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Grafton: History under Attack (2011-01/2010-12-28) (Read 3226 times)

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Grafton: History under Attack (2011-01/2010-12-28)
02.03.2011 at 10:54:47
Not completely off-topic (although the Renaissance is not mentioned):
written/published in Grafton's rôle as president of the American Historical Association (and probably published 2010-12-28):
Anthony Grafton:
History under Attack

We’re modeling honest, first-hand inquiry. That austere, principled quest for knowledge matters: matters more than ever in the current media world, in which lies about the past, like lies about the present, move faster than ever before. The problem is that it’s a quest without a Grail. The best conclusions we can draw, scrutinizing our evidence and our inferences as fiercely and scrupulously as we can, will be provisional. We will disagree with our contemporaries, and the next generation will replace our conclusions, and theirs, with new ones. But the fact that the search goes on—and the energy and integrity that the searchers put into it—matter deeply, for the health of our culture.


Found thanks to http://twitter.com/#!/radusuciu/status/42882879369388032 .
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