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Warwick 2010-02-09: Philosophy and Religion (Read 1712 times)

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Warwick 2010-02-09: Philosophy and Religion
02.02.2010 at 15:16:47
Received via the FICINO email distribution list:

Tuesday 9th February 2010

Philosophy and Religion in Late Fifteenth-Century Florence:
Giovanni Caroli and Giorgio Benigno Salviati

Dr Amos Edelheit ( NUI, Maynooth)

‘Giovanni Caroli between Humanist and Scholastic Contexts’

Dr Maude Vanhaelen (Warwick)

‘Platonism and Demonology after Savonarola: Giorgio Benigno Salviati
and his

De Natura Angelica’

Respondent: Professor Peter Mack (Warwick)

Milburn House, IAS Seminar Room from 4pm until 6pm

All welcome to attend.

To register please contact Dr Annunziata Videtta:

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