, (ca. 1492) [GW M35031]: http://is.gd/3OMeX
  • Ren: Marterstecken, Andreas: Alchimia vera Lapidis Philosophorum : Von der Rechten wahren Kunst des Goldmachen (1608) : http://is.gd/3OLVY
  • Ren: bk: Schmitz-vL: Planeten & ihre Kinder: Tapisserieserie des 16. Jahrhunderts aus der Sammlung Herzog Albrechts V. : http://is.gd/3OLvs
  • Ren: I missed this while I was in Sicily, saw it only today: BSB acquired Fuggeriana : http://is.gd/3QguG & http://is.gd/3QgwE
  • Ren: bk: Torrance Kirby, Emidio Campi, & Frank James III (edd.): A Companion to Peter Martyr Vermigli  (2009) : http://is.gd/3QiDu
  • Ren: bk: Thomas A. Brady Jr.: German Histories in the Age of Reformations, 1400–1650 (2009) : http://is.gd/3QiuU
  • Ren: job: Duisburg-Essen : prof: late mediaeval & early modern history : http://is.gd/3QjNu
  • Ren: conf. Mainz: Myths and legends in (the the history of) science : http://is.gd/3Ql1B / i.a. re #Galilei
  • Ren: RT @rotula Programm der Tagung "Editionen für das 21. Jahrhundert" übrigens unter http://is.gd/3Qy7s #ed21
  • Ren: Copia Vertrewlichen Schreibens Wentzeln von Meroschwa Behmen, an Johann Trauten Burgern zu Nürnberg (1620) : http://is.gd/3Qy6c
  • Ren: exhib. Vienna: Charles the Bold - Splendour and Fall of the Last Duke of Burgundy :  http://is.gd/3Qzgy
  • Ren: Silvana Mazzocchi on a novel on Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (Carlo A. Martigli: 999 L'ultimo custode) : http://is.gd/3QC32
  • ren: RT @sharon_howard Funding's official for our new project: http://bit.ly/MDFAi Woohoo! #connectedhistories #jisc // Congratulations!
  • Ren: RT @mercpol David Underdown has died. RIP, you wrote wonderful and inspirational books. http://nacbs.edublogs.org/
  • Ren: RT @mariagudelis Women of the Venetian Renaissance:  Four painters http://bit.ly/i2vTH
  • REN: RT@laNicheMusic #earlymusic Potsdam faculty member investigates Renaissance Music Manuscripts http://bit.ly/rJeeP
  • Ren: I recently started to follow @sharon_howard & @xentahl // #FollowFriday : the rinascimental part
  • Ren: Michael Rohrschneider on Peter H. Wilson: Europe's Tragedy. A History of the Thirty Years War (2009) : http://is.gd/3RRlk
  • Ren: bk. Giovanni Ciappelli: Fisco e società a Firenze nel Rinascimento  : http://is.gd/3RW7J (TOC at http://is.gd/3RW9C )
  • Ren: Fr. Schuirling: Jobst v Hagen der Barchenthändler v  Meiningen: E Bild aus d Leben d Bürgerstandes um 1600 (1874) : http://is.gd/3RXIV
  • Ren: David Underdown obituary now also at http://is.gd/3RXco
  • Ren: automatic tweets w pointers 2 new W4RF entries working once again (thanks to 'twitterfeed'); mistake leading 2 pause was probably mine.
  • nR: RT @xentahl McCarty on sharing intrdscplnry work: don't mind being told I've a strong accent but do want 2 B understood in foreign parts
  • Ren: bk: Diefenbach-Popov, N.: Das russisch-orthodoxe Kirillo-Belozerskij-Kloster zwischen Macht und Spiritualität (2009) http://is.gd/3Y3FA
  • Ren: bk: Rudolf Suntrup & Jan R. Veenstra (edd): "Himmel auf Erden / Heaven on Earth" (2009): http://is.gd/3Y4Rw   TOC: http://is.gd/3Y4SH
  • Ren: PR celebrating a new edition: "Notwendigs Bedenckhen": Augsburger Stadtrechtsreformbemühungen im 16. Jahrhundert : http://is.gd/3YaxZ
  • Ren: There will be a Jena series of lectures on Galilei, Kepler, etc. : http://is.gd/3YkTX
  • Ren: conf. Canterbury 2009-12: Bad Behaviour in Medieval & Early Modern Europe : http://is.gd/3YwE6
  • Ren: RT @misciel Cool! Leonardo da Vinci's lost Sforza Horse Rides Into Atlanta!! http://bit.ly/V1fWW
  • Ren: bk: Köse, Metin Ziya: Osmanlı devleti ve Dubrovnik ilişkileri 1500-1600: Doğu Akdeniz'de casuslar ve tacirler(2009): http://is.gd/405Hm
  • nR: I wrote a blurp-connected-to-a-blog-post (in German) on Wikipedia and the humanities: http://is.gd/40bHP
  • Ren: bk: Reinhardt, Volker: Blutiger Karneval: d Sacco di Roma 1527 - e polit. Katastrophe : http://is.gd/40gIw   TOC at http://is.gd/40gJV
  • nR: BBC says: Birmingham Metropolitan College says: lecturers must not wear jeans : http://is.gd/40geC // Never wanted to apply there anyway
  • Ren: Jacobus <de Forlivio> / Cermisonus, Antonius: Expositiones et quaestiones in primum librum Canonis Avicennae (1479) http://is.gd/40he6
  • Ren: bk: Ross, S.G.: The birth of feminism: woman as intellect in renaissance Italy and England : http://is.gd/40gUf TOC: http://is.gd/40gYW
  • nR: RT @shwu Speaking Styles and Papers: Academia Divided http://ff.im/-9lXNp
  • nR: Marc Purcell: “Skilled, Cheap, and Desperate”: Non-tenure-track Faculty and the Delusion of Meritocracy : http://is.gd/429X2 // Wow!
  • Ren: Newberry Library Centre Graduate Conference CFP : http://is.gd/42ius
  • Ren: bk: Medin, Tzvi: Mito, pragmatismo e imperialismo : la conciencia social en la conquista del imperio azteca (2009) : http://is.gd/42nr2
  • Ren: Psalterium cum apparatu vulgari firmiter appresso : Lateinisch Psalter mit dem teutschen nutzbarlichen dabey(1503) : http://is.gd/42IF0
  • Ren: Guillaume  Budé's 1514 "De asse et partibus eius" is available as a gallica scan at http://is.gd/42WMZ:
  • Ren: exhib.: RT @shuino Medaillen d röm. Kaiser u d Kaiser v Österreich 1500-1918. (06.10.09-28.02.10, Wien) http://tinyurl.com/ybq8t7u
  • Ren: Mundy on Asselbergs: The Lienzo de Quauhquechollan: A Nahua Vision of the Conquest of Guatemala (2008) : http://is.gd/44m9P
  • nR: Jennifer Saul on gender bias in philosophy: "Women in Philosophy: What’s Getting Left Out" : http://is.gd/44rrO <- http://is.gd/44rt4
  • nR: LMU prof  Christoph Bode  praises LMU in a @timeshighered piece on #THEWR09 : http://is.gd/44ul1
  • Ren: Guilelmus Gorris: Scotus pauperum vel abbreviatus in quo docto4 & Scoti opiniones in sent. elucidantur (c1492) : http://is.gd/44w6z
  • Ren: Erasmus, Desiderius: Libro del Apareio que se deue hazer para bien morir, (Burgos 1535) : http://is.gd/44HRs
  • Ren: Ioannes Matthaeus &lt;de Ferrariis&gt;: Exp. in Avicennae tractatum de urinis & Fen XXII 3i Canonis 2 (1494, GW 9829(2)) : http://is.gd/453uC
  • Ren: RT @mhsteger Happy Birthday to Heinrich Schutz (1585): http://bit.ly/jFXtT
  • Ren: Ludwig on Steffen Breßler: Schuldknechtschaft und Schuldturm. Zur Personalexekution im sächsischen Recht (2004!!) : http://is.gd/46qfc  
  • Ren: Casparus Macer: Drey kurtze bittpredig: Theurung und hungers noth, Pestilentz, Krieg (1572) : http://is.gd/46rMX
  • Ren: downloaded Antonius Rubius:commentarii in universam Aristotelis dialecticam (1641) ( http://is.gd/46X03 ), now printing.
  • Ren: BibliOdyssey: Konstanz to Jerusalem (1487) : http://is.gd/479Tl
  • ReN: RT @tyger2000uk Early Modern Europe Seminars at the IHR: http://bit.ly/kI3rE
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman Compact mirror and Tudor manbags: Mary Rose gives up her treasureshttp://is.gd/4fccr #history #shoes #beer
  • Ren: Dresden lecture series: "Bildersturm.'Betriegliche Bilder'-Bildkult & Bildzerst. im 16.Jhd" : http://is.gd/4fc4T &lt;- http://is.gd/4fc5F
  • Ren: bk: Descendre, Romain: L' État du Monde: Giovanni Botero entre raison d'Etat et géopolitique (Cahiers d'Humanisme et Renaissance, 2009)
  • Ren: bk: Cohen, Leonardo: The missionary strategies of the Jesuits in Ethiopia (1555 - 1632) (2009) : http://d-nb.info/992683408
  • Ren: bk: Krug-Richter, Barbara (ed.): Frühneuzeitliche Universitätskulturen (2009) : http://is.gd/4ffm4   TOC: http://is.gd/4ffn3
  • Ren: bk:  Pincombe, Michael; : The Oxford handbook of Tudor literature (2009) : http://is.gd/4ffey
  • Ren: Gerson, Johannes: De examinatione doctrinarum (ante 1475) [BSB-Ink G-153 - GW 10763] : http://is.gd/4fmLg
  • Ren: job: Glasgow postdoc: AHRC Letters of Bess of Hardwick Project : http://is.gd/4frOF <- http://is.gd/4frPq
  • Ren: Early Modern Studies Institute 2009/10 talks: http://is.gd/4frXd i.a. 2010-05-01 Carla Mazzio: Euclid in Ruins: Language and Math c1600
  • Ren: RT @halbion Bringing Temporality into Early Modern Materiality:Revwr: C. RichardsonTitle: Untimely Matter in the.. http://bit.ly/1pJ0s4
  • Ren: David Wheat on Alejandro de la Fuente (& al.): Havana and the Atlantic in the Sixteenth Century (2008) : http://is.gd/4gZhT
  • Ren: James Robertson on Daniel C. Beaver: Hunting and the Politics of Violence before the English Civil War (2008) : http://is.gd/4gZ3o
  • Ren: Nick Poyntz: Reading EM pamphlets / "differences between original sources, microfilm and digital reproductions" : http://is.gd/4h860
  • Ren: RT @history_geek 17th century Ayurvedic Man http://bit.ly/206ngK
  • Ren: RT @xentahl English - yup, Welsh -yup, Latin - kinda. Hmmm which one next? Walloon? http://bit.ly/kAJTJ
  • Ren: RT @esteinhauer Ulmer formuliert den Sarg-Nagel für das gedruckte Buch: no checkouts: http://tl.gd/lnms
  • Ren: RT @tyger2000uk Mary Rose Appeal links: http://bit.ly/1InpGD
  • Ren: Ernewerte Ordnung Der Rö. Kay. Mt. Kaiserlichen Hoffgerichts zu Rottweil (1573) [VD16-D1265] : http://is.gd/4iXA0 // BTW: M. was male
  • Ren: Barhebraeus: Buch der Grammatik. Moses von Mardin: Dictionarium Syriacae Linguae - BSB Cod.syr. 1 1553 - 1555 : http://is.gd/4iXop
  • Ren: Der Fürstlichen Graffschafft Tirol Landsordnung (1526)  [VD16 T 1355] : http://is.gd/4iXfh
  • Ren: Spalatin: Chronica Und Herkomen der Churfürsten und Fürsten, der Hertzogen zu Sachssen ... (1553) : http://is.gd/4iY9q / #Melanchthon
  • Ren: Christopher Thompson: Early Modern History events in North America : http://is.gd/4j4Q3 // quite a list!
  • nR: Leiter: Why aren't there more women in academic philosophy? : http://is.gd/4j8na // No comments (viz. answers?) there up to now.
  • Ren: http://is.gd/4jhG6 (Folkingham ... Brachygraphie ...) seems not to be a 17th cent. something but a 19th cent. edition.
  • Ren: William Folkingham & Alexander Tremaine Wright: Brachygraphie, Post-Writt. or The Art of Short-writing (1622!!!) : http://is.gd/4jhG6
  • Ren: Aeneae Silvii, Episcopi Senensis Postea Pii Papae II. Historia Rerum Friderici Tertii Imperatoris (1685) : http://is.gd/4jhzz / #ESP
  • Ren: RT @BSB_OEA Der "Theuerdank" ist online (Erstauflage von 1517): http://is.gd/4koHb (der Druck selbst ist @ http://is.gd/4koLq )
  • Ren: Pernille Harsting on: Alessandro Daneloni: Poliziano e il testo dell'Institutio oratoria (2001!) : http://is.gd/4kp2S
  • nR: RT @wynkenhimself Very cool visualization of changes in editions of Origin of Species: http://benfry.com/traces/ (h/t if:book)
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Kannitverstan: Urteil zur Unterscheidungskraft http://bit.ly/TNHe5 / #Copernicus
  • Ren: J. Setzer & P. E. Schröter: Arbor Feudalis Frugifera, Plantata Multis & Utilissimis Additionibus Illustrata (1616) : http://is.gd/4kwsV
  • Ren: Bertachini, Giovanni: Repertorium iuris utriusque, Bd.: 3, Nürnberg, (1483.10.25) [BSB-Ink B-386 - GW 4153] : http://is.gd/4kwfD
  • Ren: Off to the library (UBM) to read Ricci, Rubius, etc., for next weeks seminars.
  • Ren: back. learned i.a.: Relations between Rubius's Logica Mexicana and his Comp. Log. are anything but simple.
  • Ren: bk: RT @mhsteger.@hudsonette, @marklamster: Master of Shadows: The Secret Diplomatic Career of the Painter Peter Paul Rubens
  • Ren: Eybl on F. Büttner, M. Friedrich, H. Zedelmaier (edd): Sammeln, Ordnen, Veranschaulichen (2003!) : http://is.gd/4m3AI / #SFB573
  • Ren: Simone De Angelis on: Tobias Cheung: Res vivens. Agentenmodelle organischer Ordnung 1600-1800 (2008) : http://is.gd/4m9pS
  • Ren: Scots troops' 1632 mass grave under German car park : http://tinyurl.com/ygy2kt3 , http://tinyurl.com/yzd3kxh / #Lützen #30jK
  • Ren: RT @bbcnewsworld 'Earliest depicted watch' found in Renaissance painting: Art experts think they may have fnd it http://bit.ly/1ICpss
  • Ren: lecture series (London?): Sound and Hearing : http://is.gd/4r2t1 (i.a.:Music & nascent notions of a global consciousness in t EM world)
  • Ren: bk: Hazell, Dinah: Poverty in late Middle English literature: the meene and the riche (2009) : http://is.gd/4r2iN
  • Ren: Vergerio, Pietro Paolo (d.j.): Widerruff Vergerii, Zum andern mal an statt seiner Christlichen Bekanntnuß getruckt : http://is.gd/4r3lQ
  • Ren: Lutheri, Melanch., Carolostadii etc. propositiones, Wittembergae viva voce tractatae [VD16 L 7642] (1522) : http://is.gd/4r3df
  • Ren: bk: Oswald Bauer: Pasquille in den Fuggerzeitungen: Spott- & Schmähgedichte zwischen Polemik und Kritik (1568-1605): http://is.gd/4skWX
  • Ren: Neander, Michael: Parva Biblia Latino germanica ... sententiae ... Servientes ... moribus (1587) [VD16 N 409] : http://is.gd/4sm72
  • Ren: Gerson, Johannes: Quaestio de custodia linguae et corde bene ruminanda, (ca. 1470) [BSB-Ink G-191 - GW 10755] : http://is.gd/4slYm
  • Ren: Schwenckfeld, Caspar: Catechismus (1533, German) [VD16 S 4932] : http://is.gd/4slUO
  • Ren: Gerson, Johannes: Super Cantica canticorum (1470) [BSB-Ink G-195 - GW 10727] : http://is.gd/4soDy
  • Ren: Johann Friderich: Diss. De Pace Publica : Ad praesentem Germano4 Reipublicae formam & usum accommodata (1618) : http://is.gd/4sqhA
  • Ren: Kronika polska Stanisława Chwalczewskiego, starosty kobryńskiego, dziedzica raskowskiego, pisana 1549 roku. [T. 1] : http://is.gd/4sqCo
  • Ren: RT @lisaspiro Pelli & Bigelow: in the near future, almost everyone will publish. http://bit.ly/9eOSp // IMO: No chance - unfortunately
  • nR: remarkable Augsburg project/exhibition on/for humanities research ("Forum Forschende Fakultät") : http://is.gd/4tDGp
  • Ren: Jessica Steinberg on James Raven: The Business of Books: Booksellers and the English Book Trade, 1450-1850 (2007) : http://is.gd/4tE3h
  • Ren: Stefan Weiß on Ralf Lützelschwab: Flectat cardinales ad velle suum? Clemens VI. und sein Kardinalskolleg (2007) : http://is.gd/4tGGm
  • Ren: Antoinette Saxer on Christopher W. Brooks: Law, Politics and Society in Early Modern England (2009) : http://is.gd/4tGqM
  • Ren: Zephirinus/Zephyrinus: Sphaerae terrestris quadripartitae sive descriptionis historicae ... libri IV (1632) : http://is.gd/4tIsW
  • Ren: Karsthans (1521) : http://bit.ly/2sWcA
  • Ren: Zephirinus: Speculum vitae, vel status coniugalis sive memorabilia exempla plurium sanctorum (1632) : http://is.gd/4tIYD
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Open Access und dt Historikerhttp://is.gd/4u6zv // Auch Kommentare dort relevant!
