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Cambridge 2010-09: Neo-Latin and Translation (Read 2844 times)

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Cambridge 2010-09: Neo-Latin and Translation
28.04.2010 at 09:28:42
Information on the Cambridge 2010-09-20/21 conference "Neo-Latin and Translation in the Renaissance " can be found at http://www.mml.cam.ac.uk/other/courses/ugrad/NL_Symposium_2010.html and http://earlymodern-lit.blogspot.com/2010/04/neo-latin-and-translation-in.html .
Extracts from the programme:
Paul Botley (Warburg), ‘Three very different translators: Joseph Scaliger, Isaac Casaubon and Richard Thomson’.

Dominic Baker-Smith (Amsterdam), ‘On Translating More’s Utopia’.

Anna Hartmann (Cambridge), ‘The Italian translation of Bacon’s De sapientia veterum (1609)’.

Brenda Hosington (Warwick), ‘“If the past is a foreign country”: Neo-Latin Histories and English Cultural Translations’.

Neven Jovanovic (Zagreb), ‘From Croatian into Latin in 1510: Marko Marulic’s Regum Delmatie atque Croatie gesta’.

Victoria Moul (Cambridge), 'Persona and self-presentation in Latin versions of English renaissance verse'.

Marianne Pade (Aarhus), ‘Guarino Veronese and Plutarch's Vita Dionis’.

Letizia Panizza (Royal Holloway), ‘Alessandro Piccolomini (1508-1578): Theory and practice in rendering Aristotle from Latin and Greek into Italian’.

Andrew Taylor (Cambridge), ‘Speaking of Plutarch: John Christopherson’s De futili loquacitate’.

Paul White (Cambridge), ‘The vernacular translation of commentaries in Renaissance France’.

Valerie Worth (Oxford), ‘Why were some medical work published concurrently in neo-Latin and French c.1550-1600?’.
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