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Split, 2010-04-23 and 24: Colloquium Marulianum XX (Read 2476 times)

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Split, 2010-04-23 and 24: Colloquium Marulianum XX
13.03.2010 at 21:17:39
Poetic Miscellanies in the Croatian Renaissance Humanism
Organised by: Književni krug Split – Marulianum
23-24 April, 2010
(Where: Institute of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences
Trg braće Radića 7, Split, Hrvatska / Croatia)
  • Dragica Malić (Zagreb): Reflections of the first Croatian poetic miscellany in Marulić's verses
  • Amir Kapetanović (Zagreb): Versified Bible story of Esther (16th century) in the context of the Croatian glagolism and of Marulić's literary circle
  • Kristina Štrkalj Despot (Zagreb): Poetic miscellany from Osor and Hvar (list of components, origin, language)
  • Smiljka Malinar (Zagreb): Discourses of the Ranjina miscellany and their linguistic expression

10.30-11.00: Pause
  • Johann Ramminger (München): Marulus as a neo-Latin writer
  • Neven Jovanović (Zagreb): Marulić and laudationes urbium
  • Bratislav Lučin (Split): In epigrammata priscorum commentarius: sources of Marulić's commentaries
  • Mladen Parlov (Split): Mystery of the cross in the thought of Marko Marulić
  • Branko Jozić (Split): Marulić's demonology
  • Franz Posset  (Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, USA): “The tree of the cross” and other early christian Latin poetry with the notes of Marko Marulić in his copy of Poetae Christianae Veteres (Venice: Aldus Manutius, 1501/1502)
  • Sergeius Temčinas (Vilnius): Catholic Biblical enlightenment at the beginning of the 16th century: Marko Marulić and Francisk Skorina
  • Andrea Clarke (London): Henry VIII’s library: the books and manuscripts that he chose, read and annotated, including his personal copy of Marko Marulic’s Evangelistarium.
  • Elisabeth von Erdmann (Bamberg): Marko Marulić im Horizont der Religionskonflikte in den deutschen Ländern
  • Francisco Javier Juez Galvez (Madrid): Marko Marulić, Charles V and Phillip II
  • Milan Grba (London): Marko Marulić and the British Library

11.00-11.30: Pause
  • Ivan Bodrožić and Jelena Stupalo (Split): Marko Marulić and Opuscula theologica by St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Vinko Grubišić (Waterloo, Canada): Pseudo-Bonaventura (John Pecham), Marulić and the myth of nightingale in the Medieval poetry
  • Teo Radić (Zagreb): Pseudo-Bonaventura's Philomena in Marulić's Croatian translation (Od slavića): an analysis
  • Marijana Horvat (Zagreb): Word formation in Marulić's and Kašić's translation of De imitatione Christi (exemplified on the philosophical and theological lexis)
  • Gorana Stepanić (Pula): Croatian translations of Marulić's Carmen de doctrina Domini nostri Iesu Christi pendentis in cruce in the Baroque period
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