  • nR: RT @rotula MGH: Eigene Digitalisierung von DA-Rezensionen wiederhergestellt. Dauerausfall "Digizeitschriften" http://is.gd/4uccD
  • Ren: RT @mhsteger RT @todayquotes: I am, indeed, a king, for I know how to rule myself -Pietro Aretino, d 453y ago today
  • Ren: RT @mhsteger Michael Nyman has set eight of Aretino's infamous sonnets to music: http://bit.ly/2Ekyak
  • Ren: CfP: Durham 2010-07: The Body on Display, from Renaissance to Enlightenment : http://is.gd/4udhh
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Appell z Erhalt DBI bitte untrschreiben: Salviamo il Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani! : http://is.gd/4vkps
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Ren: Rüxners Turnierbuch http://is.gd/4vjIw
  • Ren: RT @EiserfeldWolf,@PatrickLindau,@LaviniaSt Fass dort lieber nichts an! Archive hbn kontaktvirale Verbreitungs- & Alterungsmechanismen.
  • nR: Amazon pre-orders: "Windows 7 spanks Harry Potter" : http://is.gd/4vAHZ
  • Ren: Off to the library. (Lara, Jaime: Christian texts for Aztecs)
  • Ren: Gerson, Johannes: De pollutione nocturna (a1473) [BSB-Ink G-162 - GW 10812] :
  • Ren: Gerhard, Stephan&c: Carmen in libidinis insolentes, [Leipzig], 1497 [BSB-Ink G-199 - GW 10701] : http://is.gd/4xsA5
  • Ren: Johannes Gobi Iunior: Historia de spiritu quodam coniurato per priorem fratrum predicatorum (c1489) [GW 10943]  : http://is.gd/4xsqQ
  • nR: Grimmelshausen, Hans Jakob Christoffel von: Bart-Krieg (1673) : http://is.gd/4xtzs
  • nR: Johann Paul Friedrich (et al.): Der entzückte Philosophe aus China (1757) : http://is.gd/4xtts
  • nR: Gesta romanorum [Nürnberg], Gesta romanorum [BSB-Ink G-212 - GW 10899] : http://is.gd/4xtcw
  • nR: RT @NewHarpsichord Superb modern harpsichord duet ! http://bit.ly/m1QkH Astor Piazzolla!!
  • Ren: RT @history_geek De arte athletica. Some jousting to start your week at the office? http://bit.ly/17f7y6
  • Ren: Ablassbrief zum besten des Kampfes gegen die Türken & der Verteidigung von Rhodus (1480) : http://is.gd/4CraK
  • Ren: Meshkat, Kurosh: The Journey of Master Anthony Jenkinson to Persia, 1562-1563  (JEMH 13.2&3, 2009) : http://is.gd/4CKhL
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman C17th MS play for James I found in a castle's attic http://bit.ly/YZcty #history #literature
  • Ren: RT @halbion Marian Catholicism: A Reassessment:  M. Harkrider on Eamon Duffy: The Church Of Mary Tudor  http://bit.ly/zr6N5
  • Ren: conf. Paris 2010-06: Representations of English Regicide in Early Modern Europe : http://is.gd/4DYMP
  • Ren: somewhat unusual CfP: Voices of the Renaissance (CEA 3/25-27/2010) : http://is.gd/4DZEN
  • nR. RT @cndls report on higher ed faculty's Twitter usage habits with interesting lists of justifications for use/non-use: http://tr.im/Ddt2
  • Ren: bk: Fajt, Jiří: Kunst als Herrschaftsinstrument: Böhmen & das Heilige Römische Reich unter den Luxemburgern  (2009): http://is.gd/4EjTp
  • Ren: Ludovici Demontiosii Romae Hospes: ubi multa antiquo4 monumenta explicant̔,pars pristinae formæ restituunt̔ (1585) : http://is.gd/4EkT1
  • Ren: RT @HistoryTODAY One of the most original of early modern England scholars, David Underdown: http://bit.ly/2h9M9q
  • Ren: TCD Conference 23-24 October programme: Plantation and Reaction: The 1641 Rebellion : http://is.gd/4FWtu
  • Ren: conf.: University of Connecticut 2009-11-13: Elizabeth I and Ireland  : http://is.gd/4FWiP
  • Ren: bk: I.Prinz: Rechnen wie die Meister: die Rechenbücher v J. Widmann,Adam Ries,Christoff Rudolff & Johann Albrecht : http://is.gd/4FVUe
  • nR: RT @cndls U o Michigan: some great resources on teaching strategies, including vetted teaching philosophy statements http://tr.im/Dltq
  • Ren: Varia de re militari (1558)  [VD16 O 767]  : http://is.gd/4FWUL
  • Ren: Górnicki, Łukasz (1527-1603). : Pisma Ł. Gornickiego. T. 4  (1828) : http://is.gd/4FY94
  • Ren: Auß Rathschlage Herren Erasmi von Roterdam die Türcken zubekriegen: ... der kürtze new verteutscht (1530) : http://is.gd/4FY0o
  • Ren: RT @historytweeter Records show King Henry V’s army not outnumbered at Agincourt http://bit.ly/VLFpD http://is.gd/4FZWw
  • Ren: RT @history_book Brokers of Public Trust: Notaries in Early Modern Rome - by Laurie Nussdorfer http://bit.ly/4eRge0
  • Ren: RT @shuino "Rechnen wie die Meister". Eine frühere Sonderausstellung in Bonner Arthmeum, 30.03.-30.06.2009 http://bit.ly/3hx3k7
  • Ren: RT @shuino LIT: Ina Prinz (Hg.): Deutsche Rechenbücher des 16.Jh. (Faksimile-Nachdruck) http://bit.ly/1LDAKI
  • Ren: RT @history_book  The Early Loves of Anne Boleyn - by Josephine Wilkinson - Amberley Publishing. http://tinyurl.com/yzhqnb4
  • Ren: Bellingradt on Nehlsen: Berliner Liedflugschriften. Katalog d b 1650
  • Ren: Custos, Dominicus: Fuggerorum et Fuggerarum imagines - BSB Cod.icon. 380 : http://is.gd/4H5dC
  • Ren: RT @BSB_OEA Heute werden die spektakulären Fugger-Erwerbungen der Presse präsentiert. Eine Ausstellung gibts Ende Februar.
  • Ren: Lipsius: Admiranda, sive, De Magnitudine Romana Libri Quattuor (3a ed., 1605) : http://is.gd/4H5mB
  • Ren: RT @historytweeter #history Scans from Italian Renaissance sketchbook featuring military art http://bit.ly/y9Y0d
  • Ren: RT @mercpol New issue of Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies is out - http://tinyurl.com/yjv98am
  • Ren: RT @literature_book Birth of Feminism: Woman as Intellect in Renaissance Italy & England - by Sarah Gwyneth Ross. http://bit.ly/5RkwR
  • Ren: RT @shuino S.Kühn: Provokation & verletzte Ehre. Rituale der Unhöflichkeit bei frühneuzeitlichen Gelehrten, Zeitsprünge 13 (2009) 3/4
  • Ren: RT @shuino LINK:Tagber:Konjunkturen der Höflichkeit in FNZ (13.-15.03.2008) http://bit.ly/1Ko26i
  • Ren: John Miller on John Adamson (ed.): The English Civil War. Conflicts and Contexts, 1640-49 (2009) : http://is.gd/4Ib9f
  • Ren: [UPDATE] Open Call for Papers / Teaching Medieval and Renaissance Literature : http://is.gd/4IcvF
  • nR: @Wondergirl's Tipps für Studierende : http://is.gd/4Ic4i : endlich mal berufsbefähigende Ausbildung in geisteswissenschatlichen BAs!
  • Ren: CFP: Sussex conf.: The uses and abuses of history in early modern europe : http://is.gd/4IcWd
  • Ren: Trithemius: QQ ad Maximilianum,1 De fide et intellectu... 3 De Miraculis Infidelium ... 6 De potestate malificarum : http://is.gd/4Idwx
  • Ren: Meurer, Wolfgang / Bech, Philipp: De catarrhis disputatio, Lipsiae, 1549 [VD16 M 5020] : http://is.gd/4Idqg
  • Ren: RT @C16history New post up at http://bit.ly/2xvPHX I went to the British Library last week! / #FirstDateWithManuscripts
  • Ren: Noe Meurer: Loci Communes:Aller des Hayligen Römischen Reichß Ordnungen, gehaltener Reichßtäge & Abschied 1568 : http://is.gd/4L7to
  • Ren: RT @mercpol
  • Ren: Antunes on Curto & Bethencourt (edd.): Portuguese Oceanic Expansion, 1400-1800 : http://is.gd/4LKkk
  • Ren: Klaus Graf on Rolf Götz: Die Herzöge von Teck. Herzöge ohne Herzogtum (2009) : http://is.gd/4LP6W ( @Archivalia_kg )
  • Ren: RT @medievalissa Portrait of Henry VII (Engl.) as a child by an unknown artist. http://bit.ly/4mYxbm
  • Ren: Call 4 Nominations for 2011 Antonio Zampolli Prize (for outstanding scholarly achievement in humanities computing) : http://is.gd/4M1bL
  • Ren: job: Hunter (CUNY): pen-rank professorship in the history of Early Modern Europe (1400-1800) : http://is.gd/4M2a3
  • Ren: RT @charlesnodier Rdg: “Théophraste Renaudot: créateur du journalisme en France” (a contemporary of Descartes) at http://bit.ly/1mbftG
  • Ren: CfP: Gossip, gospel, and governance: orality in Europe 1400-1700 : http://is.gd/4MHxW
  • Ren: Eisermann on Timm on 1486 Perigrinatio in terram sanctam (2006) : http://is.gd/4MPoE / #BernhardVonBreidenbach #ErhardReuwich
  • Ren: Bayer, Johann: Uranometria (Ulm, 1648) : http://is.gd/4MPS6
  • Ren: Braun & al.: Beschreibung & Contrafactur der vornembster Stät der Welt; 1 (1582) (thanks to @Archivalia_kg ) : http://is.gd/4NDGm
  • Ren: Brian Nance on John Henderson: The Renaissance Hospital: Healing the Body and Healing The Soul (2006!) : http://is.gd/4NF37  
  • Ren: Helbig on Kießling (& al., edd.): Räume und Wege. Jüdische Geschichte im Alten Reich 1300-1800 (2007) : http://is.gd/4NHkF
  • Ren: Vienna 2009-11 conf.: Übersetzen im Mittelmeerraum. Konstruktionen und Dekonstruktionen von 'Okzident' und Orient' : http://is.gd/4NHgA
  • Ren: thanks to @katrinagulliver for "Guy Fawkes early victim of harsh anti-terror legislation."!
  • nR: Always remember the 5th of November: Failure of attempt at radical change in spite of inspiration 4 a fine comic & film / V for Vendetta
  • Ren: Always remember the 5th of November: Failure of attempt at radical change in spite of inspiration for a fine comic & film / Guy Fawkes
  • Ren: Quad, Matthias: Memorabilia mundi, Cölln, 1601 / VD17 23:238969N / : http://is.gd/4NJdr
  • Ren: Rivius: De stultitia mortalium, in procrastinanda correctione vitae (1557, VD16 R 2656) : http://is.gd/4NJDI
  • Ren: Creutzer, Peter: Planeten Büchlin, Wie man eines jeden Menschen art, Natur und Complexion erkennen soll (1556) : http://is.gd/4NJrL
  • Ren: Just posted to "RES: Rinascimentalium Epistolarum studii" at http://bit.ly/320QwK / feel free to join. / #facebook
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  • Ren: Jansonius, P. A.: Mundi furiosi continuatio ab anno 1597 - 1600 (1600, VD16 ZV 11239) : http://is.gd/4NK34
  • Ren: Karen Baston on "Remembering the 5th of November" : http://is.gd/4NKFP
  • Ren: RT @tyger2000uk,@HistoryTODAY,@DaintyBallerina: To Blowe Up The Parliament House - new blog post http://bit.ly/3o7D3L / Guy Fawkes
  • Ren: RT @tyger2000uk
  • Ren: wrack of late 14th cent. ship to be extracted from Lake Constance : http://is.gd/4NMjn
  • Ren: If Guy Fawkes had been successful, we'd probably tweet in Latin. / Guido Fauxus vincens lingua twitterorum Latina.
  • nR: TheHistoryWoman,@ihr_history,@JISC Understanding 'Generation Y' doctoral students http://tinyurl.com/yc445j7
  • Ren: The poster of the day (from Scotland, 2003?) : http://is.gd/4NVF2 / Guy Fawkes
  • nR: RT @phdcomics New comic: 'Command structure' http://bit.ly/1pAmWE
  • Ren: LMU: Celebrating Reinhard Schwarz's 80th birthday : http://is.gd/4OEAi
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman,@ihr_history,@ahrcpress Research at Trinity Dublin digitises MSS from 1641 Irish rebellion http://bit.ly/2tUtOH
  • Ren: Das Eisleber Luther-Jubiläum am 10. November 1883 / Von Carl Storch, Pastor an St. Annen zu Eisleben (1883) : http://is.gd/4ONpx
  • Ren: celebrations: Luther in Tübingen - Vollendung und Zukunft eines Jahrhundertprojekts" : http://is.gd/4OWEv / #WeimarerAusgabe
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman,@tyger2000uk Conference funding for Renaissance Studies http://bit.ly/4hoiM5 #history #conferences #UK #Ireland
  • Ren: Reenactment of Luther's legendary 1521/22 (counter-)attack on the devil : http://is.gd/4SnR7
  • Ren: Das Eisleber Luther-Jubiläum am 10. November 1883, Von Karl Storch, Pastor an St. Annen zu Eisleben (1883,2nd ed.) : http://is.gd/4SoLI
  • Ren: Rechts-, Lehen-, Gerichtschreiber- & Reformations-Ordnung  Wilhelms, Hertzogen zu Gülich, Cleve und Berg (1635) : http://is.gd/4SoIz
  • Ren: exhib. Bochum: Der Fall Lackum. Justiz und Alltag an der Ruhr um 1590 : http://is.gd/4SF8z / #Reichskammergericht
  • Ren: conf. Padua: Le Università e le guerre dal Medioevo alla Seconda Guerra
  • Ren: RT @history_geek Hocus Pocus. 17th century magic tricks. http://bit.ly/2p3Vuh
  • Ren: RT @legalhistory Blank on The Laws of War in Shakespeare: International vs. Internal Armed Confl.. http://bit.ly/32Y8wg
  • Ren: M. Vester on Th. A. Kirk: Genoa and the Sea: Policy and Power in an EM Maritime Republic (1559-1684) (2005!) : http://is.gd/4TY7P
  • Ren: Christopher Thompson: Ronald Hutton's epiphany : http://is.gd/4U05q / #unreliability
  • Ren: Lipsius: De Amphitheatris Quae Extra Romam Libellus (1598) : http://is.gd/4U0PA
  • Ren: Ren: Justus Lipsius: Saturnalium Sermonum Libri Duo, Qui De Gladiatoribus (1598) : http://is.gd/4U0LQ
  • Ren: Justus Lipsius: Saturnalium Sermonum Libri Duo, Qui De Gladiatoribus (1604) : http://is.gd/4U0IP
  • Ren: learning from ships' wrecks in the Mare Balticum : http://is.gd/4U6Zw
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina Daily at two in the afternoon - new blog post http://bit.ly/1jA4Np / #theater #London #1599
  • Ren: Erasmus, Desiderius: Colloquio intitulado Institution del matrimonio, Valencia (1528) : http://is.gd/4WdDP BSB-Sign.: Rar. 1014#Beibd.2
  • Ren: London workshop 2009-11-20: Scribal Culture in Italy, 1450-1650 :
  • Ren: Amerigo Vespucci: Mundus novus: German, ca. 1505 : http://is.gd/4WTqN
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina Drunken cocks & bear baiting - new blog post http://bit.ly/76zt9
  • Ren: RT @tannerritchie 1642, 14 Nov: http://ow.ly/i/84I  fears of people during the Civil War. Ct.ess of Sussex piling up wood behind doors.
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina Drinking, fiddling, prostitutes, hangings - new blog post http://bit.ly/2yqX1B / #London #1599
  • Ren: Lipsius, Iustus:De Militia Romana ... Commentarivs Ad Polybium (1602) : http://is.gd/4XLb3
  • Ren: Helm, Lambert Ludolf: Nuptiae Palatinae liber 8us, qui est Siluarum 5us, ad Fridericvm IV. Electorem Palatinum : http://is.gd/4XKU7
  • Ren: Briefwechsel des Ubbo Emmius / hrsg. von H. Brugmans (1911,1923) : http://is.gd/4XKO9 // RES: Rinascimentalium Epistolarum studii
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Städte-Encomia, frei in HathiTrust nicht in Google : http://is.gd/4YAjO
  • Ren: K. W. Bowers on Alexandra Parma Cook & Noble David Cook: The Plague Files: Crisis Management in 16th ct Seville: http://is.gd/4YDPg
  • Ren: Patricia Garcia on Laura A. Lewis. Hall of Mirrrors: Power, Witchcraft, and Caste in Colonial Mexico (2003) : http://is.gd/4YIEg
  • Ren: CfP: July, 2011 Conference: Gossip, Gospel and Governance: Orality in Europe 1400-1700 : http://is.gd/4YJTj
  • Ren: CfP: London 2010: From Coronation to Chari-Vari: The Many Uses of Ritual and Ceremony in the Early Modern World : http://is.gd/4YKBF
  • Ren: David Rundle: response to Cliff Davies on Kevin Sharpe: Selling the Tudor Monarchy : http://is.gd/4YKnk / thanks 2 http://is.gd/4YKpg !
