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New York 2010-04/05: Columbia Seminar on the Ren. (Read 2033 times)

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New York 2010-04/05: Columbia Seminar on the Ren.
08.04.2010 at 10:47:37
Received via the FICINO email distribution list:
Posted for the Columbia Seminar on the Renaissance
http://www.columbia.edu/cu/seminars/seminars/history/seminar-folder/renaissance. html

Spring 2010 Seminars

Tues, April 13
Nancy Siraisi, MacArthur Award recipient.
"Human Life Span, Length of Life, and the Powers of Medicine: Some
14th to Early 17th Century Discussions."

Tues, May 11
Ruth De Ford, Hunter.
"Temporal Proportions in Guillaume Du Fay's Nuper rosarum flores
(1436): Symbolism vs. Performance Practice."

All programs are at 7:30 PM in the Faculty House, Columbia
http://facultyhouse.com/content/contact-us-new-york-event-and-reception-venue#Di rections

Those wishing to have dinner with the speaker meet in the Faculty
House Lounge at 5:45. The buffet, including coffee and dessert, costs
about $25.

For reservations for dinner and /or program, please contact the
Seminar Rapporteur, Ivan Lupic, at il2177@columbia.edu by the
Friday before the seminar. (This helps the Faculty House assign

Elizabeth Hill, Chair

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