  • Ren: Dieter Wunder on Michael Sikora: Der Adel in der Frühen Neuzeit (2009) : http://is.gd/4YKP5
  • Ren: RT @wynkenhimself,@LuxMentis: Happy biblio-birthday: Nov 18 1485: A Litil Boke for the Pestilence: 1s printed bk on medicine (Caxton)
  • RT @bildung_muc: unsere forderungen sind endlich online und sollten alle skeptiker ruhigstellen http://bit.ly/6JcyLh #unserelmu #unibren ...
  • Ren: RT @HistoryTODAY Galileo's fingers and tooth rediscovered: today's top history news http://bit.ly/5X0gWU
  • nR: Karl Jaspers's library goes to Oldenburg : http://is.gd/51RWa / #philosophia
  • Ren: job: Huntsville (Sam Houston State University): Professorship in
  • Ren: RT @ChaosPhoenx ... geführt, wie z.B. bei der Entdeckung Amerikas. da gabs sehr viele positive Rückkopplungen mit den Ureinwohnern
  • Ren: RT @ChaosPhoenx Zensursula: Internet ist, wie die Entdeckung neuer Kontinente. & Kommunikation hat immer zu positiven Rückkopplungen...
  • nR: tweet number 3333 : as it's a jubilee tweet: I'll send it without any content. / #twittuläum #twittulee
  • Ren: CFP: “Preaching, Teaching, Manipulating”: Authors & Authority in Medieval & Early Modern Literature (Reading 2010) : http://is.gd/52yh6
  • Ren: bk: Šišić, Bruno: Dubrovnik Renaissance gardens : genesis and design characteristics (2008) : http://is.gd/52yb2 / #Arboretum #Trsteno
  • Ren: bk: Horn, Ildikó: Hit és hatalom : az erdélyi unitárius nemesség 16. századi története (2009) : http://is.gd/52y18
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS Early Modern Carnivalesque 56 at Investigations of a Dog: http://bit.ly/7f3D2B // IMO: Great: have a look at it!
  • Ren: RT @gerryos Will the #Voynich Manuscript, now housed at Yale, ever be decoded? A mystery,an enigma,& a bound volume: http://is.gd/52yQR
  • Ren: Thanks to @BirkbeckEMS for pointing me to "Investigations of a Dog" ( http://is.gd/52A5b ) !
  • Ren: Modus legendi abbreviaturas in utroque iure (c1478 / BSB-Ink M-502 / GW M47339) : http://is.gd/52BqO

Ending 2009-11-24.
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hck's twittering: Tweets 2009-11-24 to 2010-01-15
Reply #13 - 15.01.2010 at 15:32:01
Here, once again, a list of selected tweets:

  • Ren: CFP: Food and the Social Imagination in Medieval and Renaissance Italy : http://is.gd/52FJt
  • Ren: RT @davidwacks Teaching Morisco aljamiado tale 'La Doncella Arcayona' (Tunis, ca. 1615) http://www.hurl.ws/8re0
  • Ren: Guido Braun on William Beik: A Social and Cultural History of Early Modern France (2009) : http://is.gd/53e4h
  • Ren: Seidel: Historia und Geschicht des Ehrwirdigen unsers in Gott lieben Vaters, Herrn Doctoris Martini Lutheri (1582) : http://is.gd/53ie6
  • Ren: found thanks to @archivalia_KG: Liechtenberg/Wecker: Hexen Buechlin (1575) : http://is.gd/53UQI
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Vincentius Opsopoeus: Die Kunst wie man recht trincken soll (1573/1891) : http://is.gd/53UXq
  • Ren: Flemming Schock on Andreas Würgler: Medien in der Frühen Neuzeit (2009) : http://is.gd/53VTk / #printing
  • Ren: bk: Zoran Ladić (& al., edd.): Knjiga labinskog bilježnika Bartolomeja Gervazija (1525-1550) (2008) : http://is.gd/53WAl
  • Ren: bk: Stefan Zabłocki (ed. P. Urbański): Studien z neulateinischen Literatur (2009) : http://d-nb.info/996162623 TOC: http://is.gd/53WwW
  • ren: RT @DaintyBallerina Swimming a Witch - new blog post http://bit.ly/8lz32o (1613)
  • Ren: bk: Sause, Birte: Zur Ambiguität des weiblichen Herrschers in der Liebestragödie der englischen Renaissance (2009) : http://is.gd/57JNk
  • Ren: Christopher Thompson: to the VC Univ of Sussex & the head of its History, ... & Philosophy faculty : http://is.gd/57S2i / #crisis / #EM
  • Ren: map: John Smith: Virginia in 1612 : http://is.gd/57RUf
  • Ren: Bessonus & Beroaldus: Theatrum Instrumentorum Et Machinarum (1582) : http://is.gd/57SWv
  • Ren: Lescher, Paulus: Lescherii ars latinisandi sive flos rethoricae - BSB Clm 24533 : http://is.gd/57SMV
  • Ren: La Noue: Antwort auf des Herzogs von Parma ... Schreiben damit er vermeint im vom Dienst abfellig zu machen (1591) : http://is.gd/57SHL
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS CFP Early Modern Print Culture at Toronto: http://bit.ly/5Qrrb8
  • Ren: bk: Bernard J. Cottret (trans. P. Stevenson): The Huguenots in England : Immigration & Settlement 1550–1700 (2009) : http://is.gd/59JpV
  • Ren: Jörg Wettlaufer: Das Herrenrecht der ersten Nacht (1999) : http://is.gd/59U39 (thanks to @Archivalia_kg for the pointer on facebook!)
  • Ren: t: CFP: Stadtkultur des spaeten Mittelalters und der fruehen Neuzeit in Ostmitteleuropa : http://is.gd/5a5VH
  • Ren: CFP: The 1641 depositionsTongueolitics, Society and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms : http://is.gd/5a7uW / #Ireland
  • Ren: bk: Titone, Fabrizio: Governments of the "Universitates" : urban communities of Sicily 14th and 15th cent (2009) : http://is.gd/5a7dv
  • Ren: CFP: What a piece of work is man: Exploring Early Modern Masculinity : http://is.gd/5a75G
  • Ren: CFP: Sacred and Profane Consumption in Boccaccio's Decameron and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales : http://is.gd/5a73E
  • Ren: Settle & Forbisher: Beschreibung der Schiffart des Haubtmans Martini Forbißher in die Lender gg W & NW 1577 (1580) : http://is.gd/5a8B0
  • Ren: Ronsard, Pierre de: Continuation Du Discours des Miseres de ce Temps (1562) : http://is.gd/5a8h8 / (Server down right now?)
  • Ren: @historytweeter asks: Has the Voynich Manuscript been decoded? http://bit.ly/6XTzuv // IMO: no! Have a e.g. look at the garlic and soy.
  • nR: 85-208-15-3547 / frustrated: how to make students see that a university is not the same sort of thing as a school?? / #twitteroff
  • Ren: Mike Charney on Wil O. Dijk. Seventeenth-Century Burma and the Dutch East India Company, 1634-1680 (2006!) : http://is.gd/5bZ3f
  • Ren: gallica: Robert Estienne (1503-1559) et Etienne Dolet (1509-1546): deux imprimeurs humanistes : http://is.gd/5c0tT
  • Ren: Digitales Cranach Archiv - Arbeitsplattform für Forscher und Informationsportal für die Öffentlichkeit : http://is.gd/5c1iJ
  • Ren: Christopher Thompson: Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick and the government of Essex 1619-1629 : http://is.gd/5c8aH
  • Ren: bk: MacAdam, Ian: Magic and masculinity in early modern English drama (2009) : http://is.gd/5cawk
  • Ren: bk: İdris Bostan: Adriyatik'te korsanlık : Osmanlılar, Uskoklar, Venedikliler, 1575 - 1620  (2009) : http://is.gd/5casC / #pirates
  • Ren: Newberry Library Centre for Renaissance Studies programmes for Spring, 2010 : http://is.gd/5cb1Z
  • Ren: Tychonis Brahe De Mundi Aetherei Recentioribus Phaenomenis : Liber Secundus (1603) : http://is.gd/5cbSm
  • Ren: AL: Protect Your Children from the Classics!  : http://is.gd/5ckoP / #Chaucer mentioned [Smiley]
  • Ren: Frankfurt some time in 2010: course: Gebrauchsspuren in Büchern / all 2009 places were taken. / http://is.gd/5f3pf
  • Ren: bk: Berger, Anna Maria Busse: Memory and invention : medieval and Renaissance literature, art and music (2009) http://is.gd/5fMvP
  • Ren: Bukovinská, Beket (ed.): München - Prag um 1600 (2009) : http://is.gd/5fMra / history of art
  • Ren: RT @mercpol Harbottle Grimston and Oliver Cromwell in 1648 - http://tinyurl.com/yh2w7dq (via @TheHistoryWoman )
  • Ren: in defence of sussex EM history : http://is.gd/5gKag
  • Ren: Bavardess included in list of "100 best blogs for the literati" : http://is.gd/5gK5y http://is.gd/5gK5T
  • Ren: bk: Cohn, Samuel Kline: Cultures of plague : medical thinking at the end of the Renaissance (2009) : http://is.gd/5gJUu
  • Ren: bk: Collins, James B.: The state in early modern France (2nd ed., 2009) : http://is.gd/5hGL6
  • Ren: RT @researchdigest : William Deresiewicz:  Faux Friendship : http://bit.ly/57zPJz (via @TheHistoryWoman ) / De amicitia #Montaigne & al
  • Ren: Lipsius: De cruce (1599) : http://is.gd/5hM4u
  • Ren: Schunka on Head: Jenatsch's Axe (2008) : http://is.gd/5jjdQ
  • Ren: Luebke on Dierkes: Streitbar & ehrenfest: Zur Konfliktführung im münsterländischen Adel des 16. & 17. Jhd (2007) : http://is.gd/5jiMw
  • Ren: 3 talks on "rinascimental" texts in the "Biblioitheksnacht" in our library on Thursday : http://is.gd/5ofZ0 / #unserelmu
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina Florentine sodomy for anyone interested http://bit.ly/n9rH3
  • Ren: 16th cent. fake dragons: Fairy-Tale Dragons and DIY Monsters in Early Modern Italy : http://is.gd/5pJdv
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS New Bulletin out in 2010. Contributions welcome! http://bit.ly/8Mr1hn
  • Ren: Kreussler: Rückblicke auf d Gesch d. Reformation oder Luther i Leben & That : http://is.gd/5pJjj (1830) / 300years Augsburg Confession
  • nR: published a note ("Protesting strangeness") over at fb ( http://www.facebook.com/hckuhn ), visible to everyone / #unserelmu #unibrennt
  • Ren: RT @tannerritchie
  • Ren: RT @MagBaroque Competition & Conflict in a 17th Century Musicians Union http://is.gd/5iNU3 / #Venice #Grandi #Monteverdi,Antonio Priuli
  • Ren: bk: Canton de Thiviers: recueil des actes d'état-civil de la commune de Nantheuil (Nantuelh) 1604-1702 (2009) / BSB, problematic link
  • Ren: Tasso, Torquato / Vannini, Guido (trans.): Torqvati Tassi Liber XVI. Hierosolymae liberatae, Vicentiae, 1623 : http://is.gd/5r2AL
  • Ren: Alistair Bellany (& al., edd.): Early Stuart Libels: edition of poetry from ms sources : http://is.gd/5r2pW (via http://is.gd/5r2qU )
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS , @halbion: REV: Jessica Sharkey on David Starkey, Susan Doran, eds. _Henry VIII: Man and Monarch: http://bit.ly/4DbLly
  • Ren: bk: Bernardini, Michele: Mémoire et propagande à l'époque timouride  (2008) : http://is.gd/5r26Z , TOC is at http://is.gd/5r28q
  • Ren: Vetter, Ewald M.: Mariologische Tafelbilder des 15. Jahrhunderts und das Defensorium des Franz von Retz (1954) : http://is.gd/5r2GI
  • mR: RT @erlebt
  • Ren: benefits of wine (1547) : http://is.gd/5reXh
  • Ren: RT @MagBaroque ‘The Play of the Wether’: a sixteenth-century summit http://bit.ly/6e4H7F / #weathercontent
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina
  • Ren: Montecatini survived Powerpoint. [Smiley] / 90-221-18-3785 / #twitteroff
  • Ren: Joh. Gerson de pollutione nocturna. Ex tractatu Heinrici de Hassia de confessione (&c):  BSB Clm 23908 (15th cent.): http://is.gd/5sz62
  • Ren: Homecoming for the Montebuono manuscript  (Yale Law Library - Rare Books Blog) : http://is.gd/5syXN
  • Ren: More 1547 statements on alcoholic beverages over @DaintyBallerina's blog at http://is.gd/5syTb
  • Ren: John Hunt on Nicholas Terpstra (ed.): The Art of Executing Well: Rituals of Execution in Renaissance Italy (2008) http://is.gd/5szxw
  • Ren: Raccolta Delle Orationi Che si contengono Nell' historia Di Fiandra Del Cardinal <Guido> Bentivoglio (1640) : http://is.gd/5szjP
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS Ren Soc funding: http://bit.ly/8LLD5I / for UK and Ireland
  • nR: RT @MagBaroque
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman Was Shakespeare a secret Catholic? http://is.gd/5x7B6 // Even in the 1580s not all tourists were catholics ... .
  • // W4RF Montecatini: Praelectio in lib. de moribus (1561) http://bit.ly/8HMacv
  • // W4RF Kuhn on Montecatini 1561 (2009, slides, German) http://bit.ly/8cHbO8
  • Ren: CFP: Renaissance Studies and Italian Studies at Princeton University Annual Conference April 24th and 25th 2010 : http://is.gd/5ypnz
  • Ren: @archivalia_KG in praise of google book search: http://is.gd/5yp2q / snippets, Hystoria bellorum atque litigiorum ducis Burgundie
  • nR: RT @librarymistress Jewish christmas plans @ XKCD http://xkcd.com/679/ Wink  / observation, precise data, physics, religion // A gem!
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman “Machiavelli: 1st realist” says J. Powell,author 2B of The New M. http://tinyurl.com/yeuthjc / Aegidius? Aristotle?
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Dublettenverscherbelung http://archiv.twoday.net/stories/6125041/ / incunabula, Paul Needham
  • Ren: Russell Poole on Alastair Minnis:  Fallible Authors: Chaucer's Pardoner and Wife of Bath (2008) : http://is.gd/5QHsx
  • Ren: Hess on  Steinbrink: Ulrich Meltinger: Ein Basler Kaufmann am Ende des 15. Jahrhunderts (2007) : http://is.gd/5QHdI
  • Ren: Friedrichs on Riitta Laitinen & Thomas V. Cohen (edd.): Cultural History of EM European Streets (2009) : http://is.gd/5QIn5
  • Ren: bk: Cuir, Raphaël: The development of the study of anatomy from the Renaissance to Cartesianism (2009) : http://is.gd/5R5kE
  • Ren: CFP for no idea what: Queering Childhood in Early Modern English Drama : http://is.gd/5UnOZ
  • Ren: CFP: The Afterlife of Raleigh (MLA 2011) : http://is.gd/5UnHc
  • RT @wynkenhimself: Codex Scroll Book Text. Figure out what these mean and why it matters. #twyllabus
  • RT @wynkenhimself: Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays. Read them. #twyllabus
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Bruderschaften waren das Facebook des Mittelalters // IMO: far more than that: insurances, clubs, sponsors of art ...
  • Ren: idem: Petrarch: Trionfi: Houghton Library. MS Typ 042. : http://is.gd/63jQB
  • Ren: Harvard: Houghton Library. MS Typ 17. Petrarca, Francesco: De vita et gestis Scipionis : http://is.gd/63jzJ (fnd thx 2 @Archivalia_kg )
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS,@history_geek: Nice! RT @phalpern Splendid piece by Lisa Jardine about the power of printed books: http://bit.ly/8XtfsY
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS Upcoming Carnivalesque: RT @GentlemanAdmn: Mini-post at the Gentleman Administrators Place: http://bit.ly/8lqfIM
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS EM women, new book: Discount for EM Intelligencer readers! http://bit.ly/8rkjq0 / Ulrike Tancke: Bethinke Thy Selfe
  • Ren: RT @wynkenhimself blogger, digital scholar, early modernist & all-around smart @whitneytrettien now tweeting!
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Frivoles Tanzlied : Wikisource http://bit.ly/7reFxp / von hübschen frewlein singen
  • Ren: RT @medievalissa Happy Birthday, Andrea Alciati!: Italian jurist Andrea Alciati was born on January 12, 1492.  http://bit.ly/6l5apE
  • Ren: CFP: The Computational Turn : http://is.gd/67awu
  • Ren: RT @HistoryTODAY The discovery of El Dorado and other lost cities of the past http://bit.ly/7Nerqp
  • Ren: Karlstadt, Andreas: Dyalogus Von Frembdem glauben, Glauben der kirchen, Tauff der Kinnder (1527) : http://is.gd/67Gdl
  • Ren:  Des Ritters Hans Ebran von Wildenberg Chronik von den Fürsten aus Bayern (ed. Friedrich Roth, 1905) : http://is.gd/67F3g / #historia
  • Ren: Füetrer, Ulrich: Bayerische Chronik (ed. Reinhold Spiller, 1909) : http://is.gd/67EMQ / #historia, #bavaria
  • Ren: Herman J. Selderhuis: three reviews of books on university history: http://is.gd/6aZuY
  • Ren: Conf./course: From War Lords to Courtiers? The Tudor and Early Stuart Nobility (Oxford, 2010-03) : http://is.gd/6baBI
  • Ren: Lehrmann, Joachim: Hexen- und Dämonenglaube im Lande Braunschweig  (2nd ed., 2009) : http://d-nb.info/99619455X
  • Ren: Th. Woelki on N. Asutay-Effenberger & U. Rehm (edd): Sultan Mehmet II. Eroberer Konstantinopels - Patron der Künste: http://is.gd/6b9CA
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS,@ihr_history: M. Ricci map goes on display in the US, produced in 1602 for the Chinese emperor http://bit.ly/5x4PKo
  • Ren: R.R.: Leben & Thaten des ...  Verführers & falschen Meßias, Sabathai Sevi oder Schabsaswi (1752) : http://is.gd/6bgER / שַׁבְּתַי צְבִי
  • Ren: Tractatulus de fraternitatibus in generali, [Memmingen], 1500 [BSB-Ink T-406 / GW 10311 BSB 4 Inc.c.a. 1825] : http://is.gd/6bfD5
  • Ren: RT @xentahl A close-up analysis of William Jeggard's font for Shakespeare's First Folio @ Beinecke http://bit.ly/6YaGNC
  • Ren: RT @halbion Call for Visiting Scholar Award Applications-U. Illinois Rare Book Library: http://bit.ly/8ZuNtI
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Ren: Rüxneraufsatz online http://www.freidok.uni-freiburg.de/volltexte/7140/
  • Ren: RT @MagBaroque Claude Le Jeune :  16thcent composer, chief exponent of musique mesurée à l’antique http://bit.ly/7NFpMx
  • Ren: RT @whitneytrettien is curious if Shakespeareans hv used t new Shkspr 4os Archive online &  what they think of it http://bit.ly/5fB14w
  • Ren: databases of and concerning orationes funebres: http://web.uni-marburg.de/fpmr/ / oratio funebris
  • Ren: Cornelia Niekus Moore on Rudolf Lenz (ed.): Katalog der Leichenpredigten (2008) :http://is.gd/6eVuK / orationes funebres
  • Ren: bk: Véronique Ferrer, Frank Lestringant, Alexandre Tarrête: Sur les "Discours des misères de ce temps" de Ronsard : http://is.gd/6f6zZ
  • Ren: vol 1 of Hermannus van der Hardt's edition of the acts of the Council of Constance (1696) : http://is.gd/6f8pt
  • Ren: Digitised volumes 2-7 of Hermannus van der Hardt's edition of the acts of the Council of Constance : http://is.gd/6f8fk
  • Ren: Hermannus van der Hardt: Rerum Concilii Oecumenici Constantiensis : T. 7 : Index generalis : http://is.gd/6f816
  • Ren: Rerum Concilii Oecumenici Constantiensis : T. 2: De Pace Ac Unione Ecclesiae (1697) : http://is.gd/6f7QW
  • Ren: Rerum Concilii Constantiensis : T. 5 : De Praeclaro Apparatu Et Incomparibili Pompa Magni Hujus Concilii (1699) : http://is.gd/6f7IX
  • Ren: Rerum Oecumenici Concilii Constantiensis : T. 6 : De Autoritate Jure Et Fatis Magni Hujus Concilii : http://is.gd/6f7yQ
  • nR: LMU seeks professor ordinarius for history of science: http://is.gd/6f9g5
  • nR: RT @NewHarpsichord My former teacher playing pedal harpsichord. Marvellous stuff! http://bit.ly/8dmmVt / amazing!!
  • Ren: Martin Keßler on Ulrike Ludwig: Philippismus & orthodoxes Luthertum an der Universität Wittenberg : http://is.gd/6jaWj / Jakob Andreä
  • Ren: Judith Becker on: Emidio Campi & Peter Opitz (edd.): Heinrich Bullinger (2007!) : http://is.gd/6jakv
  • Ren: Folger NEH Summer Institute: Ritual and Ceremony from Late-Medieval Europe to Early America : http://is.gd/6jeBr
  • Ren: Stephan Otto, former head of our institute now has an entry in the German Wikipedia: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephan_Otto
  • Ren: Ordnung & berechunge des Teutschen ampts zu Alstadt durch Tomam Muentzer ... auffgericht.|| 1523.|| (1524) : http://is.gd/6jswy
  • Ren: bk: Firpo, Massimo: "Navicula Petri" l'arte dei papi nel Cinquecento, 1527 - 1571 (2009) : http://is.gd/6jrpR

My twitter account is at http://twitter.com/hckGGREN .
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for contact information etc. concerning hck (Heinrich C. Kuhn): see http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/php/Kuhn/
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hck's twittering: Tweets 2010-01-21/03-19: Pt1
Reply #14 - 19.03.2010 at 11:16:37
Here is the first part of some 295 selected tweets from http://twitter.com/hckGGREN , tweeted there between 2010-01-21 and 2010-01-19 (older ones first):

  • Ren: Stephen Cooper on Jonathan Sumption: The Hundred Years War, Volume III: Divided Houses (2009) : http://is.gd/6IHFF
  • Ren: RT @thomasexciting I think for us 2 have our 2nd Renaissance we must do away with much of our cultural and intellectual ownership
  • Ren: Jopek, Norbert: Veit Stoss and the origins of collecting of small-scale sculpture before 1500 (RS, 24.1, 2010) : http://is.gd/6JfEa
  • Ren: Austen: : Superstates of The West and Central African Sudan (JEMH 13.6, 2009) : http://is.gd/6Jf57 / states without maps
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS, @xentahl: THE on a casualty of Sussex's plan to drop EM history:  http://bit.ly/71Bib3 / Naomi Tadmor, CUP, risks
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Teufelspakt auf Wikisource http://de.wikisource.org/wiki/Teufelspakt_des_David_Lipsius
  • Ren: RT @MagBaroque forgers, copyists, and authenticity/authority http://bit.ly/6j13hn / Read the comments too!
  • nR: (or Ren?): Card. Lehmann on Weise Rose, courage, parrhesia, Zivilcourage, Freimut: http://is.gd/6MXlo / #fortitudo, #unserelmu ἀνδρεία
  • Ren: Christopher Thompson on Naomi Tadmor's dismission by the Uni of Sussex: warning 2 that uni: "Historians remember." : http://is.gd/6NaxT
  • Ren: Ioannes Trithemius:  De republica ecclesiae et monachorum ordinis divi patris Benedicti (1493, GW M47521) : http://is.gd/6NdbO
  • Ren: Sonderbriefmarke zum 550-Jahr-Jubiläum der Universität Basel : http://is.gd/6Nf7y
  • Ren: talk: Robert Gramsch: Erfurt - Die älteste Universität Deutschlands? : http://is.gd/6NeYw
  • Ren: A. Vivus: Studium Verae Sapientiae. Darinn tractiert & gehandlet wird wie d Mensch sich verhalten solle 1/2 (1601) : http://is.gd/6NdLj
  • Ren: A. Vivus: Studium Verae Sapientiae. Darinn tractiert & gehandlet wird wie d Mensch sich verhalten solle 4/5 (1601) : http://is.gd/6NdsQ
  • Ren: exhib: "Das Athen der Welfen" - Herzog August Bibliothek eröffnet Ausstellung über die Reformuniversität Helmstedt : http://is.gd/6NfiQ
  • Ren: Ioannes Auerpachius (=Johannes <de Auerbach>): Poematum Libri quatuor (1554) : http://is.gd/6NYis
  • Ren: Gallo, Vincenzo: De Epigrammate, Oda Et Elegia (1624) : http://epub.ub.uni-muenchen.de/11233/
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS A new English Saint? http://bit.ly/4M51hy / Mary Ward
  • Ren: UB Hd: Heid. Hs. 3858
  • Ren: Custos, Dominicus / Kilian, Lucas / Kilian, Wolfgang (Künstler): Fuggerorum. Et Fuggerarum (1593) : http://is.gd/70zxU
  • nR: RT @musikFabrik Wow - that's a must. RT @bangonacan: Psssst; who wants a John Cage 4'33 t-shirt? YOU do, of course! http://bit.ly/53oSq3
  • Ren: RT @xentahl : RT @GentlemanAdmn: Carnivalesque no. 58 now posted: http://wp.me/pxnIu-gF #history #historycarnival #carnivalesque
  • Ren: RT @xentahl Article on the new Shakespeare Quartos Archive (http://www.quartos.org) in the Guardian: http://bit.ly/aCDje5
  • Ren: RT @xentahl Time, Space & Vision in EM Culture @ King'sCollege London, 27 Feb (speaker: Laroque) http://bit.ly/8wwCwf / Marlowe Faustus
  • Ren: (& nR): Lee W. Holt on Jon Mathieu: History of the Alps, 1500-1900 (2009) : http://is.gd/78tMu
  • Ren: Access logs for W4RF say: Ioannes Versorius is far more popular than I had assumed. Puzzled.
  • RT @v_i_o_l_a: soziale küchengeräte: http://minu.me/1m2b Smiley
  • Ren: RT @misciel : BBC: The medical secret behind Mona Lisa's smile: High Cholesterol? ( http://bit.ly/4ndyPP )
  • nR: Am expected to decide NOW what I'll teach in winter2010/11. Argh! / Bolognese <-> IT <-> admin. / Couldn't they just buy a crystal ball?
  • Ren: Julia Ilgner on Ludwig Schmugge: Ehen vor Gericht. - Paare der Renaissance vor dem Papst (2008) : http://is.gd/78BYs / #Oeconomica
  • nR: There is money to be spent on research on free will: http://is.gd/78B2L / More sensational:  http://is.gd/78B4D / De libero arbitrio
  • Ren: bk: Walther, Helmut G. (ed): Universitäres Leben im Collegium Jenense 1548 bis heute (2008) : http://d-nb.info/989198979
  • Ren: CFP for articles for a book: Disabling the Renaissance: Recovering Early Modern Disability : http://is.gd/78DqN
  • Ren: Fliscus, Stephanus: Sententiarum variationes sive synonyma (ca. 1481, GW 10004) : http://is.gd/78JLz
  • Ren: At least http://is.gd/794NA is better than http://is.gd/795hZ & http://is.gd/795nY on the "Florentine Academy", but: http://is.gd/796sw
  • Ren: made two anonymous changes to wikipedia articles. Don't known when to check for their persistence.
  • Ren: RT @history_geek Mona Lisa, an artist's self-portrait? Exhuming Leonardo to find out? http://bit.ly/70BTpt / Anybody left un-unearthed?
  • Ren: Franciscus Agricola: Gründtlicher Bericht/ Ob Zauberey die argste vnd grewlichste sünd auff Erden sey (1597) : http://is.gd/79uqC
    <div class="header"><span class="title"><a href="http://twitter.com/hckGGREN/statuses/8314868025">hckGGREN: Ren: RT @Archivalia_kgm Arminius http://digital.ub.uni-duesseldorf.de/content/titleinfo/346729 / 1535, Georg Spalatin (Twitter / hckGGREN)</a></span><span class="status" style="float:right;"></span>
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kgm Arminius http://digital.ub.uni-duesseldorf.de/content/titleinfo/346729 / 1535, Georg Spalatin
  • Ren: Exhibition of block books in LMU's university library: http://is.gd/7cM5e / #unserelmu
  • Ren: Joshua Landy: Corruption by Literature : http://is.gd/7cTat / i.a. great discussion of Chaucer's The Nun priest's tale.
  • Ren: Klaus Graf ( @Archivalia_kg ) : Online tools for dealing with Latin abbreviations : http://archiv.twoday.net/stories/6160135/
  • Ren: bk: Stahl, Alan M.: The rebirth of antiquity (2009) http://is.gd/7cUqN / numismatics
  • Ren: bk: Lang, Thomas: Coburger Universitätsbesuche im Mittelalter (2009) : http://opacplus.bsb-muenchen.de/search?isbn=3-9810350-5-4
  • Ren: bk: Kirchhoff, Matthias: Gedächtnis in Nürnberger Texten d 15. Jhd.s
  • Ren: bk: Wels, Volkhard: Der Begriff der Dichtung in d Frühen Neuzeit (2009) : http://bit.ly/d22w0u
  • Ren: Friedrich Dedekind: Regium Regis Salomonis Votum (1593) : http://diglib.hab.de/wdb.php?dir=drucke/gn-sbd-31-3s
  • Ren: Versorius: Concordantiae Thomae et Alberti (1489) : http://daten.digitale-sammlungen.de/~db/0004/bsb00044401/images/
  • Ren: Graminaeus: Anleitung  ... wie ein Richter in ... Sachen die Zauberer vnd Hexen belangendt sich z verhalten (1594) : http://is.gd/7cYWF
  • Ren: decided on title of a talk to give in summer: "vegetable prudence and human instinct in Montecatini" (Yes. [Smiley] )
  • Ren: more bad news: RT @TheHistoryWoman Uni cuts, redundancies - and bye-bye palaeography at King's College London http://is.gd/7gWAs / #KCL
  • Ren: Former Warburg Institute Students Awarded prizes for their PhD Theses : http://is.gd/7hdcz
  • Ren: bk: Hille, Iris: Der Teufelspakt in frühneuzeitlichen Verhörprotokollen (2009) : http://is.gd/7hIXf , TOC at http://is.gd/7hITm
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS,@Crafthole,@Medievalists Conference to announce true location of Bosworth Battlefield http://bit.ly/amRCaz / 1485
  • Ren: Adam Smyth provides information on Renaissance (&c.) events in New York : http://is.gd/7ilAR
  • Ren: London 2010-02-27: conference: Time, Space and Vision in Early Modern Culture : http://is.gd/7imXM
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS RT @halbion: ArtsHum: Early Modern Spain (EMS ): http://bit.ly/9wOr2k
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg PND arbeitet grob fahrlässig http://archiv.twoday.net/stories/6167023/#6167079 / Lorenz Fries NE Lorenz Fries
  • Ren: RT @Birkbeck EMS  BirkbeckEMS Philosophical Libraries Project: http://bit.ly/aE3pAl
  • Ren: mailed to principal@kcl.ac.uk , cc jan.palmowski@kcl.ac.uk concerning the elimination of #palaeography at #KCL
  • Ren: RT @kindofpalejewel Any1 working in the arts & humanities shd watch what's happening at #KCL - no discipline is safe. #savepalaeography
  • Ren: someone over in the fb-group "Save Paleography At King's London" suggested to use #savepalaeography for twets on this. / #KCL
  • nR: What is philosophy? and why does not-history-oriented philosophy #fail? Read the comments to http://is.gd/7udba / historia philosophiae
  • Ren: Erfurt/Gotha: Abendgespräche zum Alten Buch : http://is.gd/7ufsB
  • Ren: "// W4RF Re: King's College London cuts: i.a. palaeography http://bit.ly/duh4n2" is about #KCL &  #savepalaeography
  • Ren: Pollich, Martin: Oratio congrua dicta secundum mentem et intentionem Alexandri (1498) : http://is.gd/7ujXQ
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Ren resp Rhen: Digitalisate von Büchern des Beatus Rhenanus in Séléstat http://archiv.twoday.net/stories/6168535/
  • Ren: RT @kindofpalejewelm Medieval Academy of America officially weighing in! http://is.gd/7wZCq /  #savepalaeography #KCL
  • Ren: RT @historytweeter #history Leonardo da Vinci’s Resume http://bit.ly/cFOgsZ
  • Ren: job: LMU seeks a historian of law (predoctoral): http://is.gd/7x6u1
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS RT @BibliOdyssey: Rome After Raphael online exhibition: http://bit.ly/cwtkg6 (via @MorganLibrary)
  • RT @BSB_OEA: Am 5.2.10 öffnet der neue Aventinus-Lesesaal. www.bsb-muenchen.de. Anmeldung zur Benutzung im Sekretariat Abt. Benutzungsdi ...
  • Ren: Girolamo Brusoni: Vita Di Ferrante Pallavicino (1655) : http://is.gd/7ypWy
  • Ren: CFP: Edinburgh 2010-07: Re-creating Renaissance and Baroque Spectacle: The Hispanic Habsburg Dynasty in Context : http://is.gd/7ysl2
  • Ren: RT @tjdva 4 Comp Lit schlrs planning on #MLA11, CFP: Rethinking t Anglo-French Renaissance special session. abstrs by 6 Mar #mla11cfp
  • Ren: José de Acosta: Historia natural y moral de las Indias: http://is.gd/7BDop
  • Ren: bk:  Schröder, Stefan: Zwischen Christentum und Islam: kulturelle Grenzen in den Pilgerberichten des Felix Fabri http://is.gd/7BMnY
  • Ren: bk: Scheib, Otto: D innerchristlichen Religionsgespräche im Abendland (2009) : http://bit.ly/cF9tnR
  • Ren: bk: Cser, Andreas: Die großen Heidelberger Fässer: Fürstenprestige, wirtschaftliche Unvernunft und Untertanenprotest http://is.gd/7BLIa
  • Ren: bk: Moser & Fuhrer: Der lange Schatten Zwinglis
  • Ren: Johann Flittner: Nebulo Nebulonum; Hoc est, Iocoseria Modernae Nequitiae Censura (1620) http://is.gd/7BNAI / Scelera & Fraudes
  • Ren: bk: L. Beinke: Familie Twente:Richter,Bürgerm.,Hospitalgr.:Gesch. e Osnabrücker Fam i 13. & 14. Jhd (2010): http://d-nb.info/998544612
  • Ren: 2600 signatures: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?spkcl10 / #savepalaeography #KCL
  • Ren: Boccaccio: De amore Guiscardi et Sigismundae (Lat., ca. 1499, GW 5639) :  http://is.gd/7FT0k / #ESP
  • Ren: CFP for Military History Carnival 2010-02 : http://is.gd/7FSFS
  • Ren: CFP: Perth: Poverty in the Medieval and Early Modern World : http://is.gd/7FSti
  • Ren: bk: Greco, Pietro: L' idea pericolosa di Galileo (2009) : http://opacplus.bsb-muenchen.de/search?localkey=11642146
  • Ren: bk: Michalsky, Tanja (ed.): Aufsicht, Ansicht, Einsicht (2009) : http://is.gd/7FRNR / history of cartography, TOC at http://is.gd/7FRTa
  • Ren: ms: Anmerkungen und Hinweise zur Reichskammergerichtsordnung - BSB Clm 30232 : http://is.gd/7FTmA
  • Ren: Fretful Porpentine on Shakespeare, Elder Wand and Resurrection Stone : http://is.gd/7Gu2q / [Smiley]
  • Ren: Jasmin L. Johnson on Daniel C. Beaver: Hunting and the Politics of Violence before the English Civil War (2008) : http://is.gd/7K45o
  • Ren: Nicolaus Marescalcus: Res a iudaeis scelestissimis gesta, in monte Stellarum  (1522) : http://is.gd/7KgfB / #antisemitism
  • Ren: bk: Heigl, Armin:  Cuius regio, eius religio : vom Versuch die Oberpfälzer zu Calvinisten zu machen (2009) : http://is.gd/7KfnM
  • Ren: RT @xentahl CfP - Pedagogy, Ecocriticism, and Early Modern Texts @ MLA 2011, Los Angeles. Deadline 3 March http://bit.ly/drJJSl
  • Ren: RT @xentahl Final CfP of the day - Narrating Lives & Creating Communities in Early Modern Writing @ MLA 2011,  http://bit.ly/aIEB1f
  • Ren: More than 5000 (i.e. 5143) signatures to the petition by now: http://is.gd/7C95f / #savepalaeography , #KCL , #avalanche , well done
  • Ren: RT @xentahl
  • Ren: Munich 2010-02-10: History of law: notaries: http://www.uni-muenchen.de/aktuelles/news/meldungen/notarrecht.html / #unserelmu
  • Ren: Brian Leiter on outlawing (?) early modern history at sussex university: http://is.gd/7W9Hi
  • Ren: CfP for papers on "Death in Early Modern Literature" : http://is.gd/7WKy6
  • Ren: bk: Moretti, Laura & Howard, Deborah: Sound and space in Renaissance Venice (2009) : http://is.gd/7WL0q
  • Ren: bk: Hardtwig, Wolfgang:  Macht, Emotion und Geselligkeit : Studien zur Soziabilität in Deutschland 1500-1900 (2009): http://is.gd/7WPaa
  • Ren: bk: Neumann, H.-P. (ed.): Monadenbegriff zw Spätrenaissance u Aufkl (2009) : http://is.gd/7WOLh
  • Ren: bk: Wallentin, St.:  Fürstliche Normen & akademische "Observanzen": d Verf.g der Universität Jena 1630-1730 (2009) : http://is.gd/7WO9i
  • Ren: Cavlieri, Alberti, di Santis (edd): Antiqua4 Statua4 Urb9 Romae, Q i publicis privatisq3 locis visuntr Icones (1621) http://is.gd/7WSli
  • Ren: David M. Whitford on Robert Kolb (ed.): Lutheran Ecclesiastical Culture, 1550-1675 (2008) : http://is.gd/80kKQ
  • Ren: Chr. Ocker on U. Lotz-Heumann, J-F Mißfelder, M Pohlig (edd): Konversion & Konfession i d Frühen Neuzeit (2007!) : http://is.gd/80nWY
  • Ren: Dean Phillip Bell on Francesca Trivellato: Familiarity of Strangers: Sephardic Diaspora, Livorno, Trade (2009) : http://is.gd/80DBs
  • Ren: job: ass.prof. tt: Wilfrid Laurier University: early modern European history : http://is.gd/80Fw3
  • Ren: bk: Nicolas Rémy: Daemonolatreia (ed. Nicolaus Equiamicus, 2009) : http://opacplus.bsb-muenchen.de/search?isbn=978-3-86608-113-0
  • nR: conf. Düsseldorf 2010-02-26 : Averroes und die Kultur der Rationalität : http://is.gd/80Pyo / #philosophia
  • Ren: D. Martini Lutheri auserlesene kleine Schriften (1727/31) : http://is.gd/80S5R
  • Ren: CFP: Re-thinking the Anglo-French Renaissance (MLA 2011 special session) : http://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/node/35994
  • Ren: David Whitehouse: Galileo : Leben und Schicksal eines Renaissance-Genies (2009) / http://d-nb.info/994415168 / Ach!
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS Medieval & Renaissance Europe Conference at V&A: http://bit.ly/c4MHTP / "makers and markets"
  • Ren: RT @xentahl Seminars on EM Preaching: King David. 1-Day Colloquium @ Reading, 6 Nov 10. Deadline 15 June http://tumblr.com/x2t6bbzry
  • Ren: RT @krisrich Well-theor.d artcl RT @postmedieval Toward a transhuman model of #medieval #disability - Julie Singer http://bit.ly/cxGEMY
  • Ren: AL:  xcpt 4 mb 150 yrs much of t best lit. has Bn written by ppl who don't hv 2 depend on thr writing 2 make a livng http://is.gd/85Bno
  • Ren: bk: Carmen Álvarez Márquez: Impresores, libreros y mercaderes de libros en la Sevilla del Quinientos : http://is.gd/85DDZ
  • Ren: Ferrante Pallavicino: Himmlische Ehescheidung/ Durch der Römischen Braut leichtfertiges Leben verursacht (1643) : http://is.gd/85ESU
  • Ren: RT @history_geek Lecture topic  this wk: 16th-17th reproductive anatomy & t art of making babies Renaissance style. love my job!
  • Ren: RT @MagBaroque 15th century manuscript of Liber Visionum discovered at McMaster University http://bit.ly/brmOXY
  • Ren: Marc R. Forster on Thomas A. Brady Jr. German Histories in the Age of Reformations, 1400-1650 (2009) : http://is.gd/890v9
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS CFP: Reformation Studies at St Andrews: http://bit.ly/ctc09v
  • nR: Harpsichord music from J.S. Bach, T. Takemitsu, Lei Liang, played by Takae Ohnishi [alas: MP3]: http://is.gd/89Tye
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Ren: Joachim von Watt http://de.wikisource.org/wiki/Joachim_von_Watt / Vadianus
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman 1s palaeography, now history be4 1700 http://tinyurl.com/y96rmny Save medieval and early modern history!!! / Sussex
    div.content img {
  • Ren: Warren Alexander Dym on Tara E. Nummedal: Alchemy and Authority in the Holy Roman Empire (2007!) : http://is.gd/8dl7i / social history
  • Ren: Sixtus <Papa, IV.>: Regulae cancellariae apostolicae (1471, GW M42586) : http://is.gd/8dBf5
  • Ren: More from Brian Leiter on mismanagement in times of crisis at #KCL : http://is.gd/8dAp6 / #savepalaeography
  • Ren: Otho Vaenius: Quinti Horatii Flacci Emblemata : Imaginibus in æs incisis, Notisque illustrata (1612) : http://is.gd/8dD2c
  • Ren: Lorenzo Astemio: Fabulae (1495, GW 126) : http://daten.digitale-sammlungen.de/~db/0004/bsb00045190/images/
  • Ren: RT @BSB_OEA BSB zeigt dieses Jahr 3 weitere hochkarätige Ausstellungen. www.bsb-muenchen.de/ausstellungen.html / Fugger, illuminations
  • Ren: Medicine, Culture and Society in Early Modern Britain and Ireland workshop 26 March, 2010 : http://is.gd/8e7Iu
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS We can't afford to have less history at universities: http://bit.ly/a7H1Qi / Sussex
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Ren: Ahnenproben http://archiv.twoday.net/stories/6186936/  / De nobilitate
  • Ren: William Rees-Mogg  on the sussex cuts (pre 1702 history) : http://is.gd/8pDgq
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS,@fleming77: Fulke Greville's tomb to be probed, solve Shakespeare mystery. by Sevaan Franks http://bit.ly/aBzQj5
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS,@lucyinglis,@DaintyBallerina: Take two: How to get rid of mice, moles & moths c16th style http://bit.ly/1adVyF
  • Ren: David Choberka on Karen Michels: Aby Warburg: Im Bannkreis der Ideen (2007!) : http://is.gd/8pTd2
  • Ren: Konferenzbericht: Julia Zunckel: Deutschland und die Inquisition : http://is.gd/8q3GB
  • Ren: CFP: Belfast 2010-09: Biblical Women: Reading and Writing Women in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries : http://is.gd/8q6Ae
  • Ren: Conf. Montreal 2010-02-16: Crime, Torture, Witchcraft and Confession (talk by Andreas Blank) : http://is.gd/8q7xQ
  • Ren: Job: Teaching Fellow in Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature (3-year post), University College London : http://is.gd/8q74h
  • Ren: Adam Smyth: Renaissance Events in New York : http://is.gd/8qFSL
  • Ren: RT @radusuciu Website on Renaissance medicine, women& childbirth. Includes references,indexes,&c: http://j.mp/9INURG (via @elena_suciu)
  • Ren: RT @Lee Durbin  xentahl CfP - Renaissance Sovereignty @ University of Stirling, 22 May '10. deadline 29 Mar http://tumblr.com/x2t6hqtbe
  • nR: CFP: The Death of "The Reader"; MLA 2011 : http://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/node/36004
  • Ren: CFP: Feminist Perspectives on Renaissance Drama : http://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/node/36024
  • Ren: Wilhelm Schum's Amploniana catalogue reprinted : http://is.gd/8DFPJ
  • Ren: Folger: NEH sem.: Ritual and Ceremony from Late-Medieval Europe to Early America : http://is.gd/8DG60
  • nR: Aurea Bulla Ludovici Imperatoris, de Non Evocandis Civibus, de Anno 1328. (ca. 1720) : http://epub.ub.uni-muenchen.de/11369/
  • Ren: CFP: Oxford 2010 : The Gathered Text : http://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/node/36095 / book history
  • Ren: CFP: Mythical Animals in the Renaissance (SCSC Conference in Montreal) : http://is.gd/8DI2V
  • nR: "Wir wollen Wissenschaft fördern, nicht überprüfen." ( http://is.gd/8E6h7 ) (c. &m http://is.gd/8E6jf  ) / Ähem.
  • Ren: Georg Schuhmann: Die Berner Jetzertragödie im Lichte der neueren Forschung und Kritik  (1912) : http://is.gd/8ENr4
  • Ren: Anton Dürrwächter: Jakob Gretser & seine Dramen: e Beitrag z Geschichte des Jesuitendramas in Deutschland (1912) : http://is.gd/8ENC9
  • Ren: RT @NewberryLibrary The Play's the Thing: 400 Years of Shakespeare on Stage.  @ Newberry now-May 1 Free. http://tinyurl.com/ycbp2c6
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Ren: seltene Inc von Rudolf Agricola online http://archiv.twoday.net/stories/6195564/ / Ps-Platon: Axiochus lat.
  • Ren: CFP: Centering Families in Atlantic Worlds, 1500–1800 : http://oieahc.wm.edu/conferences/families/callPaper.html
  • Ren: bk: Schmugge, Ludwig:  Ehen vor Gerich Paare der Renaissance vor dem Papst (2008) : http://is.gd/8HQtB / TOC: http://is.gd/8HQw0
  • nR: Italian universities threatened by bankruptcy : http://www.repubblica.it/scuola/2010/02/19/news/tagli_universit-2354846/
  • Ren: UCLA 2010-03 conference: Cultures of Communication, Theologies of Media in Early Modern Europe and Beyond : http://is.gd/8HYxx
  • Ren: bk: Schmugge, Ludwig: Ehen vor Gericht : Paare der Renaissance vor dem Papst (2008) : http://is.gd/8HQtB / TOC: http://is.gd/8HQw0
  • Ren: conf. Rome 2010-05: Early Modern Rome, 1341-1667 : http://conference.eapitaly.it/
    div.content img {
  • Ren: RT @tyger2000uk RT @TelegraphNews Michelangelo's Dream at the Courtauld Gallery, review - Telegraph http://tinyurl.com/yaapcml
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS @xentahl: Cultural agency of chaplains in EM Britain: Shakespeare Institute, Stratford. 2010-06-26 http://bit.ly/aziXBa
  • Ren: RT @kattebel, @dannydevriendt A little song for Copernicus on his birthday 2day http://bit.ly/YfWzh (in case you wonder, he turned 537)
  • Ren: Erasmus AcademyNY : courses in German, French, classical Latin and classical Greek : http://is.gd/8J3yP / What became of Hebrew? Dutch?
  • Ren: América, 1511: El mapa del Nuevo Mundo : http://fondoantiguo.blogspot.com/2010/02/america-1511-el-mapa-del-nuevo-mundo.ht ml
  • Ren: RT @xentahl New blog entry - 'Waring and Witchcraft in Late 16th-Century Scotland' http://bit.ly/9SvYNl
  • @Archivalia_kg  M.E.: Ja, es ist. Wir haben so viele Mythen des 19./20. Jhd.s (Plat.Acad. Florenz &c.) das einer des 21. auch nix schadet.
  • Ren: RT @jtheibault Johann von Dalberg was actually Faust? German national library seems to think so http://is.gd/8URBE @Archivalia_kg
  • @Archivalia_kg Aber ja! Und Shakespeare ist Bacon ist Edward de Vere und 5 weitere Leute gewesen. [Smiley] Und Nicolas Flamel ist ... [Smiley))]
  • Ren: job: Cambridge: Research and Teaching Associate in History of Medicine, 1500–1850 : http://is.gd/8V8WE
  • @TheHistoryWoman I guess: no: it's German plagiarising of English "research" on Shakespeare's multiple identities [Smiley]
  • nR: Helen  ZHANG: Interesting paper on copying & plagiarism: http://www.zju.edu.cn/jzus/download/CrossCheck.pdf / partial agreement only
  • Ren: bk: Hülsen-Esch, Andrea von (ed.): Medien der Erinnerung in Mittelalter und Renaissance (2009) : http://d-nb.info/981754791 / #memoria
  • Ren: bk: Ohlemacher, Andreas: Lateinische Katechetik der frühen lutherischen Orthodoxie (2010) : http://d-nb.info/994239149
  • Ren: CFP: Dublin: early modern women of Continental Europe : http://is.gd/8Vipf
  • Ren: bk: Christoph Kann (ed.):  Isti Moderni : Erneuerungskonzepte & Erneuerungskonflikte in MA & Renaissance : http://d-nb.info/997664096
  • Ren: Johann Bicker: Hermes Redivivus, Declarans Hygieinam,  ... um Chymiatrorum principiis (1620): http://is.gd/8VldS
  • Ren: RT @v_i_o_l_a Osterblumen a la Fibonacci | InDesign FAQ http://icio.us/u331eu / inDesign
  • Ren: RT @gerryos Giordano Bruno is the narrator & hero of S. J. Parris's (really Stephanie Merritt's) new novel "Heresy": http://is.gd/8Xz31
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  • nR: RT @carolinegoodson name of the rose - I mean Rome. http://is.gd/8ZICn / I'll stay with "rosa" and Bernardus Morlanensis
  • Re: CFP for RMMRA 2010: Politics & Performance in the MA & the Renaissance http://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/node/36133 / #Shakespeare
  • Ren: CFP for publication: Death in Early Modern Literature : http://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/node/36134
  • Ren: Christopher Thompson: Early Modern England on Facebook : http://is.gd/8ZNnV --> http://is.gd/8ZNq8
  • Ren: Schedel & Münzer: Liber chronicarum (1497) / BSB-Ink S-196 / GW M40786 / BSB 2 Inc.c.a. 3536 n : http://is.gd/8ZOOg / Karl Theodor
  • RT @radusuciu: The Future of Textbooks discussed at #toccon 2010, ppt available: http://tr.im/PrJz  but cf. with Kindle school flop: htt ...
  • Ren: RT @EarlyModernNow Fragments: The Schoolmaster http://dlvr.it/2VQm ( @DaintyBallerina : Roger Ascham on beating at schools & Jane Grey)
  • Ren: Pongracz, Anna: Städte im Ausnahmezustand: Kulturgesch. d Reichstage d 16. Jhds (2010) : http://is.gd/90xL6 / fnd thx 2 @Archivalia_kg
  • Ren: Eugenia Kiesling on John A. Lynn II: Women, Armies, and Warfare in Early Modern Europe (2008) : http://is.gd/942D6
  • Ren: bk: Ölçer, Nazan & Bellingeri, Giampiero: Venezia e Istanbul in epoca ottomana (2009) : http://is.gd/94sO7
  • nR: Satzung zur Aufhebung der Eignungsfeststellungsverfahren im Fach Philosophie an der LMU 2010-02-18 : http://is.gd/94u64 / #unserelmu undecided
  • Ren: RT @Wondergirl So lange Milch nur zu kochen anfängt, wenn man nicht hinsieht, ist das mit der entzauberten Welt nicht allzu glaubwürdig
  • RT @phdcomics: New comic: 'Cecilia in Thesisland, Pt. 10: Who stole the charts?' http://www.phdcomics.com/comics.php?f=1284
  • Ren: I just commented on one of Trainor's statements at http://is.gd/98N9r / #KCL #savepalaeography palaeography philosophy priorities
  • nR: RT @erlebt Zur Ehrlichkeit nicht verpflichtet? http://www.pms.ifi.lmu.de/erlebt/?p=3069 / #unserelmu , studium alla bolognese
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS @Boy_Monday: Why Delaroche's painting of execution of Lady Jane Grey was a hit in 1830s France http://bit.ly/bN5MkZ
  • Ren: German translation of Sarpi's History of the Tridentine Council (1761/62) : P. 1 : http://is.gd/994Tr ; P. 2 : http://is.gd/994Vr
  • Ren: funeral orations by Basilius Sattler (c1615) : http://is.gd/99rMP http://is.gd/99rQS http://is.gd/99rUp http://is.gd/99rXQ etc.
  • Ren: Luther und die Juden (1881) : http://is.gd/99uX3 / antisemitical use of  antisemitic Luther.
  • Ren: M. L. Mattox on John A. Maxfield: Luther's Lectures on Genesis and the Formation of Evangelical Identity (2008) : http://is.gd/9dJ3Y
  • Ren: RT @livreshebdo La BNF pilote un projet de numérisation de manuscrits européens datant du MA à  la Renaissance http://bit.ly/cRMPcg
  • Ren: W. C. Crossgrove on David L. Sheffler: Schools & Schooling in Late Medieval Germany: Regensburg, 1250-1500 (2008) : http://is.gd/9dHcx
  • Ren: Julius Burggraf: Die Moral der Jesuiten (1887) : http://is.gd/9e1M2 / i.a. on Luther and Ignatius de Loyola / antijesuit , #SJ
  • Ren: Proceedings of the Bavarian estates plus a conference: http://is.gd/9ebxh viz. http://is.gd/9ebFF / Thanks to @EHPS ! / Bayern Landtag
  • Ren: RT @dhayton Lots of coverage on the stolen Descartes letter turned up at Haverford C., e.g., http://bit.ly/cxUDmp http://nyti.ms/cVIVE5
  • Ren: Constantina Katsari: Greek Studies in King’s College London : http://is.gd/9eZJo / Byzantine studies #KCL
  • Ren: RT @krisrich Blog on medieval Islamic science, philosophy, medicine http://www.shininghistory.com/  / Includes Ibn Khaldun
  • Ren: RT @EarlyModernNow Descartes Letter Found, Therefore It Is http://dlvr.it/3BGm / Yes! / LOL! / Thumps up!
  • Ren: competition for an English translation of one or two poems by Agnolo Bronzino: Del pennello & La cipolla : http://is.gd/9rmYj
  • Ren: Benoît-Michel Tock: L'édition des chartes et des cartulaires dans le Nord de la France : http://is.gd/9rm6y / Tabularia
  • Ren: merson: Oliver Cromwell, the Levellers and the Putney Debates pt 2 : http://is.gd/9rtKw / Found thanks to http://is.gd/9rtOh
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina Delights for Ladies, or how to get rid of pimples & make candles float http://bit.ly/bbTexL
  • Ren: Pierre Belon: Les observations de plusieurs singularitez & choses memorables (1555) : http://bit.ly/aXkTiQ
  • Ren: de Busbecq, Ogier Ghislain: Opera varia (1582) : http://books.google.be/books?vid=GENT900000047347
  • Ren: Francisco Benci: Orationes cum disputatione de style et scriptione (1597) : http://books.google.be/books?vid=GENT900000089004
  • Ren: GP Lomazzo: Trattato dell'arte della pittura, scoltura, et architettura (1585) : http://books.google.be/books?vid=GENT900000134354
  • Ren: Johannes Cluverius: Historiarum totius mundi epitome : a 1a re4 origine usq3 ad annum Christi 1630 ... 1653 (1657) : http://is.gd/9rv2y
  • Ren: Petrarca: "Les triumphes" (="Trionfi", French) (1539) : http://is.gd/9rRV0
  • Ren: RT @EHPS Sixteenth Century French Books http://tinyurl.com/yazqazq / Univ. Lib. Virginia: Gordon collection
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS Project: Who were the Nuns? A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800 : http://bit.ly/bbZTrA
  • Ren: RT @legalhistory Henry Ansgar  Kelly on the Trial of Thomas More http://bit.ly/dC1msh / Video & Abstract / new interpretation
  • Ren: H. Witekind: Christlich Bedencken & Erinnerung von Zauberey (1586) : http://is.gd/9w1Tp / Fnd thnks 2 @Archivalia_kg on HEXENFORSCHUNG
  • Ren: once again LB Alberti as "uomo universale": inauguration of Renaissance section at kunsttexte.de : http://is.gd/9w1uI / [undecided]
  • Ren: Paul Hanebrink on Volker Leppin, Ulrich A. Wien(edd.): Konfessionsbildung & Konfessionskultur i Siebenbürgen (2005!) http://is.gd/9wgJk
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina For anyone interested, Michelangelo's funeral http://tinyurl.com/y9j8qbj / Vasari
  • Ren: RT @didymusw Martin Stone  http://bit.ly/acpBT6 #KCL  #KUL #plagiarism // vide etiam http://is.gd/9F6UN / No reply from Stone???
  • Ren: C. C. Smith on Chris R. & Jason Peacey Kyle. Breaking News: Renaissance Journalism & t Birth of t Newspaper (2009) : http://is.gd/9F9kG
  • Ren: Claudia Jarzebowski on: Hansjörg Bruland: Wilde Kinder i d Fr. Neuz. Geschichten von der Natur des Menschen (2008) : http://is.gd/9FeIE
  • Ren: Linda Ehrsam Voigts on: Changes at BL / mansucripts / plus a note on palaeography : http://is.gd/9FjLS / via @Archivalia_kg
  • Ren: Birckmann, Arnold:  Ephemerides novae et auctae (1560) : http://is.gd/9For2 / astronomy
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina A cornucopia of divers secrets http://bit.ly/bR2TAU
  • Ren: RT @elena_suciu @radusuciu Twitter,Social Media & Renaissance Melancholy http://post.ly/QdhF / RES: Rinascimentalium Epistolarum studii
  • Ren: RT @MagBaroque It was 400 years ago… The history of the publication of Galileo's Sidereus Nuncius http://bit.ly/aZulBM
  • nR: RT @TheHistoryWoman ammended ed. of James Joyce’s work, Finnegans Wake to be published http://tinyurl.com/ybjpylf / IMO: 1939 ed. better
  • Ren: Friedrich W. Graf: Heikle Umbenennung: Katharina-von-Bora-Str. Munich : http://is.gd/9JH03 / antisemitism , Luther ,  KatharinavonBora
  • Ren: bk: Schneider, Ulrich Johannes (ed.): In pursuit of knowledge (2009) : exib. catal. 600 years Leipzig university : http://is.gd/9JQem
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina Of shooting or falling stars - early modern astronomy http://bit.ly/cr8cff / William Fulke (1563) / Meteora
  • Ren: job: RT @katrinagulliver Historians of Medicine: 2 year job at Cambridge http://is.gd/9WPRE / Hist of Med. 1500–1850
  • Ren: "Utopus discoverd" relaunch: http://utopusdiscovered.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/utopusdiscovered8-5x11110.pd f
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Tanzgeschichten, für alle die sich für Exempla, Sagen usw. interessieRen: http://is.gd/9XBEX / Mordgrube Freiberg
  • Ren: bk: Kent Cartwright (ed.): A companion to Tudor literature (2010) : http://opacplus.bsb-muenchen.de/search?isbn=978-1-405-15477-2
    <div class="content"><a href="http://opacplus.bsb-muenchen.de/search?isbn=978-3-643-10034-4" target="_blank">Martin <b>Schierbaum</b> (ed.): <br /> <i> Enzyklopädistik 1550 - 1650 : Typen und Transformationen von Wissensspeichern und Medialisierungen des Wissens</i> <br /> Berlin : Lit 2009 <br /> ISBN: 978-3-643-10034-4</a> <br />  <br /> The TOC is available <a href="http://bvbr.bib-bvb.de:8991/exlibris/aleph/a18_1/apache_media/RILU1QCEEPUGTYC32N EPFHHIJA9YEP.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>.
  • Ren: conf.: New Orleans: Cities in the Early Modern Hispanic World : http://is.gd/9XNw0
  • Ren: Fragments: The Wandering Whore http://bit.ly/a6lL19 / Aretino translated.
  • Ren:  Von Den Fürsten, Graven, Herren ..., so die Thurnier besuchet (1598) : http://is.gd/a1Ccg
  • Ren: bk: A star in the Raven's shadow János Vitéz and the beginnings of humanism in Hungary (2008) : http://is.gd/a1BJi
  • Ren: bk: G. Verhoeven: Anders reizen? evoluties in vroegmoderne reiservaringen van Hollandse en Brabantse elites (2009) http://is.gd/a1B6P
  • Ren: Hund, Wiguleus: Bayrisch Stammen-Buch (1598) : pt. 1 : http://is.gd/a1CB0
  • Ren: Hund, Wiguleus: Bayrisch Stammen-Buch  (1598) : http://is.gd/a1CoR
  • Ren: RT @wynkenherself : Maureen Bell on Ren women in book trade (1999): http://bit.ly/dgfBf9
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS,@wynkenhimself,@wynkenherself: Chez la veuve: exhibit on early modern women printers: http://bit.ly/93Xvfi
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS, @DaintyBallerina: If spitting chance to move thee - etiquette for children http://bit.ly/9kDxF1 / oeconomica
  • nR: (or "Ren:"?): RT @richstep51  Google Blog: digital renaissance: partnering w t Italian Min. of Cultural Heritage - http://bit.ly/a5UrIl
  • Ren: Saur: Theatrum Urbium (1601) : http://is.gd/abCVj (found thanks to an #fb entry by @Archivalia_kg )
  • Ren: RT @MagBaroque Italy’s top artist: Caravaggio http://bit.ly/aoaFHB
  • RT @EricHennekam: University of Haifa: Life and death of online communities http://tinyurl.com/yjodbwv
  • Ren: bk: Ingrassia (1568) translated into German by Christin Ellert (2009) : http://is.gd/ac3fx / veterinary medicine
  • Ren: bk: Czarnecka, Mirosława: Frühneuzeitliche Stereotype (2010): http://opacplus.bsb-muenchen.de/search?isbn=978-3-0343-0329-3 / Gryphius
  • Ren: Wolkenstein: Explicatio Ephemeridum Astronomica4, Pposita in Scholis Astronomicis Academiae Argentoratensis (1583) : http://is.gd/ac5jx
  • RT @Boy_Monday: Indeed. RT @CMcGranahan: Yes, oh, yes: RT @ProfSnarky "Professor, can you *really* tell which students have done the rea ...
  • Ren: RT @sharon_howard Notice: the next #earlymodern #carnivalesque will be at the Quack Doctor on 21 March http://bit.ly/95aj6T
  • Ren: Christopher Thompson ("Early Modern History") stops blogging [Sad(] : http://bit.ly/aypfvV
  • Ren: CfP: New Journal - Polymath: An Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Journal : http://is.gd/ajUpr
  • Ren: Faṣīḥ Aḥmad Ibn-Ǧalāl-ad-DÄ«n Muḥammad al-HwāfÄ«: Muǧmal-i Faṣīḥī (2007) : http://is.gd/ajV3k
  • Ren: Barnaud, Nicolas: Triga chemica de lapide philosophico Tractatus Tres (1599) : http://is.gd/ak3Cc / Lapis philosophorum
  • Ren: DuChesne: Quercetani Ad Veritatem Hermeticae Medicinae ...stabiliendam ...  Responsio (1605) : http://is.gd/ak3bh
  • Ren: RT @ChrisMPaton  Palaeography chair under threat - http://is.gd/akBIG #genealogy
  • Ren: Andrew Berns on Mario Biagioli: Galileo's Instruments of Credit: Telescopes, Images, Secrecy (2007) : http://is.gd/aJwgN
  • Ren: RT @Sjponti up early to work on a project on "the art and ritual of childbirth in renaissance Italy"
  • Ren: Peter Howard: You cannot sell liberty for all the gold there is: promoting good governance in early Ren. Florence http://is.gd/aJCcS
    <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
  • Ren: Les manuscrits de Jean du Chastel, évêque de Carcassonne (+ 1475) : http://is.gd/aJBS7 --> http://is.gd/aJBTn
  • nR: Good advice by Brian Leiter on which university to choose as a student: http://is.gd/aJBMg / #philosophia and beyond
  • Ren: John Lewis: Rabelais and the reception of the "art" of Ramón Lull in early sixteenth-century France : http://is.gd/aJCA1 / Agrippa
  • Ren: Fabian, Claudia; Bubenik, Claudia (edd.): Die Fugger im Bild (2010) : http://opacplus.bsb-muenchen.de/search?localkey=11679703
  • Ren: CfP: Women’s Resistance in Early Modern England (RSA 2011) : http://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/node/36389
  • Ren: CfP: UVA-Wise Medieval-Renaissance Conference XXIV : http://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/node/36397
  • Ren: Saracenica, sive Moamethica In Quibus Ismaeliticae seu Moamethicae sectae praecipuorum dogmatum Elenchus (1595) : http://is.gd/aJEMN
  • Ren: Vittorio Alfieri's Trauerspiele : 2 : Verschwörung der Pazzi (1824) : http://is.gd/aJEyu
  • Ren: RT @Slythy It's about time Shakespeare wrote something new. / So right! Thumps up!
  • Ren: RT @v_i_o_l_a [del.icio.us] e-rara.ch - digitalisierte alte Drucke aus Schweizer Bibliotheken: http://www.e-rara.ch/
  • Ren: conf.: Aberystwyth 2010-06: Post-medieval crusades: languages, contexts, change c 1400-1700 : http://is.gd/aLCPv
  • Ren: bk: Fitzpatrick, Joan: Renaissance food from Rabelais to Shakespeare (2010) :  http://bit.ly/cG8iqf
  • Ren: Georgius Beatus: Amphitheatrum Naturae : Schawplatz Menschlicher Herrlichkeit (1614) : http://is.gd/aN2c2
  • Ren: Apian: Tipus Orbis Universalis Iuxta Ptolomei Cosmographi Traditionem Et Americi Vespucii Aliorque (1520) : http://is.gd/aN1OE
  • Ren: Mercator:  Typus Orbis Terrarum (1596) : http://daten.digitale-sammlungen.de/~db/0004/bsb00046975/images/
  • Ren: RT @ihr_history Incest, domestic abuse & infanticide : social work in early modern Venice http://bit.ly/biDjt2 / Cowan on bk by Ferraro
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Wie war eigentlich das Jahr 1608?? http://archiv.twoday.net/stories/6244101/ / Schreibkalender
  • nR:      Rogerii Josephi Boscovich Opera pertinentia ad opticam & astronomiam, maxima ex parte nova & omnia inedita: http://is.gd/aOpqO
  • Ren: Aristoteles/Averroes Venice 1489 (GW 2339): Parts 2 and 3: http://is.gd/aOpJx & http://is.gd/aOpKb / --&gt; Vernia, Niphus

Sorry about the errors in converting some non-ascii characters: I will have to remember to use out-file -encoding:"UTF8" my.file instead of > my.file in Windows powershell next time.
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hck's twittering: Solution to encoding problem?
Reply #16 - 19.03.2010 at 12:36:55
As of now it seems that a solution to the encoding problem (transfer and concatenation of files from FeedReader with PowerShell) could look like this:
get-content *.htm -Encoding UTF8 -ReadCount 0 > 1.h0
type 1.h0 | select-string "content" | out-file 2.h1 

I'll let you know the results when I do it next time ... .  Wink
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Re: hck's twittering: Solution to encoding problem
Reply #17 - 01.04.2010 at 15:43:06
Quote from hck on 19.03.2010 at 12:36:55:
As of now it seems that a solution to the encoding problem (transfer and concatenation of files from FeedReader with PowerShell) could look like this:
get-content *.htm -Encoding UTF8 -ReadCount 0 > 1.h0
type 1.h0 | select-string "content" | out-file 2.h1 

I'll let you know the results when I do it next time ... .  Wink

Works.  Smiley
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hck's twittering: Tweets 2010-03-19/04-01
Reply #18 - 01.04.2010 at 15:45:31
Here are the next 70+ tweets (oldest first - with a few exceptions <due to time zoine differences?>):

  • Ren: bk: Jean-Pierre Camus: Les evenements singuliers  (2010) : http://opacplus.bsb-muenchen.de/search?isbn=978-2-8124-0057-5
  • Ren: Catalogus Codicum Manuscriptor4 Bibliothecae Bünavianae ante Transportationem Bibl. Electoralis in Pal. Japonense : http://is.gd/aOxJb
  • Ren: Catalogus Codicum manuscriptorum Biblioth. Bruehlianae : http://digital.slub-dresden.de/sammlungen/titeldaten/319630943/
  • Ren: RT @xentahl RT @quackwriter: Carnivalesque now up at The Quack Doctor: http://bit.ly/aPlo27 #earlymodern #history #carnivalesque
  • RT @glaced: There are times when I think my degree is pointless but we just discussed Burckhardt's renaissance man and I'm glad I know t ...
  • @glaced So 19th century! (SCNR [Smiley] )
  • Ren: bk: RT @biography_book S. Mengozzi: Renaissance Reform of Medieval Music Theory: Guido of Arezzo btwn Myth & History http://j.mp/dnivS2
  • Ren: Pam van Holthe tot Echten: Traces of use: Secondary literature : http://is.gd/aSOGW / Short but not bad at all.
  • Ren: Pam van Holthe tot Echten: Traces of use / research blog on books printed in Lyon from 1473 to 1600 : http://is.gd/aSOCt
  • Ren: David M. Jones on Conal CondRen: Argument and Authority in EM England: Presupposition of Oaths & Offices (2006!) : http://is.gd/aTZkY
  • Ren: RT @ MagBaroque Canterbury Tales manuscript to be digitized http://bit.ly/amkgaP
  • nR: Les Manuscrits de Casanova dans Gallica : http://is.gd/aUgz5 / Histoire de ma vie
  • Ren: RT @wynkenhimself Not sure how to id your 17C protestants? Check out @mercpol's post: http://bit.ly/aDMmzb
  • Ren: job: Reading: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Early Modern (English?) Literature : http://is.gd/aUny9
  • Ren: RT @xentahl Shakespeare & Hawaii, oh yes http://bit.ly/ba90t5 / PAMLA 2010 CfP
  • Ren: RT @xentahl CfP: Early Modern Exclusions @ Portsmouth, 14 Sept. 2010 (deadline: 14 May) http://tumblr.com/x2t7r3rhz
  • Ren: RT @MagBaroque Judith Leyster (1609-1660), the 1st woman 2 b recognized in t Dutch Golden Age as 'Master Painter' http://bit.ly/arKvKd
  • Ren: CfP: RT @xentahl Transatlantic Exchanges btwn Britain & New England 16-1900 Plymouth 14-17 VII (DL 25 IV) http://tumblr.com/x2t7qyakn
  • Ren: RT @sharon_howard next History Carnival 2 April @ EM Notes http://bit.ly/cxkfVh Noms http://bit.ly/11ngUL or tweet me #historycarnival
  • Ren: Sabine von Heusinger on Schulz, Knut: Handwerk, Zünfte und Gewerbe. Mittelalter und Renaissance (2010) : http://is.gd/aVTLK
  • Ren: bk: FitzRoy, Charles: Florenz für 5 Florentiner am Tag : eine Stadt in der Renaissance (2010) : http://d-nb.info/994010311
  • Ren: bk: Cawsey, Suzanne F.:  Kingship and propaganda : royal eloquence in the crown of Aragon c. 1200 - 1450 (2010) : http://is.gd/aY8Nn
  • Ren: CfP: UVA-Wise Medieval/Renaissance, Sept. 16-18, 2010 (Undergrad!) : http://is.gd/aY8yf
  • Ren: CfP Early Modern Local Identity, SAMLA , Wise Nov. 5-7, 2010-11-05/07 (abstracts by 2010-05-01) : http://is.gd/aY8uP
  • Ren: talk: 2010-04-03, London: Adam Smyth on "'Collage: Reconsidering Renaissance Writing" : http://is.gd/aY9Go / "On Paper" conference
  • Ren: bk: Cohn, Samuel Kline:  Cultures of plague: medical thinking at the end of the Renaissance (2010) : http://is.gd/aY9ha
  • Ren: bk: Sheikh, Samira:  Forging a region: sultans, traders, and pilgrims in Gujarat, 1200 - 1500 (2009) : http://is.gd/aY92u / India
  • Ren: bk: Black, Jane:  Absolutism in Renaissance Milan: plenitude of power under t Visconti & Sforza, 1329-1535 (2010) : http://is.gd/aY8Ub
  • Ren: Talk: York 2010-04-20: Debora Shuger: The Girls of Little Gidding: A Forgotten Masterpiece of Renaissance Feminism : http://is.gd/aYaGa
  • Ren: I'm followed by @TheRealPlague, @TheRealPlague follows me / And I'm sounding like Petrach's Gaudium (or Dolor?) in De remediis
  • Ren: Johannes Blum: Encomium Candoris: Oratione Pedestri (1624) : http://digital.slub-dresden.de/sammlungen/titeldaten/320663582/  / Jur.
  • Ren: (or nR? mainly 18th ct?) Conf. Wittenberg 2010-03-26/28: "Literaturen i Osmanischen Reich a d Schwelle z Moderne" : http://is.gd/aYbUc
  • RT @obsto: medinfo: PubMed und Jurassic Park http://bit.ly/c8PsLc
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina Shakespeare & the Fairies - Prof. Michael Hattaway at British Academy http://bit.ly/g39r1
  • Ren: RT @MagBaroque Relations between Portugal and Castile in the 13th-16th centuries http://bit.ly/b8ZPoB via @addthis
  • Ren: Munich 2010-04 conference "Humanistische und vernakulare Kulturen der aemulatio in Text und Bild (1450-1620)" : http://is.gd/aZVdU
  • Ren: bk: Rousse-Lacordaire, Jérôme: Une controverse sur la magie et la kabbale à la renaissance (2010) : http://is.gd/aZWrW
  • nR: bk: Dunn, Alastair: The politics of magnate power in England and Wales
  • Ren: bk: Kruijtzer, Gijs: Xenophobia in seventeenth-century India  : http://opacplus.bsb-muenchen.de/search?isbn=978-90-8728-068-0 / Dekhan
  • Ren: Dante: Vita nuova (1576) : http://is.gd/aZXg2
  • Ren: What the world looked like ca. 1485: http://is.gd/aZWZt / BSB-Signatur 2 Inc.c.a. 1159
  • Ren: What a title for a blog post! : "Indian Textiles, Chinese Underwear, Machiavelli, Economics and the State" : http://is.gd/aZWNw
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS , @MagBaroque: A Map of Four Well-Travelled Tales - Pygmalion, Oedipus, Faust, Leviathan http://bit.ly/9CcwJf
  • Ren: (& nR): RT @halbion Announcement: Revolts in the north (Leeds): http://bit.ly/cor7xs
  • Ren: conf. Oxford 2010-06 : John Selden, 1584-1654: Scholarship in Context : http://is.gd/b0skd
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS RT @ihr_history: RT @SimonTanner: BBC - Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales is digitised http://bit.ly/aym43M / ms.
  • Ren: maybe I have  taken part in a reckless campaign: see http://is.gd/b4Uru / #KCL (?): #savepaleography is evil.
  • Ren: Veronica Della Dora on Pamela O. Long (& al., edd.): The Book of Michael of Rhodes: A 15th cent. Maritime Ms (2009): http://is.gd/b4XUh
  • Ren: New: Cecilia Muratori's homepage (on the GGREN server) : http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/php/Muratori/
  • Ren: Heiny von Ure: Der Buren Practica, alweg werende : gemacht von den Alten durch Erfarung (1519/20) : http://www.e-rara.ch/id/308164
  • Ren: Aristoteles: Ethica ad Nicomachum trans. Leonardus Aretinus (1489,  GW 2339) : http://is.gd/b5eRj
  • Ren: Lupulus, Sigismundus: Erotemata octo partium orationis (1552) : http://daten.digitale-sammlungen.de/~db/0001/bsb00017371/images/
  • Ren: Rt @MagBaroque The Vatican: amazing 3D virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel on its website. http://bit.ly/aaAz89 -> http://is.gd/b6aPR
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS New Bulletin out now! Includes thumbs-up rv 4 Kill-Grief by @quackwriter & lots o other EM stuff: http://bit.ly/9WCLY7
  • Ren: RT @krisrich Online Arabic Dictionaries  & Resources for Students http://bit.ly/ap4s4m (via @UmmahsBest) -&gt; http://is.gd/b6c7x
  • Ren: job: Doctoral studentship at Warwick : James Shirley : http://is.gd/b6g2e
  • nR: Byrd: La volta: http://is.gd/b7VwL / harpsichord
  • Ren: RT @ DaintyBallerina The Faerie Queene now - major new project http://is.gd/b82Z5
  • RT @Wondergirl: Das Pflanzen sensibel sind erkennt man auch daran, dass Mangos und Avocados schneller reifen, wenn man sie öfter drückt.
  • Ren: Aristoteles / Donatus, Laurentius / Nifo, Agostino: Physica (1495, GW 2340) : http://is.gd/b8c6t / Augutinus Niphus / Averroes
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS RT @tudortutor: Think Catherine Parr was the quiet and trouble-free Wife #6? Think again... http://bit.ly/cdTrxc
  • Ren: Update of The Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts (SDBM) : http://is.gd/b8f0B
  • Ren: impressive: Paulus Venetus entries in th Schoenberg database: http://is.gd/b8fnd - though 1373 is no possibe date for Summa naturalium!
  • nR: LMU just changed the rules 4 the BA in philosophy: http://is.gd/b8kPT (major) & http://is.gd/b8kRo (minor) / #unsereLMU / Uni Bolognese
  • Ren: bk: Grace Magnier: Pedro de Valencia and the Catholic Apologists of the Expulsion of the Moriscos (2010) : http://is.gd/b9h7k
  • Ren: bk: Trencsényi & al. (edd.): Whose Love of Which Country?  ... Patriotic Discourses in EM East Central Europe : http://is.gd/b9h08
  • Ren: bk: Kocku von Stuckrad:  Locations of Knowledge in Medieval & EM Europe : Esoteric Discourse and Western Identities: http://is.gd/b9gRW
  • Ren: (& nR): found thanks to @arikeoke: Notorious Ph.D. : A Day in the Archives, Part 2 / True for history of philosophy and libraries too.
  • Ren: Kepler: Sylva chronologica: De Iesu Christi servatoris nostri vero anno natalitio (1606) : http://www.e-rara.ch/id/319896
  • Ren: re: // W4RF Re: Periodisations, borders http://bit.ly/aHanYm  :: This contains a bit more commentary by myself than usual 4 that thread
  • Ren: Naudé auf der "Resterampe Philosophie" : http://is.gd/b9nXU / #Naudaeus #unsereLMU
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina The Faces of Shakespeare http://bit.ly/dC4fkq
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  • Ren: RT @xentahl Renaissance penitential poetry @ RSA Montreal 2011 (deadline May 1) http://tumblr.com/x2t88u0g2
  • Ren: A. Lepage on Joan C Bristol: Christians, Blasphemers, & Witches: Afro-Mexican Ritual Practice in the 17th c (2007) : http://is.gd/bjKTq
  • Ren: Alexander Marr: Picturing Collections in EM Europe (Int.Hist.Rev.20.1 2010) : http://is.gd/bjWKO / @krisrich: Thanks for the pointer!
  • RT @carolinegoodson: RT @johnmaeda History often repeats itself because re-runs are cost-effective. <--funny, if untrue.
  • Ren: Susanne Hehenberger: Unkeusch wider die Natur (2006) : http://is.gd/bk4iM / Sodomie, Österreich (via http://is.gd/bk4kl ,@archivaliaKG)
  • Ren: bk: Debra Johanyak & Walter S. H. Lim (edd.): The English renaissance, orientalism, and the idea of Asia (2010) : http://is.gd/bkb4N
  • Ren: Neil Johnston on Enrique García Hernan & Igor Pérez Tostado on Ireland and Spain: http://is.gd/bkd7K
  • Ren: 550 Jahre Universität Basel : Eröffnung des Jubiläumsjahres : http://is.gd/blcBA
  • Ren: Huber, Hans Dieter: Paolo Veronese, Kunst als soziales System (2005) : http://is.gd/blewr
  • Ren: posted to the Fundstücke3 thread on "RES: Rinascimentalium Epistolarum studii" on facebook. / http://is.gd/blfyU
  • Ren: Schröder, Gerhart (& al., edd.): Anamorphosen der Rhetorik : die Wahrheitsspiele der Renaissance (1997) : http://is.gd/blf3B
  • Ren:  Güldene Sendtschreiben Weiland deß Hochwürdigen vnd Wolgebornen Herrn Antonii de Guevara (1634) : http://is.gd/blhJk
  • Ren: Petri Guntheri De arte rhetorica, libri duo ; iuris, et eloquentiae studiosis mire utiles (1568) : http://is.gd/blhEx
  • Ren: Arcolani, Giovanni: Expositio noni libri ad Almansorem Rhazis (1497, GW M38033) : http://is.gd/blhxz / Medicine
  • Ren: bk: Gibson, Walter S.:  Figures of speech : picturing proverbs in renaissance Netherlands (2010) : http://is.gd/blheB
  • Ren: RT @ TheHistoryWoman Showdown over 'sexism' claim among scientific elite http://tinyurl.com/yaf8aay / Lisa Jardine, Royal institution
  • Ren: H. Mytum on Geoff Egan: Material Culture in London in an Age of Transition: Tudor & Stuart Period Finds (2005!) : http://is.gd/bpl4u
  • Ren: Karsten Igel on Regula Schmid: Geschichte im Dienst der Stadt. Amtliche Historie & Politik im SpätMA (2009) : http://is.gd/bpo9o
  • Ren: Ioannes Frobenius Studioso Lectori ... dabit ... Epistolam Erasmi, de modestia profitendi linguas (1527) : http://is.gd/bprb9
  • Ren: Kinder Zucht : von guoten, züchtigen und zierlichen Sitten, Gebärden und Wandel (1545) : http://is.gd/bptmS
  • nR: 1 400 ouvrages de Gallica seront versés dans Wikisource : http://blog.bnf.fr/gallica/?p=1399
  • Ren: Cochlaeus, Johannes: Warhafftige Historia von Magister Johan Hussen (1547/37) : http://is.gd/bpt8A
  • Ren: Von der Kinderzucht : wie die ungehorsam, bosshaft & verderbte Jugendt diser betrübten Zyt zuo verbesseren (1591) : http://is.gd/bptxP
  • Ren: Iusti Lipsi de duplici concordia oratio (1600) : http://is.gd/bpuc9 / An other copy : http://is.gd/bpuf8
  • Ren: RT @dhayton History of Science at the #RSA's annual conference (lots of astrology & alchemy): http://is.gd/bpFBh #histsci
  • Ren: exhib.  @ Paris: Jehan Froissart, chroniqueur de la guerre de Cent Ans : http://is.gd/bqBv8
  • Ren: bk: Jean-Luc Deuffic (ed.): Livres d’heures et manuscrits du Moyen Âge identifiés (XIVe-XVIe s.) (2009/10) : http://is.gd/bqB6R
  • Ren: Paul F. Grendler's "The universities of the Italian Renaissance " is now available in full text at BSB - if you have a library card.
  • Ren: bk: Dante: De vulgari eloquentia (Latin & German, Thomas Vormbaum, 2009) : http://d-nb.info/996956255
  • Ren: Propositiones Aristotelis (Venice, ca. 1495 / BSB-Ink A-835 / GW 2837) : http://is.gd/bqDa3
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina It's Guy Fawkes' birthday today (thx 2 @Suburbman). Read about his interrogation & torture -&gt; http://bit.ly/OY3BE
  • Ren: RT @TabulaRogeriana [Article] The Contribution of #Venice’s Colonies to its Naval Warfare in the 15th Century http://bit.ly/bowd6o
  • Ren: Chaucer without spell-checker : http://www.gocomics.com/ziggy/2010/04/10/
  • nR: Zeit zu Buch zu Wissenschaftsplagiaten: http://is.gd/bs0xy / Gefunden dank http://is.gd/bs0ze / Habe das Buch eben bestellt.
  • Ren: bk: Carlsmith, Christopher: A Renaissance education : schooling in Bergamo & t Venetian republic, 1500-1650 (2010) : http://is.gd/bs1Pl
  • Ren: Jeffrey J. Cohen on successfully teaching (Shakespeare's Henry V) : http://is.gd/bs2dX
  • Ren: Georg Karl Immanuel Buddeus: Franz von Sickingen : eine Geschichte aus dem sechszehnten Jahrhundert (1794) : http://is.gd/bs2KW
  • Ren: Album Academiae Helmstadiensis : 1.1 : Stud., Profs. 1574-1636 etc. + Pädagogium Illustre Gandersheim 1572-74 : http://is.gd/bs2Er
  • Ren: Album Academiae Helmstadiensis : 1 / Personen- und Ortsregister zu Band I (1572 - 1636) / Werner Spieß (1955) : http://is.gd/bs2xs
  • Ren: Die Matrikel der Universität Helmstedt 1636 - 1685. Hildesheim: Lax, 1981 : http://diglib.hab.de/wdb.php?dir=drucke/f4f-211-2b
  • Ren: Stupanus, Ioannes Nicolaus: De cerebro humano (1586) : http://is.gd/bs34w
  • Ren: Schnitzer, Sigismund: De morborum temporibus, principum medicorum Aphorismoi (1588) : http://www.e-rara.ch/id/354567
  • Ren: La navigation du capitaine Martin Forbisher Anglois, és régions de west e nordwest, en l'année 1577 (1578) : http://is.gd/bs3uO
  • Ren: I just noticed: W4RF went over the 3000 topics threshold today. / http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/W4RF/YaBB.pl
  • Ren: RT @HistoryToday  New paperbacks: ... servants in early modern England (R.C. Richardson ) ... http://bit.ly/cQYi3n
  • nR: German historiaans refuse 2 have thr departments ranked : http://is.gd/btsin (via @hsspiegel) / IMO: no good idea: not all are equal.
  • Ren: Matrikel Helmstedt 1636-1685 (1981) : http://is.gd/bttrX (found thanks to @Archivalia_kg at http://is.gd/bttuP )
  • Ren: a fiction author's view: Mary Sharratt: King James I: Demonologist : http://is.gd/btxfP
  • Ren: CfP: Uni Sussex: Conference on The Uses and Abuses of History in Early Modern Europe : http://is.gd/btx05
  • Ren: CfP: Portsmouth 2010--09-14: Early Modern Exclusions : http://is.gd/btwVR
  • Ren: RT @TabulaRogeriana Summer school: #Byzantium - Hist. & Cultural Legacy that Divide & Integrate Europe (2010-08) http://bit.ly/d5VLJf
  • Ren: UCL: Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine is closing down : http://is.gd/bv8i2 (via @publichistorian ) / Bad news , #academia
  • Ren: RT @davidwacks [Congreso] Expulsión de los Moriscos (Ascó y Miravet) 16-18 Abril 2010 http://bit.ly/aU15sU
  • Ren: bk: RT @xentahl Recently published: Shakespeare and Wales, ed. Willy Maley and Philip Schwyzer http://bit.ly/d3MeuR
  • Ren: Die Matrikel der Universität Dillingen bearb. von Thomas Specht (1909): http://is.gd/bvhtS / found thanks to http://is.gd/bvhuU
  • Ren: bk: Hélène Casanova-Robin (edd.):  Écritures latines de la mémoire de l'Antiquité au XVIe siècle (2010) : http://is.gd/bvhUN / memoria
  • Ren: bk: Leeds, John C.:  Ren. syntax & subjectivity: Latin and the vernacular in Scottish prose chronicles (2009) : http://is.gd/bvhKk
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS London Rare Books School: http://bit.ly/cNlPTs <<I went last year - recommend!
  • Ren: exhib. Augsburg 2010: Emblemata: http://idw-online.de/pages/de/news364764
  • Ren: PR on edition of Endorfer Correspondence 1620-1627: http://idw-online.de/pages/de/news364756 / Augsburg
  • Ren: conf.: Jena 2010-04-20: Martin Luther's "Tischreden" : http://idw-online.de/pages/de/news364807 / Volker Leppin
  • Ren: Christopher Thompson: Early Modern libraries in Essex : http://is.gd/bzcpg
  • Ren: CfP: Nürnberg 2010-12-04: Networking Dürer. Art and communication in the era of media revolution : http://is.gd/bzc8Y
  • Ren: Richard III Foundation Scholarship : http://is.gd/bzfPG (GBP 350)
  • Ren: Oliver Duntze on Romy Günthart: Deutschsprachige Literatur im frühen Basler Buchdruck (ca. 1470-1510) (2007) : http://is.gd/bzjfP
  • Ren: Fretful Porpentine: Shakesblogging: Henry V : http://is.gd/bznJm
  • Ren: job: Lectureship in Renaissance Literature, Queen Mary College, University of London : http://is.gd/bznyd / fixed term, English
  • Ren: job: Lectureship in Early Modern Studies, University of Kent : http://is.gd/bznti : fixe4d term, English
  • Ren: Robin Hood in the Renaissance and pre-renaissance: @DaintyBallerina: searching for the real Robin Hood : http://is.gd/bznps
  • Ren: "Journal 4 t Academic Study o Magic" renamed 2 "Preternature:Critical & Historical Studies on t Preternatural" [undecided] http://is.gd/bzpwG
  • RT @xentahl: Digital Humanities: A Beginner’s Guide, Part 1 http://bit.ly/bGjmhA <-- welcome comments re: "minimum requirements" for  ...
  • Ren: Du Chesne:  Ad Veritatem Hermeticae Medicinae ex Hippocratis veterumq decretis, necnon vivae re4 anat. exeg. (1605): http://is.gd/bzo2H
  • Ren: Du Chesne, Joseph: Ios. Qvercetani Doctoris Mediciqve Regii Diaeteticon polyhistoricon (1607) : http://is.gd/bznV9
  • Ren: CfP: Reading 2010-11-06: Seminars on Early Modern Preaching: King David : http://is.gd/bznQB
  • Ren: CfP: The Society for Textual Scholarship 16 (2011) : http://mith.umd.edu/sts/html/callforpapers.php
  • Ren: job: librarian (50%) at HAB : http://www.hab.de/kalender/aktuelles/2010-04_ausschreibung_EG13-2.pdf
  • RT @BSB_OEA: Fugger-Ausstellung noch bis 22. Mai zu sehen. Freier Eintritt. Kostenloser Audioguide: einfach ausprobieren.
  • Ren: RT @davidwacks [Reseña] 'La Huella Morisca, el Andalus que llevamos adentro' por Antonio Manuel Rodríguez http://bit.ly/bW7Axv
  • Ren: bk: Regner (ed.): Protokoll und akademische Tradition: akademische Feiern, ... Universität Wien 1365-2005 (2006) : http://is.gd/bAJ3p
  • RT @jtheibault: Observations on jobs for humanities students. Funny, in a depressing way: http://bit.ly/cTSCYC (via @KarlSteel)
  • RT @nthmost: We want shaman storytellers, not facts. RT @bobfinn Important article on why medical evidence doesn't change minds  http:// ...
  • Ren: Seventeenth-Century News 68 (2010) : http://is.gd/bBMHq / Lots of reviews: Lit. on dictionaries, tropologies, women & islam, & more
  • Ren: RT @MagBaroque Rijksmuseum Launches Ambitious Restoration Program Before Reopening in 2013 http://bit.ly/bkwp0V
  • Ren: bk: Hendrik D.L. Vervliet: French Renaissance Printing Types: a Conspectus (2010) : http://is.gd/bBXnT / "Garamont"/"Garamond" types
  • Ren: Fretful Porpentine: Shakesblogging: Hamlet : http://fporpentine.blogspot.com/2010/04/shakesblogging-hamlet.html
  • Ren: Die eidgeössischen Abschiede aus dem Zeitraume von 1556 bis 1586 (1861) : http://is.gd/bC41D
  • Ren: job: RT @BirkbeckEMS
  • Ren: conf.: Der Hof. Ort kulturellen Handelns von Frauen in der Frühen Neuzeit : http://is.gd/bDpXp / music & gender , HAB , UniH , topoi
  • Ren: Nürnberg 2010-04-26: Gerhardt Weilandt: Ordnung oder Chaos? Die Bilderwelt der Nürnberger Sebalduskirche : http://is.gd/bDpSm
  • Ren: RT @HistoryTODAY  Clare O'Brien on Euan Cameron Enchanted Europe about superstition in Western Europe 1250-1750 http://bit.ly/9Db6go
  • Ren: UB Hd: Cod. Pal. graec. 299
  • Ren: UB Hd: Cod. Pal. lat. 1735 : Georg Agricola: Elegia gratulatoria ; Oratio de laude urbis Ambergae (Amberg, 1559) : http://is.gd/bDDmq
  • Ren: Jean Luc Deuffic on Celebrations of the 400th anniversary of Lambeth Palace Library : http://is.gd/bDD5B / 1610
  • Ren: London 2010-04-29: Richard Williams, ‘Culture Clash: Word and Image in Reformation Europe’ : http://is.gd/bDEfq
  • Ren: (?)No idea what this seminar will B about: "Sickening India: On Explosive Enjoyment in EM Travel Writing" : http://is.gd/bDE9s
  • Ren: UB Hd: Cod. Pal. germ. 688
  • Ren: UB Hd: Cod. Pal. germ. 706
  • Ren: UB Hd: Cod. Pal. germ. 721
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS
  • Ren: UB Hd: Cod. Pal. germ. 731
  • Ren: private library of  Gisbert Longolius (=Gijsbert van Langerack 1507-1543) partially digitsed: http://is.gd/bDFVb -> http://is.gd/bDFX8
  • RT @kattebel: try Latin.....RT @Europa451 Important Q: if I send an email to a flemish, should I write it in french or in english? #bhv  ...
  • Ren: Eva Haberstock: PR on project: Elias Holl: index operum : http://is.gd/bEzlR / Augsburg
  • nR: conf. report: Aufgeklaert oder Abgeklaert? Athanasius Kircher & d Systematik des jesuitischen Wissens : http://is.gd/bEAoX / i.a. Boenke
  • Ren: CfP Lausanne 2011: The Allegory of Guillaume de Digulleville (Deguileville): Circulation, Reception & Influence : http://is.gd/bEAOs
  • Ren: Kevin Sharpe: London 2010-05-05 lecture: Representing Rule: Spin and Politics in Early Modern England : http://is.gd/bEBLX
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina A Potted Life of William Shakespeare http://bit.ly/dDoiC9
  • RT @TheHistoryWoman: @DaintyBallerina BTW: There's another new book out on S.: John Casson's Much Ado About Noting. It's part of the Nev ...
  • Ren: Francisci Philelphi Sfortiados libri octo, carmine heroïco (ms. BNF Latin 8125) : http://is.gd/bI5Zk / via @archivalia_KG
  • RT @halbion: London Digital Humanities Group: The Afterlife of Digital Humanities Projects:
  • Ren: Erasmus: Novi Testamenti aeditio postrema per Des. Erasmum Roterodamum (1541) : http://is.gd/bIjNW
  • Ren: RT @Archivalia_kg Bilder vom Stundenbuch der Maria v Burgund http://is.gd/bJrvQ / Horae BMV
  • Ren: CFP (RSA 2011): Travel in the Renaissance : http://is.gd/bL8ms
  • RT @BirkbeckEMS: RT @britishmuseum: 'Are the drawings of the Renaissance masters more illuminating than the paintings themselves?' http: ...
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS RT @BeineckeLibrary: Susanna, daughter of John Barnesdale...Leaves from a commonplace book (1620) http://bit.ly/9X3Yyw
  • Ren: bk: Lee, Nam Kyu: Die Prädestinationslehre der Heidelberger Theologen 1583 - 1622 (2009) : http://is.gd/bLj4U
  • Ren: bk: TOC for Lucie Dolezalová (ed.):The making of memory in the Middle Ages (2009) : http://is.gd/bLjfp
  • Ren: Fretful Porpentine: Shakesblogging: King Lear : http://is.gd/bLqqx / Gods, stand up for bastards! / + some other insightful reading
  • Ren: CfP: Belfast 2010-09: Biblical Women: Reading and Writing Women in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries : http://is.gd/bLs53
  • Ren: Ein schön Epistel Erasmi von Roterdam, das die Evangelisch ler von yederman sol gelesen & verstanden werden (1522) : http://is.gd/bLseQ
  • Ren: RT @MagBaroque New play about alchemy http://bit.ly/aokVs6
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman  Replica of Henry VIII's opulent wine fountain to come to Hampton Court Palace http://tinyurl.com/25wa9t9
  • Ren: job: Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Early Modern European History.
  • Ren: bk: Denise Aigle (ed.): Les relations diplomatiques entre le monde musulman et l'Occident latin (XII. - XVI. siècle) http://is.gd/bOaTx
  • Ren: CFP: Renaissance penitential poetry; RSA Montreal 2011 : http://is.gd/bOaDE
  • Ren: (via @mercpol ) : "a classic British election" (1647) : http://is.gd/bOc5G
  • Ren: Blum, Hans: Von den fünff Sülen (1550, VD16 B 5783) : http://is.gd/bOcAl / architectura
  • nR: Gottlieb Samuel Treuer & Friedrich Weise: Dissertatio Philosophica Inauguralis De Compendiaria Eruditione (1718) : http://is.gd/bOcqA
  • Ren: bk:  Gerardus Joannes Vossius: Poeticae institutiones (ed. & trans. (angl.)  Bloemendal & Rabbie) : http://is.gd/bRRQ1 / EUR448 Brill
  • Ren: RT @ TheHistoryWoman Conference on Medieval and Early Modern Authorship: Geneva, 30 June-2 July 2010 http://is.gd/bRUsC
  • Ren: Charters from middle european monasteries : http://www.monasterium.net/ / Found thxs 2 Thomas Aigner on facebook: Digital Medievalist
  • Ren: Heinrich Wirri: Wunderbarliche gahr wahrhaftige Geschchten : http://is.gd/bS0Ob / broadsheets / thanks to @Archivalia_kg
  • Ren: RT @TheHistoryWoman Conference on Medieval and Early Modern Authorship: Geneva, 30 June-2 July 2010 http://is.gd/bRUsC
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina Every man would walk into sweet meadows - May Day in early modern England http://bit.ly/dg0wEF
  • Ren: bk: The History of the Book in the West (4 vols, 2010) : http://is.gd/bTg6D / Not exactly cheap / Ashgate
  • Ren: @Archivalia_kg on Rogge (ed): Tradieren, Vermitteln, Anwenden. Umgang m Wissensbeständen in Städten (2008) : http://is.gd/bTgVX
  • Ren: Conf. & Fellowships: Wesleyan University 2010-08: Jewish Community and Identity in the Early Modern Period : http://is.gd/bTvpv
  • Ren: Andreas Erhard on Norbert Kössinger: Otfrids 'Evangelienbuch' in der Frühen Neuzeit (2009) : http://is.gd/bTwA5
  • Ren: Rubinstein fellowships  : http://is.gd/bTxEd
  • Ren: Fretful Porpentine ends her Shakesblogging: The Tempest : http://is.gd/bTxrw / magical end of a magical series of blog posts
  • Ren: Paracelsus: De vita lunga conservanda /German) : UB Hd cpg 706 : http://diglit.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/diglit/cpg706 / medicina / Ficino
  • Ren: Heresbach, Conrad: De laudibus Graecarum literarum oratio, Argentoratum, 1551 [VD16 H 2287] : http://is.gd/bTy07
  • Ren: Diederichs: Deutsches Leben der Vergangenheit in Bildern: Das Zeitalter des Humanismus : 15. & 16. Jhd. (1907) : http://is.gd/bTxVn
  • Ren: Voynich ms: speculations on a marginal note (Nicholas J. Pelling): http://is.gd/bUXvg / found thanks to @mjohne : http://is.gd/bUXxb
  • Ren: Paulus, Hieronymus: Practica cancellariae apostolicae, Rom, 1493 [nach 08.11.] [BSB-Ink P-112 - GW M30181] : http://is.gd/bUX1b
  • Ren: CFP: Brandeis University: Piracy - graduate conference - deadline June 1st - conference October 15th : http://is.gd/bUWDx
  • Ren: Voynich Manuskript Lexikon (wiki) : http://voynich-ms.de/wiki/Voynich_Manuskript_Lexikon
  • Ren: CFP: Violent Masculinities: Early Modern Texts and Modern Images (SAMLA Nov. 2010; New Abstract Deadline = May 21) : http://is.gd/bWyu4
  • Ren: CFP: Utopian Studies Society (Europe) 12th Interantional Conference 8-11/8/2011, deadline 31/3/2011 (Cyprus) : http://is.gd/bWymP
  • Ren: CFP: Early Modern English Nuns (RSA 2011), Deadline May 7 : http://is.gd/bWy62
  • Ren: RT @NewberryLibrary new free exhibit: Henri IV of France: The Vert Galant and His Reign http://is.gd/bWKlB / Naudé's Roy Henri Le Grand
  • Ren: seeking 4 Latin course: Latin texts w/o modern vernacular translation more demanding than Thomas Aquinas and less than Aegidius Romanus
  • RT @Wondergirl: Abiturientinnen, die sich zum letzten Schultag als Schulmädchen verkleiden: Finden Sie die Meta-Ebene!
  • Ren: Cicero: De senetctute: German, 1512, trans. Johan Neüber : http://daten.digitale-sammlungen.de/~db/0004/bsb00048290/images/
  • Ren: Wilhelm <Jülich-Kleve-Berg, Herzog, V.>: Policey sambt anderen Ordnungen ... 1581 : http://is.gd/bWXIc <- http://is.gd/bWXIW
  • RT @wisematize: She blinded me with citations.
  • Ren: Karl Moriz Eduard Fabritius: Denkmahl Pauls Sarpi (1791) : http://is.gd/bYk4n
  • Ren: Schiller: Die Verschwörung des Fiesko zu Genua : Ein republikanisches Trauerspiel (1788) : http://is.gd/bYjZd
  • Ren: Johann Friedrich Mayer & Peter Schöppich: De Joh. Tezelio (1702) : http://is.gd/bYjTJ
  • RT @dhayton: Christie's sued over “£100m Leonardo da Vinci” http://is.gd/bYnXD See also: http://is.gd/bYnXC (@hckGGREN @BirkbeckEMS @his ...
  • Ren: RT @DaintyBallerina
  • Ren: RT @sleuthwood After 1+ years o hemming & hawing over a domain name,I've finally gotten a portfolio blog! http://www.bricological.com/
  • Ren: RT @BirkbeckEMS
  • // W4RF Re: Giordano Bruno sleuthing in Oxford http://bit.ly/9cRIDb
  • Ren: job:       University of Miami - Early Modern European Historian- Visiting Assistant Professor : http://is.gd/c2ua6
  • Ren: Saskia Wiedner on Florian Mehltretter: Der verliebte Roland des Matteo Boiardo. Erzählt und kommentiert (2009) : http://is.gd/c2Ccc
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  • Ren: bk: Hammons, Pamela S.: Gender, sexuality, and material objects in English Renaissance verse (2010) : http://is.gd/c2F7j
  • RT @KarlSteel: also Geoffrey Chaucer has another post: http://bit.ly/aZHVXa
  • Ren: bk: Fara, Amelio: L' arte vinse la natura : Buontalenti e il disegno di architettura Michelangelo a Guarini (2010) : http://is.gd/c4fCP
  • Ren: Munich 2010-06-21 : Joachim Knape: Deutscher Cicero: Rhetorische Impulse der Reformation : http://is.gd/c4gSI / #unsereLMU
  • Ren: Ulrich von Hutten:      Phalarismus dialogus Huttenicus : iacta est alea (1519) : http://www.e-rara.ch/id/60073
  • Ren:      Varia Philippi Beroaldi opuscula (1515) : http://www.e-rara.ch/id/113051
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  • Ren: Nasim Tadghighi/little_miss_sunnydale: blog: Mary Tudor: Renaissance Queen : http://mary-tudor.blogspot.com/
  • Ren: Nasim Tadghighi on Mary Tudor's false pregnancies: http://is.gd/c5orV & http://is.gd/c5owH

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